5 Things Discovered That Might Be From Extraterrestrial Life!

There are some things that we definitely know they aren’t from space. But, there are some things that even experts in all things not on are convinced may have fallen to us from the stars. These are some of those things which might be of extraterrestrial origin.

Alien Phone

If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, an object discovered back in 2015 might actually be an 800 year old mobile phone left behind by aliens. This story takes us to Austria where archaeologists were partaking in a routine dig but as you can see from the photos what they found was far from routine.

The odd object very much looks like a phone with strange symbols where the numbers should be. Naturally, it got the conspiracy theory community talking, the YouTube channel paranormal crucible even posted a whole video pontificating on what it could be. His theories proof of either an advanced alien civilization or time travel but this is where things get even weirder. We may not recognize the symbols on the buttons but they are a known language of sorts. Apparently, it’s a Sumerian writing style also known as “cuneiform”.

Cuneiform is one of the earlier systems of writing and was invented by the Sumerians. It was in use from 31st century BC to 1st century AD means a long time before there were mobile phones. So, the same conspiracy theorists who insist this thing is proof of aliens or time travel say that there have actually been several discoveries of out of place archaeological artifacts that challenged history but archaeologists apparently cover up such discoveries. The obviously trustworthy editor of UFO sightings daily, Scott Waring is rather predictably one of those adamant that this phone like device is clear evidence of aliens visiting ancient civilizations on earth.

Rock or Probe? The Truth of Oumuamua

If the head of Harvard’s Department of astronomy is to be believed, there’s a chance that a mysterious cigar shaped object that was spotted tumbling through our solar system back in 2017, maybe an alien probe sent from a distant civilization. He and a colleague outlines their idea and a paper analyzing what the mysterious space object might be, setting off a media frenzy.

Conspiracy theorists putting forward series like this is one thing but this is the head of Harvard’s Department of astronomy. A large part of his theory is rooted in the shape, to his mind, it’s a little too perfect to be a mere rock. He thinks, it simply has to be something of intellectual design but even if the theory is coming from a more legitimate source, one single idea about what this object could be doesn’t make it the only explanation and many scientists still argue that a natural explanation is more plausible.

The strange thing has been dubbed a Oumuamua, it’s confirmed it came from another galaxy. It’s not just the flattened and elongated shape that’s got experts wondering if it was a probe, they’re even saying it’s slightly accelerated as if it had power and control over its motions.

The Betz Mystery Sphere

On May 26th 1974, a 21 year old pre-med student by the name of Terry Betz along with his father Antoine and mother Gerri were innocently inspecting the damage caused by a bush-fire just east of Jacksonville Florida but there’s no way they could have expected what they stumbled upon.

At first, the trio found nothing out of the ordinary but before their expedition was over, they stumbled across a peculiar highly polished metal orb that was just under 8 inches in diameter. The only delineating mark that the three could find on the eerily unblemished object was in the elongated triangular shape stamped into its surface. This thing allegedly self-propelled seamless metallic orb rapidly became the object of fascination, controversy, and alarm for scientists, military officials, Ufologists, and the general public as the story of this mystery sphere spread like wildfire through the international media.

The strange object certainly looks extraterrestrial. One could deduce that the object had comes soaring down from the skies following some intergalactic rough-and-tumble and it was actually the friction from its soaring all the way down and crashing into the ground that caused the bush-fire in the first place. Though having said that none of them could find any signs of an impact crater or any indication of collision or heat damage on the gleaming metal globe. So, it also seems possible that the fire and the existence of the strange object were entirely unconnected.

Terry Betz couldn’t squash his intrigue in the extraordinary object and carried all 22 pounds of it back to his car. In the coming weeks, the Betz family insisted, the ball was doing peculiar things. It may be a lie to attract the media. According to their accounts, the sphere would react to weather conditions, a bit like someone with seasonal affective disorder. They claimed, it would respond to sunlight often vibrating.

I have no idea of the Betz even still have it or whether all the odd things they claimed to did were lies the press. Either way, of all the things that supposedly fell from space, this will always be one of the most infamous.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

A strange object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea has been baffling oceanographers since 2012 and many accepted it must be some kind of spaceship that had crashed there long ago. It’s 200 feet wide and 300 feet below the Baltic but beyond that it’s a mystery.

Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg and his ocean x team of marine explorers discovered the strange object during a dive, searching for an old shipwreck. The team suggested their sonar images showed an object with unusual features of seemingly non-natural origin which immediately prompted speculation that it was a sunken UFO from many years ago. But now, explorers believe they’re one step closer to discovering the truth buying the mysterious 140,000-year old Baltic Sea anomaly.

Dennis Asburg who made the discovery alongside Mr. Lindberg told TV 4 in Sweden, “There’s a mountain it could be 20 to 25 meters tall with a canyon in the middle and below it there’s a lot of loose rocks. The trail starts from here, actually there are two trails. There’s the one that leads to this large circle then there’s another trail that leads to the second object which is about 200 meters from the round circle. We found it at the same time as the circle. We were really surprised and puzzled and thinking what is it that we found here, this is not a wreck. At that time, we thought for sure that there was a natural explanation. We contacted geologists, marine biologists and when they said they’d never seen anything like this, it could become something really awesome that we found”.

The Statues of Easter Island

There are many people convinced that earth’s most peculiar yet, impressive archaeological feats from the past may well actually be the work of aliens. Objects from space left for us by the extraterrestrials who stepped on earth’s soil before we did. Some called out as being potentially built by aliens include Sacsayhuaman, the Nazca lines, the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, and also the face like rocks of Easter Island.

The enigma of the Moai, that’s the fleet of large stones on Easter Island is one we all know but none of us have the answer. How on earth did the natives make such structures 1,000 years ago with limited or no tools, how did they even get them to Easter Island? At 13 feet tall weighing 14 tons each and carved from stone that would have been significantly easier for the men who made them if they were helped out by little green men with futuristic laser cutters and conveyor belts.

Some shoot down these theories on the grounds that it diminishes the achievements of those who created such incredible structures as the Moai statues on Easter Island and the Teotihuacan. There is truth to that but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it just seems too hard for any human to make such things.