5 Best Post Workout Foods to Consider

Post-workout eats are important and should follow strenuous exercise. The best foods for you will vary depending on the type of workout you’re doing. This post is about five post-workout foods that are generally a healthy go-to after you exercise.


Eat them how you like. Eggs are going to get your post-workout protein. You’re getting low calories and high protein. Some people might suggest eating raw eggs to get more protein but we say keep it cooked you’re not losing any protein.

Dried fruits and nuts

Keeping along the theme of portable eats pack some dried fruit and nuts into a container to take with you. Weather, you’re going to the gym, bike ride or heading for a hike. A portable snack is always a good idea.

Hand Fruits

Find some fruit and bring it with you it can really be anything. But some fruit is going to be better processed by a post workout. Go for bananas for the potassium and the carbs that’ll rebuild damaged muscles. Blueberries for the antioxidants and muscle repair. You might want to avoid citrus fruits in case you have a sensitive stomach.


It makes for a great post-workout meal rather than the snack.  Salmon sandwich, barbecued salmon, salmon on rice whatever works for you. It’s going to give you plenty of omega-3s with anti-inflammatories to help with repairing those sore muscles.

Chocolate milk

You might be surprised to find that chocolate milk is great post-workout food. Well, it’s technically a drink. Chocolate milk provides a lot of protein and calcium which your muscles will want after working out. If it’s still not enough you can always mix in some protein powder.