6 Interesting Facts you might not know about BMW

In the car industry, BMW is a very popular brand. It is also the best-known German car manufacturer. It has become synonymous with high-performance vehicles that are sophisticated in appearance and comfortable to drive. While most people are aware of this company due to its long history and the high number of cars it has produced, but not everyone knows about it. So, this post will tell you about 6 interesting facts about BMW.

BMW didn’t start out making cars

It was founded back in 1916 but not to build cars. It had newer technology in mind. The company was created to make for slender aircraft engines particularly for German pilots to fly during World War One.

The BMW logo is not based on airplane propellers

Yes, the company started out building engines for propeller planes. But the idea BMW design its iconic logo to resemble propellers is urban Legion. BMW is transformed by reshaping motor and working or in English Bavarian motor works. It started in the German state of Bavaria in homage to its origin BMWs blue-and-white check pattern is based on the Bavarian flag.

BMW made very good airplane engines

BMW powered airplanes were quite highly regarded
during World War One. To the extent, the famous Red Baron wanted to fly one in 1919 a plane equipped with a BMW engine achieved an altitude of 32,000 feet which was a world record at the time.

BMW only got into cars because of the war ended

When world war one ended, the Treaty of Versailles banned Germany from having an Air Force and forward German companies from building aircraft. Then the company built replacement parts of American jeeps and design engines for other companies.

BMW build motorcycles before it built cars

In 1919, BMW built its first motorcycle engine and in 1923 manufactured the first BMW motorcycle. It didn’t build his first car until 1928.

BMW didn’t design its first car

Today, the name BMW is synonymous with the high and auto design but when BMW built its first car in 1928. It became one of several companies to license the design of a British car called the Hosting 7.