5 Summer Makeup Looks To Make You Fall In Love With Yourself

Every time you go out anywhere, you want to look the best! That’s pretty common, and everyone wants the same! However, it is important to understand that you should always put on the right makeup, such as Peripera cosmetics available at BONIIK stock, to make sure that the situation doesn’t turn against you. It’s not only about the attire you wear, but at the same time, you should keep the weather in count while getting prepared. It depends on the occasion too! You aren’t going to put the same things on in a pool party the way you do your brother’s wedding reception. When you are purchasing the next makeup itinerary for yourself or gifting someone you adore, have a glance at our Myer Promo code & Napapijri discount code to fetch the most alluring deals.

  • Do not skip the sunscreen and UV protection: Applying makeup on your sunburnt skin won’t look good at all. Therefore, apply this sunscreen and UV protection prior to applying a moisturizer and a concealer. 
  • Go for a naked look: You would not want your makeup to meltdown! In order to prevent the creasing and caking of your makeup, opt for a nude look. Apply the minimum makeup that’s needed. A tinted moisturizer and a concealer with dark eyes would do! Also, prefer to curl your eyelashes instead of mascara because that works better during the summer.
  • Skip the shimmer: A healthy radiance is completely different from that of an over-the-top shine. Avoid using too much foundation or anything that is too luminous. This is because you keep sweating continuously during the summers, and it will appear as if your face is sparkling!
  • Go for the sheer shades: If you do not want those bright colours to start bleeding, it would always be great if you opt for the sheer or the nude shades. Try something that looks natural and matches the original shade of your skin and lips. 
  • Try the waterproof versions of your makeup itineraries: If you really don’t want to keep swimming along with the sediment of your makeup products, try out the waterproof version of the same!

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