9 Terrible Truths About Pamela Anderson

From her troubled past to her progressive movements, this is the shocking story of Pamela Anderson


This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it could shock many United States Pam Anderson fans to find out that she’s not from America. This model and actress was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada in July 1967. The running trend seems to be that US favorites are from Canada, Drake, Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey.

This list goes on and on. But, Pam Anderson is certainly the most well-known blonde bombshell from the country. Nevertheless, she is a citizen of America and her home nation and is currently residing in southern France.

Troubled Childhood

Although her career has been filled with a lot of glitz and glamour, Pam Anderson has put on a brave face throughout many adverse life events. When she was a little girl, from ages six to ten, her female babysitter physically harmed her. Anderson recalled during an interview with Piers Morgan that she had hoped the woman would pass away after these awful recurring incidents.

She further stated that the day after she wished something terrible would happen to her babysitter, the woman lost her life in a car accident. Since she was so young at the time. Pamela believed that her wish was the reason for the crash – that she must have special powers. Because of that, she experienced guilt for a long time and felt that she couldn’t tell her parents what occurred between her and her babysitter.

Animal Rights

Pamela Anderson isn’t only a model, actress, and blonde beauty; she is also an active animal rights supporter that dedicates a significant amount of her time to the cause. She has been against the use of real fur since at least the 1990s and is a member of PETA. Her campaign against using and wearing fur won her the Linda McCartney Memorial Award in 1999.

She also posed nude for PETA’s 2003 “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” movement. She also stripped down in London, England in 2006 to protest on a Stella McCartney boutique window display. Pam has also spoken against Kentucky Fried Chicken and even wrote a letter to aid PETA’s campaign against the company, which stated that what KFC does to “750 million chickens” every year isn’t “civilized or acceptable.” She also boycotted the Kentucky Derby in 2006 because it supports KFC.

60 Minutes

During her interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Pamela Anderson let viewers into the details of her life. She talked about her time modeling in Playboy and how she felt it was empowering to women. Many feminists believe that posing nude in a meant-for-men magazine degrades females; but, Anderson’s opinion is that it gives women power. She noted that nobody forced her to do anything and believes feminism can “go too far.” Pamela further stated that she considers herself a feminist, but it can be a “bore.” She added that it could also “paralyze” men, and she thinks the “me too” movement is a “bit too much.” Her controversial views on the matter are open to interpretation and various opinions.

However, Anderson has stated before that she doesn’t want men nowadays to be afraid to make the first move regarding a romantic relationship, and she is terribly afraid of her sons being falsely accused of wrong women.

The Cure

Although Pamela is the image of health nowadays, she faced a concerning problem in 2002 when she was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Anderson said she contracted the illness by sharing tattoo needles with her ex-husband, Tommy Lee. About a year later, she joked during an interview with Howard Stern that she didn’t expect to make it another fifteen years.

But, Pamela was in luck because she was given a treatment for the disease. After living with the virus for over fifteen years, she underwent a twelve-week-long plan with the substance called Sovaldi. The results of the medication were amazing, and she was ultimately cured of hepatitis C after completing the regimen.


We already discussed Pamela’s stance on animal rights’ and the mistreatment of animals. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Anderson is vegan. But, staying 100% vegan can be difficult. Pamela admits that she’s had some slip-ups, especially since she’s been living in the south of France. On Good Morning Britain, she said that she considers herself a “naughty vegan” but does her best to stick with it.

However, being around buttery croissants and all forms of dairy in France makes it difficult to bypass now and then. But, she noted that you can make a delicious vegan croissant and that she never eats meat.

Lust For Love

Not only is Pamela Anderson an actress, successful model, animal rights activist, and humanitarian, but she is also an author. Her book, titled Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in your Relationship, was released in May 2018 and is by her and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. On Anderson’s website for her foundation, she wrote a detailed description of the novel.

She wrote that she and Boteach, despite being two contrasting people, agree completely on what they relayed in the book. Rabbi Shmuley is a religious teacher and has experience on the subject matter from his years counseling married couples. Pamela added that there are many parts of her private life that people don’t know about, despite her continuity in the public eye. She said that she was surprised that a religious teacher would have insight into the importance of intimacy in a romantic relationship. There are scriptures discussing sensuality in marriage as well.

Anderson and Shmuley’s book talks about how human intimacy has been lost and distorted through technology, and they hope that their Lust for Love can help people rediscover it.

Vladimir Putin

During her 60 Minutes Australia interview, she added although she doesn’t necessarily support his ideas, he has done a lot for her. She wrote the leader a letter in 2015 that personally asked him to halt the progression of a cargo ship called Winter Bay, which contained more than 1,700 tons of meat from fin whales, making its way to Japan via the Northeast Passage.

In 2009, he banned the hunting of baby harp seals for Pamela, and she wrote a letter to thank him. She even traveled to Russia in 2015 to speak about endangered species and environmental problems at the Eastern Economic Forum. Pamela also met with Kremlin officials to discuss animal rights in Russia that same year. In 2016, she met with them again to talk about animal conservation and welfare.

Julian Assange

For those who don’t know, Julian Assange is an Australian-born computer programmer, journalist, and the founder of WikiLeaks. Pamela and Julian’s relationship is has been under speculation for some time now. And she spoke a little more about it during her 60 Minutes Australia interview. She said she was “fascinated with him” and wanted to meet with him to discuss how she could be a better activist.

Contrary to what many people believe about WikiLeaks, Pamela thinks he is doing noteworthy work that should be applauded. Assange was stuck at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid being arrested from 2012 to April 2019 when he was taken out of the embassy to Belmarsh Prison. But, before his arrest, Pamela had tried to get the Australian government to help Julian. She said that “he’s fighting the powers that be,” and it’s not surprising that officials want to keep him quiet. There were also rumors that she and Assange had a romantic relationship, but she denied them.