12 Most Terrifying Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross

This post is about the 12 most terrifying bridges. These bridges will make your legs jelly.

Seven-mile bridge

Most bridges gained their infamy of inducing terror because of their dizzying heights. However seven-mile bridge in Florida is but only 65 feet above the water at its highest point but don’t be fooled this bridge is still very scary. The seven-mile bridge plunges right into the ocean connecting some of the Florida Keys with one another.

Royal Gorge Bridge

The world’s highest bridge until 2001 was built in 1929 for a paltry 350 thousand dollars. the bridge spans 384 meters 1260 feet across Colorado’s magnificent Royal Gorge. The Arkansas River thunders by 291 meters 955 feet below occasionally carrying whitewater rafters battling against the elements. It took just six months to construct a bridge.

Titlis cliff walk

In order to cross the Titlis cliff walk, you will first need to climb Mount Titlis where you will find the bridge waiting for you at the summit you will then walk through the glacier cave via an underground tunnel to reach it. The titlis cliff walk is around 3000 meters 10,000 feet above sea level and 100 meters 330 feet long but only one meter 3.3 feet wide. It stretches from one rock face to another in the Swiss Alps. The bridge crosses a roughly 500 meters 1,600 feet deep chasm. walking in a single file it is said to be 150 steps to the other side.

Puente De Ojuela

The bridge itself is terrifying. The bridge is around 300 meters 1000 feet long and is suspended nearly 100 meters 327 feet above a ravine. The bridge is only 0.6 meters two feet wide.  the bridge was originally constructed in 1898 and was used to move gold and silver taken from the local mines and bring supplies.

The Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa

It should perhaps be called the swinging bridge. the bridge itself is due to the altitude and the area’s susceptibility to high winds the bridge sways precariously as it is crossed by locals visitors and cattle. Though the bridge looks rather fragile it is said to be quite sturdy it is still used to move cattle through the beasts are sometimes blinker to stop them from panicking as they cross the bridge.

Coiling Dragon Path

If you’re scared of heights you’re going to find that this walkway is going to scare you just looking at the photo. You aren’t alone now and many people would take one look at this adventure and simply turn the other way. After all who needs to walk around 5,000 feet in the air anyway right. if however you are taking one look at this glass option and thinking how fast can I get there.

Q’eswachaka Bridge

A bridge sitting on the great Inca Road through the Andes is the finest remaining example of an Inca suspension bridge. The bridges were of importance in connecting and consolidating the Inca Empire and they continued to be used as ordinary parts of the road system for centuries afterward. Again in times of conflict the bridges were cut down to protect them inhabitants from intruders.

Kandinsky Bridge

You have to have nerves of steel to drive along this adrenaline-inducing rickety bridge in Russia. To cross the dilapidated coup and Alinsky bridge in the trans-Baikal region drivers must navigate a tiny six foot wide path. With no railing or safety features to save them from toppling into the frozen water below. To make matters worse the old metal structure is covered with wooden planks which can be slippery due to the frequent snow and ice.

Hongyagu Bridge

Sometimes it seems that bridge designers are twisted sadistic people. Take the designers of hay Bay’s Hong Yahoo bridge which opened in the end of 2017. they have constructed a bridge which spans 488 metres 1601 feet over a vertical drop of 220 metres 722 feet which is nerve-racking enough for most people but the designers decided to add a glass floor so that users could have a great view of the valley.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

It hardly deserves the name bridge. The current bridge is the new improved version. The first even scarier version having been destroyed by the weather. The bridge is made of rope and planks. There is a constant icy wind blowing which makes the bridge sway violently. At least ten people have died while crossing the bridge according to locals.

Iya Kazurabashi

One of the more unusual looking bridges. The vine bridge is 45 meters 148 feet long and only 14 meters 46 feet above the eye Ogawa River. But what it lacks in scariness it makes up for in weirdness. It is constructed from a plant called hardy Kiwi which though relatively strong is not really suitable for bridge building because it is not durable and is prone to rotting not a good quality. The bridge is rebuilt every three years.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge

It looks like a roller coaster than a road. It links the city of Matsu in shimane prefecture to sakaiminato in Tottori prefecture and is basically a highway to outer space a shortcut to vomiting and nausea. Making driving over this thing seriously thrilling car ride. it’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. The bridge is a two-lane concrete road it rises so sharply it gives the bravest drivers the fear featuring the ridiculously steep slope that allows ships to pass underneath. It the concrete road spans a mile and sends drivers soaring into the sky at the very sharp gradient of 6.1% across Lake nakamori. The bridge is one point four four kilometers long with a width of eleven point three meters. it is the largest rigid frame bridge in Japan.