10 Cursed Books That You Should Avoid Reading at All Costs

Reading books is one of the good habits but if the books is cursed, there’s a chance you may be selling your soul to the devil. There are some books that many people fear to hold that kind of risks. These are some of those books.
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Lesser Key of Solomon

The Lesser Key of Solomon also known as the clavicular Salomon is Regis, because all scary things need multiple names. It is a cursed grimoire of demonology. Now, it’s education o’clock. A grimoire is a text book of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets how to perform magic spells, charms, and divination and also how to summon or invoke entities such as angels, spirits, deities, and demons. Basically, it’s like a cookbook but for spooky stuff, the Lesser Key of Solomon is one of those.

A bit like almost any graffiti nobody knows the author responsible for the Lesser Key of Solomon. It’s not even sure when it was written but best guesses point to it starting out as several separate texts that later came together like ‘the Avengers’, sometime in the 17th century. The book contains passages on how to conjure spirits of the Dead and demons and how to control these entities to do your bidding. Curses and invocations also play a large role in the ancient texts. Esoteric topics like how to become invisible and locate missing or stolen items are covered, recipes for love potions and liqueurs of persuasion are also scattered throughout the book.

First centuries, the book has been followed by rumors that it’s cursed with a spell so dark and anyone who has a copy of the book on their shelf will face certain doom. The curse doesn’t specify what will happen if you own a copy but don’t keep it on a shelf but presumably that’s just me being too pedantic and you’ll be screwed. Those who have owned it have reported strange occurrences like pages turning on their own and books violently flying across the room. Strange whispers and shadow creatures have also been reported by owners of the manual.

The Voynich Manuscript

It is suspected to have been written in the early 15th century and the intriguing about the manuscript is that it’s written in an entirely unknown language or script. The Voynich manuscript is known as the world’s most mysterious book and the Everest of historical code breaking.

This cryptic 240 page book is written entirely in an indecipherable language, nobody had ever seen this language before and nobody has ever seen it since. So, why exactly is it evil and why should you not want to own it. The tricky thing about the manuscript is that with it being in an unknown language who knows what horrors are locked inside. But, surely you don’t want that book in your cozy book nook. Many believe that the text was brought to Earth by aliens and that deciphering it will unleash a curse that’ll kill whoever reads it.

The Book of Soyga

Dating back to the 16th century, the book of Soyga also known as the aldaraia. It is a Latin essay about demonology, with only 2 known copies in existence it’s officially rarer than giant-size x-men issue-1. One was owned by the scholar John Dee and his elder brother devoted his entire life to decoding the book of Soyga. Though he successfully determined that the book was full of dark rituals and incantations, he struggled to the site for the final 36 pages. His obsession with figuring out the content of those final pages drove Dee to insanity. Obsessed, he even hired a medium to summon the Archangel Uriel to help with the translation. Speaking through Dee’s medium, Uriel apparently explains that the book came into existence when Adam ended paradise and that it could only be interpreted by Archangel Michael.

After Dee’s death, the book was thought long lost until two copies were finally found in 1994.  Since then, many have been tempted to try and complete these work but it comes with serious risk. According to legend, anyone who successfully deciphers those final pages is destined to die in under three years.

The Grand Grimoire

It’s another book from the 16th century but seriously maybe just don’t read anything from that entire hundred year stretch, it all seems to be dodgier than reheated rice. The grand grimoire is said to have been written by a man possessed by the devil. Therefore, it’s often nicknamed the “gospel of Satan”.

It’s often thought to be the deadliest and most potent occult book in existence. Supposedly, this book is full of dark incantations and can teach readers how to summon powerful demons and even raise the dead but a book like that doesn’t come without a deeply dark legacy.

The story is that wielding the book comes with a terrible price those who believe in the power of the grand grimoire claimed that merely reading the book is tantamount to offering your soul to the devil. For this reason, the original text is considered highly dangerous and has been locked away somewhere in the Vatican’s secret archives but that hasn’t stopped the grand grimoire from seeping into pop culture.

The book has made appearances in games such as Final Fantasy Tactics advances and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, TV shows such as Sleepy Hollow and is even the name of an album by Dutch metal band God Dethroned. All this makes clear that while few have had the bravery to read it.

Codex Gigas

At 92 centimeters, the Codex Gigas is the largest extant medieval illuminated manuscript in the world. Just like everything evil it comes with two names and the codex Gigas’ second name is more than a little foreboding The Devil’s Bible.

The history of the book is heavy to say the least, it was written by a monk who had broken his spiritual vows and for his crime, the monk was sentenced to die entombed behind a brick wall. The night before his death, the monk began chronicling everything he knew about the human experience in a book. So, the story goes realizing he wouldn’t have time to finish it. He apparently summoned Lucifer and asked him to complete the project in exchange for his soul. The book was then allegedly completed by the devil himself. It’s overflowing with dark rituals and imagery and even includes 19-inch drawings of the devil and other demonic entities.

Untitled Grimoires

Back in 2013, an online bookseller sold two mysterious handwritten and spiral-bound spell books for a whopping 13,865 dollars. The seller warned that the texts were cursed but that didn’t stop someone forking out the coin to get their hands on them.

The first pages of the books explicitly warned readers to those not of the craft. The reading of this book is forbidden, proceed no further or justice will exact a swift and terrible retribution and you will surely suffer at the hand of the craft. The buyer and location of the books is currently unknown whoever it was I seriously hope they didn’t read them.

The Necronomicon

Horror writer HP Lovecraft frequently referenced a legendary cursed book of evil called the Necronomicon. The Fictional Grimoire was first mentioned in the short story The Hound and then recurred through all of Lovecraft’s work roughly translated. Its title means an image of the law of the dead and it is described as being bound in human skin.

As the Necronomicon notoriety grew, real-life publishers took interest and decided to produce physical copies which have taken various forms including an extravagantly creepy pop-up book. Physical versions of the Necronomicon contain many allusions to Lovecraft and prominently feature his mythical monster Cthulhu. It’s developed a reputation as one of the most haunted and unnerving printed works in the world.

The Book of The Sacred Magic

This three-part 15th century book of mystic arts was written by a man known as Abra melin the mage for oddly his son because what better gift for your child than a curse book. In 1900, the book was translated into English and very soon developed a reputation for being cursed.

The mage believed that every person had their own unique personal demon. Throughout this book, readers could learn rituals that bring their personal demons under control. They could then learn to perform supernatural feats using sigils of magic words on a grid but this book has a huge downside. It’s believed that anyone with a copy in their possession will be haunted by spirits from another realm. They will also experience terrible luck that will ultimately bring about their demise.

The Orphan’s Story

Actually, it’s not a grimoire, it’s a novel and in a way that kind of makes it scarier. The orphans story is an epic novel about a Spaniard who heads to the Spanish Empire seeking fortune. It was written between 1608 and 1615 by Martin de Leon Cardenas, a monk who broke his sacred vow.

It can take a lot of people a long time to get published. The first Harry Potter manuscript was rejected 12 times but Cardenas must hold the record. Despite being written in the early 1600’s the orphans story was not published until 2018. Its long route to publication wasn’t just because editors didn’t like the book, in fact it kept nearly being published but every single time publication fell through because people involved kept dying under mysterious circumstances.

The powers-that-be did not want that book out in the world and that’s saying something. A Peruvian academic by the name of Belinda Palacios rediscovered the manuscript hidden deep in the archives of the Hispanic Society of America in 1965. When she began working on the book colleagues warned her of the curse that was said to linger in the pages of the ancient script. While she tried to laugh it off she couldn’t help but be deterred by the unusual deaths that surrounded the book. The deaths were caused by horrific car accidents and sudden and unexplainable illnesses. This of course informed the rumors that the book was indeed cursed and it has taken over 400 years for someone brave enough to see the project through the completion.

Tomino’s Hell

Tomino’s Hell is a notoriously cursed poem by the Japanese writer Yomota Inuhiko. The poem follows a boy named Tomino who is stricken with guilt and grief following the deaths of his sister and father.

The poem is imbued with a lot of the author’s own pain and suffering and it’s believed these qualities have manifested in the form of a curse. According to the legend, anyone who reads Tomino’s Hell outloud will suffer a tragic fate most likely death. Their soul will be eternally damned and will descend into the deepest recesses of hell.