5 Scary Sightings That People Faced on Their Real Life

Sometimes people experience weird or unexplained things in their life. These are some of those events which can’t explainable.

Scary GoPro Footage

The unexplained part of this is how could the guys in the footage be so dumb. When these two guys started exploring a dark tunnel with their Go Pro camera, they definitely could not have anticipated what happened. Wandering into huge dark tunnels is always inadvisable and they proved exactly that. Brian Garcia and his friend went exploring into the tunnel either they were too dumb to realize this was a train tunnel or too idiotic to realize what can happen inside a tunnel. Suddenly, the walls shake, suddenly the train tracks rattle, a train is coming.

As they hear the sound of the train racing towards them, they fear for their lives. they simply have to get out of there and fast. you might say this isn’t surprising, they should have known going into a tunnel with train tracks that there was a chance a train would come hurtling on down but it definitely surprised the heck out of Brian Garcia and his friend. I think what terrifies us the most about this clip is the reminder of how fickle mortality is. One wrong step to either direction and they could have lost their lives that day.

The Figure in the Road

The figure in the road in this video shot on a phone’s camera in India. The footage captured by someone while they were riding their motorbike down a long dark road has been capturing imaginations ever since it surfaced on YouTube. As the camera operator rides down the road, we can occasionally spot another rider passing by but for the most part the footage remains largely dark.

Suddenly, the bike’s headlamp catches something bright and white reflecting in the inky darkness. Before long, the mystery reveals itself. As the image goes into focus, a peculiar and mysterious figure can be seen standing in the middle of the road. The figure appears at the exact moment a wolf can be heard howling into the night. The ghostly figure wears a flowy white dress that billows in the breeze. Lots of people have said because of the wolf howl they think this may be some kind of werewolf but I am not so sure that’s way too nice of a dress for a werewolf to be wearing?

Eventually, he gets close enough to just about make out some details of her face but the footage is blurry at best. When things get even creepier the footage abruptly stops, we have no idea what happens next. We don’t even know if the guy who filming was lucky enough to get out of there alive.

The Haunting of Brookside Theatre

On July 26th, 2014 the stage of Brookside theater in Romford, Essex found its boards treated by a medium called Roy Robert. Initially Roy’s performance proceeded as normal but the next morning the theaters manager Jai Sepple noticed something peculiar, one of the chairs was out of place that in and of itself isn’t necessarily something to freak out about because anybody can just move a chair. But, Jai Sepple as the theater manager is in charge of making sure all chairs go back exactly where they belong at the end of the night, he had done that. As theater manager, he’s the first one in every morning and the last one out, he knew when he left the night before that all the chairs had been put back exactly where they belong. yet, come the morning one chair it moved.

He decided to check the building CCTV footage what he saw astonished him. In the footage, the chair clearly seems to move all on its own. There were definitely no people in the theater visible in the video that chair 100% moves on its own.

Man in the Attic

Jerome Kennedy of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania started hearing strange noises come from the attic above his wife’s bedroom. Naturally, he thought it might be mice, maybe a stray bird had gotten stuck up there. Jerome decided to investigate the Attic, to figure out what was responsible for the noises and the clues he started to find were chilling. First, he found unexplained drill holes then he found a flashlight, the implication was terrifying. The implication was that somebody had been drilling holes in his attic in the dead of night.

Jerome decided to up his investigation to the next level. He set up a secret camera to find out what was going on what he ended up capturing on tape revealed that sometimes. In the footage, there is a Kennedy’s neighbor remove a false wall that the neighbor had built between their two attics. The wall between Jerome’s attic and the attic of his neighbor was false but Jerome had no idea, the neighbor however was fully aware and was able to slightly remove the wall and crawl from one attic to the other. In the creepy footage that Jerome’s secret camera managed to capture, his neighbor sat in the attic and watched through the floor for over 30 minutes. Stranger was lingering in Jerome’s attic looking through the floorboards and watching the house.

Kennedy showed the video to the police who questioned the neighbor, he denied the claims stating that “he could only access his neighbor’s attic if he used a ladder”. But, there was literally footage to prove he had done it., with this frightening video as evidence the man was rather obviously charged with trespassing.

The Peculiar Shadow

This clip comes from an episode of ghost hunters. This video was featured on the show when ghost hunters visited the Mizpah Hotel in Nevada. The footage which depicts an incredibly dark room was taken on one of the hotel’s security cameras. As a dark shadowy figure seems to flit across the room, almost flying. The figure is dark and moves with supernatural speed, making it impossible to discern any details about it. It seems to be human shaped but even that is something of a guess. Even when the video is enhanced to focus on the spot where it appears, it is nothing more than a fast moving blur.

The hotel’s owner state, the staff and guests regularly encounter the hotel’s numerous resident ghosts. They were even surprisingly flippant about it, saying they know the hotel is haunted but none of the ghosts have ever heard anyone so it shouldn’t be a problem.