apple iphone 11 vs iphone 11 pro

Apple iPhone 11 Vs iPhone 11 Pro: Which Model Will Be Best for You?

This is the comparison of Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro phones. Here, you can get an answer that which one will be best for you and which will work more for you.

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apple-iphone-11 apple iPhone-11-Pro
Apple iPhone 11Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Superb dual-lens camera.
Blazingly fast.
Good battery life.
Nice design and build.
Impressive audio.
New triple cameras are fantastic.
A13 Bionic is the fastest phone chip.
More durable glass front and back.
OLED display is more brighter.
Longer rated battery life.
No zoom lens on the camera.
LCD screen is not as good as OLED for movies.
Only comes with a 5W charger.
Shorter battery life than iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11.
Just 64GB of storage for starting price.
A bit heavier and thicker than iPhone XS.


ModeliPhone 11MWAM2LL/A
Diagonal Size6.1 inch5.8 inch
TechnologyLiquid Retina HD displaySuper Retina XDR Display
Pixel Density326 PPI458 PPI
ProcessorHexa-core (2×2.65 GHz Lightning + 4×1.8 GHz Thunder)Hexa-core (2×2.65 GHz Lightning + 4×1.8 GHz Thunder)
System ChipApple A13 BionicApple A13 Bionic
Operating SystemiOS 14iOS
Phone FunctionsSpeakerphone, voice control, call timer, conference call, flight mode, voice dialing, vibrating alertSpeakerphone, voice control, call timer, conference call, flight mode, voice dialing, vibrating alert
SensorsAccelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, 3-axis gyro sensor, digital compass, barometerAccelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, 3-axis gyro sensor, digital compass, barometer
Security DevicesFace IDFace ID
Additional FeaturesTTY compatible, FaceTime, iCloud Photo Sharing, MIMO technology, Wi-Fi Calling, iBeacon microlocation, QuickType keyboard, Apple TV support (2nd or later), Neural Engine, AirPlay MirroringTTY compatible, FaceTime, AirDrop function, Audio zoom function, MIMO technology, Wi-Fi Calling, iBeacon microlocation, QuickType keyboard, Night Shift, Apple TV support (2nd or later), AirPlay Mirroring, Raise to wake, Third-generation Neural Engine, FaceTime audio, U1 chip
Storage64 or 128 or 256 GB64 or 128 or 256 GB
Wi-Fi SupportWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, dual-band, hotspotWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, dual-band, hotspot
USB2.0, proprietary reversible connector2.0, proprietary reversible connector
Bluetooth5.0, A2DP, LE5.0, A2DP, LE
Other ConnectionNFC
FeaturesRear Camera- Dual 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS + 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm (ultrawide), Quad-LED dual-tone flash, HDR (photo/panorama), 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps 720p HD video recording at 30 fps, Front Camera- Dual 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide) SL 3D cameraRear Camera- Triple 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS + 12 MP, f/2.0, 52mm (telephoto), 1/3.4″, 1.0µm, PDAF, OIS, 2x optical zoom + 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm (ultrawide), Flash- Quad-LED dual-tone flash, HDR (photo/panorama), Video capture- 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps 720p HD video recording at 30 fps, Front Camera- Dual 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide) SL 3D camera
Width2.98 in2.81 in
Depth0.33 in0.32 in
Height5.94 in5.67 in
Weight6.84 oz6.63 oz
Battery Capacity3110mAh, Video Playback- Up to 17 hours3046mAh, 18 hours in Multimedia
FeaturesNew dual camera system. All day battery. The toughest glass in smartphone and Apple’s fastest chip ever.

Gorgeous 6.1 inch all screen liquid retina LCD water resistant up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

4K video and
take a superb pic in night mode.

All-day battery life, A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. Fast-charge capable with an 18 W adapter.

Face ID is the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone. It doesn’t store or share your photo. And it’s more secure than Touch ID.
Four new textured matte glass finishes. 5.8 inch or 6.5 ich super retina XDR display. And the toughest glass in a smartphone.

Three cameras that feel like one. The highest-quality video in a smartphone.

High tech night mode delvers natural low-light shots automatically.

Get up to five more hours of battery life with iPhone 11 Pro Max, and up to four hour with iPhone 11 Pro. Fast-charge with the included 18W adapter. And A13 Bionic with Neural Engine – the fastest chip in a performance.

Detail Review


Apple iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 is the latest version of the iPhone line up. It also has two other models with it which are iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and this is the least expensive phone in these series.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The major upgrades of the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone 11 are the display and the camera system. But, for that only you should pay an extra $400. In this phone, you have storage options of 64 or 128 or 512 GB and a variety of light and classy colors.

apple- iphone 11


Apple iPhone 11

About the lower-resolution LCD screen that everyone was so angry about, truth is, you won’t even notice that it is not an OLED display. It was the same for the iPhone XR. Apple calibrates their LCD panels better than anyone in the industry, and the color accuracy and viewing angles on this display are simply the best amongst any LCD displays out there. You might hear about the specs and straightaway think that it is inferior to even many of the budget smartphones. But all displays are not created equal, and this one is much nicer than the LCD screens that the budget devices have. Something that I miss when moving from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 11 is the support for HDR playback. Other than that, unless you compare these displays side by side, it is difficult to tell the difference between OLED and LCD, Apple’s LCD displays are that good.

I think the 6.1 inch is very comfortable display size. Actually, I think a 5.8 inch iPhone 11 at an even lower price point, would have been the ideal device for my needs. The notch is still there, and it is just as big as it was on the iPhone X. At first, I was not too bothered by this notch, because the tech that hides behind that notch works perfectly. But having a look at what Android manufacturers are doing with the notch, I’ve started to wish that the notch was a bit smaller. It is not too intrusive, or anything, and just like you forget about the display having a slightly lower resolution than other smartphones, you also get used to the notch and start looking past. What I miss on this iPhone 11 and even on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, is that 3D touch is now replaced with Haptic Touch. While Haptic touch made way for a bigger battery and lets you use most functions of the 3D touch by long-pressing on a particular part, it misses out on some features, and it is not as fast.

The design of the iPhone 11 is identical to that of the iPhone XR, with just the addition of the extra camera in a raised square camera module at the back. While it’s not too different, I don’t mind having this design, as it worked pretty well for me. There are now different color options to choose from. I would have loved to see the matt glass back on the iPhone 11, just like the 11 Pro. But that process seems to be a bit costly, and including it on the iPhone 11 would have increased its price. Like on the iPhone XR, Apple has again used anodized aluminum for the frame of this iPhone 11, which has held up pretty great for me so far. It didn’t even gather a scratch. This year Apple is using the same best gorilla glass that corning has to offer, for the front and back glass of this phone, as they do on iPhone 11 Pro’s, which means even the lower-priced iPhone 11, gets top of the line protection. So although Apple says this is the toughest glass, it won’t hurt to use a well-tempered glass screen protector.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

We do have a 5.8 inch Super Retina XDR display, apple always has a way of really making their display sound a lot better than it is. It’s just really bright and really accurate. It’s a very fantastic display but pretty similar to a Samsung phone, to be honest.

At 188 grams, this phone always had a nice heft to it. I just really liked how it felt like a good weight that just didn’t make it feel cheap, that stainless steel always helps. It’s a very hard metal around the edges just makes it feel sturdy. It feels like a premium device. Now, that matte texture on the rear, no fingerprints on the back of this thing. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to wear a case on you just want a screen protector, you’re going to love this. Now, what I don’t like is that the display on this phone scratched pretty easily. The camera wasn’t the best looking camera to me ever, it’s not horrible but it’s just not my favorite overall look in terms of triple camera setup.

This one does have a true tone, it does have a dark mode, night shift. This thing is insanely bright, this is my favorite thing about the 11 Pro series over the 11 and other iPhones. 800 nits of usable brightness, it seems like just some random number but when you’re actually using the phone you’re like, is that my phone getting that bright.0 Other than that, it still looks very similar to the iPhone 10 and the 10S display. You do have nice color-rich saturation but not over saturated like you’ll find on certain other phones in their vivid modes.

This display also did support Dolby Vision HDR10, watching a video was pretty nice until you pinched in, you’re still getting your content cut off by the notch but still, you can watch a video like that. The sharpness of the text was always fantastic as well. Over 400 PPI, you’re never going to go ahead and see any type of pixelation on this display. You’re really just going to like the display on the 11 Pro, it’s just a really great overall display quality. It’s a non 120HZ panel did it bother me because Android phones kind of need 120HZ to hit that level smooth as the iPhone did. Even at 60 hertz, it runs very smoothly here.

apple iphone 11 -pro


Apple iPhone 11

In the US, there is a $300 difference between the price of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. For the extra price, other than the higher resolution OLED displays, and 1 extra camera at the back, there is not a lot that the Pro’s offer over the regular iPhone 11. Two things that disappointed most people more than anything, when this phone came out were the lower resolution display and the measly 5-watt charger in the box. One of those things still annoy me, it is the 5-watt charger. This phone has a better resistance against water. XR was able to withstand being submerged under 1 meter of water for 30 min, and the iPhone 11 can be submerged in 2 meters of water for up to 30 min.

If you have ever used an iPhone, you know that performance is not one of the things that you have to worry about. iPhone 11 gets the same Apple A13 Bionic Processor as the Pro. So just as you would expect, iPhone 11 can handle anything that you can throw at it. In fact, there are not many apps store which can fully take advantage of the hardware that this phone packs in. All this headroom means this iPhone 11 is built to last. As and when developers will develop better apps in the future, this phone will be able to run them without any issue. Apple generally provides software updates and support for any phone for at least 5 years. So rest assured that the performance of this phone will last far longer than your willingness to use it. Chances are, you might get bored and want to upgrade to a newer iPhone just because it is available, and not because there is some issue with the performance of this one.

Software and hardware work hand in hand on the iPhones like they do on no other phones. Apple tightly integrates the software and hardware and keeps most of it under walled gardens, and that’s the reason the performance of these iPhones is so good. Everything, right from the processor is designed by Apple, so they know how to get the most out of their hardware via the software, at any given time. The simplicity of iOS is what attracts most people to iPhones. If you have more than 1 Apple devices, all of them work together flawlessly.

Like with many other devices, there were a few bugs on the iPhone 11 at the launch, but with each subsequent update, Apple has been fixing them and adding more features to the phone. I think iOS 13 has been Apple’s buggiest version of iOS to date, and I just hope, they straighten things out on iOS 14, right from the start. I know any operating system has its share of bugs, and I am glad that Apple has been on top of fixing them bugs right from the early days on this phone. But I would expect that a huge company like Apple, with its huge program for developers and Beta testers, would iron this bugs out prior to releasing these versions to all the users.

I love that with each new update Apple has kept on adding a few new features to this phone. Features like the deep fusion mode, which helps the camera take much better and detailed images in indoor light were added later on, and even the option to change the video resolution and frame rate right from the viewfinder was added to iOS 13 in a later update. There are a lot of more small features that they have kept on adding, so these updates have not just been about fixing bugs.

If there is something on the hardware side that I don’t like, it has to be the storage option. I don’t like that these iPhones still start at 64GB, because for a price this high, 128GB should be standard. You can obviously pay Apple more and bump up the storage. With the iPhone 11, after the 64GB variant, there is the 128GB storage option. 64GB sounds good enough for most people, but if you plan on using this phone for 3 to 4 years, choosing the 128GB storage option is a smarter thing to do.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

You do have yourself a 3046 milliamp-hour battery inside the body of the 11 Pro. Also, the 11 Pro did feature itself an apple A13 bionic chipset which made this thing fly. In addition to that stuffed inside this phone four gigabytes of RAM, not very much for a thousand dollar phone but still, that’s what you got with the 11 Pro.

The software has really changed since the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro with the new app library and all the widgets on board. It’s nice to have this compact feeling phone here 5.8 inches and have widget support, you can get a lot done now seeing a lot of nice things on the display with these widgets. Overall, you’re getting software support for years to come. This actually running the iOS 14.2 Beta. Overall, concluding the software I still want to see some split-screen, we don’t have that still, no real multitasking abilities like where you can put two different apps side by side, you can do picture in the picture now but it’s not natively available in youtube which still irks me a little bit about the software.

For a thousand dollars, Apple should put 128 GB in here. I mean as base storage instead of 64 GB. Here, we have professional cameras and high-quality apps and lots many other things which load up on the phone and nowadays people use the phone most of the days, so it will be necessary to increase the storage.

The performance with the A13, there’s absolutely no lag. This is the fastest iPhone that money can buy right now and it’s going to be even faster when the A14 comes to the iPhone. What I don’t like about it though is one thing 4 GB of RAM, it seems like a setback because while it is a very fast phone on most occasions, there have been times where I would pop an application and it would just reload and I think that’s just because of the 4 GB of RAM. So, single-tasking is extremely fast and gaming is also extremely fast, on this phone loads faster than every Android phone out there. Camera performance really good with the processor, allowing it to do that really high-quality video. It needs more RAM, that’s the only problem with the iPhone 11 Pro. While on the topic of performance, I just wanted to mention thermals how hot this phone gets. It didn’t really warm up too much unless you do an iOS update, then it warmed up it was on charge. In addition, if you got this thing on a tripod and you’re using that camera for the iPhone 11 Pro and you put it in 4k 60 videos, you’re definitely going to see this phone get pretty warm under that usage. It never got too hot, it wasn’t ever going to burn your hand. So, thermal control is very good on this device.

Discussing phone call quality, reception, and stuff like that the iPhone 11 Pro was better than the prior editions. Still, not touching the Samsung phones in my opinion the 4G LTE is not as fast as the 5G Samsung devices but it did see an improvement over the 10 and the 10S. It was definitely more usable, I did like it quite a bit more in terms of its overall reception and phone call quality.

Speakers fired from the top and the bottom, very nice and loud. The only thing is they didn’t sound that much better from a 10S or an iPhone 10 stereo speakers, they were a little bit fuller but at the end of the day, the speakers were pretty impressive.

apple- iPhone-11


Apple iPhone 11

The cameras while falling one lens short than the Pro’s is still an upgrade for the people who came from XR or iPhone 7 or old models, both in quality and quantity. While the camera on the iPhone XR was a beast, the camera on the iPhone 11 is even better. Both the normal and wide cameras are the same as the ones on the iPhone 11 Pro. Features like a better smart HDR algorithm, Deep Fusion, and Night mode, makes this the best camera at its price. The front camera also gets a bump in resolution from 7 to 12 megapixels, and now you can take normal or wide selfies with it.

Apple is not doing anything too crazy like adding a lot of megapixels, or an absurd amount of zoom to one of its lenses. But whatever they are doing, has been working out pretty well. I just hope they start using physically larger sensors like some of the recent Huawei and Samsung phones. I just want to see what Apple can achieve with that sort of data and its computational photography algorithms. All of that may be in store for the next iPhones, but on the iPhone 11, we are left with these cameras, and I think they are capable of taking on any of the competing smartphones.

The video performance of iPhones has been the best for some time now. It is so good, that many times when I am taking outdoor shots, I take a few shots with this phone, and mix them up in the video. Even after watching, no one can differentiate between shots taken with the iPhone 11 and DSLR camera. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

There are triple 12-megapixel cameras and these are all capable of 4K 60 on every single lens, pretty beautiful when it comes to that. What was really nice about the iPhone 11 Pro is how smooth the transition was between each camera and how you can basically do 4k 60 videos on every single camera, you could do it on the telephoto or the regular one or you can do it on the front-facing camera. It was such a consistent experience across each camera that made this absolutely the best camera phone on the market and I still think it’s the best camera phone on the market for the absolute most versatility between photo and video.

There are cameras that can do more professional tweaking in the camera software, you do have the ability to switch aspect ratios and some exposure stuff. It does have a nice night mode as well that will automatically activate when it’s dark but the front-facing camera also seen a nice improvement giving you amazing front-facing video almost like a rear camera on the front.


Apple iPhone 11

This phone supports fast charging via the 18-watt fast charger that comes with the iPhone 11 Pro models, but you will have to buy that charger, and the USB-C to lightning cable separately. I don’t think I can ever go back to charging my phone with the 5-watt charger again because the 18-watt charger is that much nice.

iPhone XR had an even better battery life than iPhone XS. Having a battery that lasts for more than a day is important, so knowing that this iPhone 11 could last even longer than the XR, was an amazing thing. The usage of watching videos, calls, and web browsing, I mostly end my day with more than 30% of the battery still remaining. When it is time to charge the phone, I just hate that Apple still included a 5-watt charger with the iPhone 11. I have an 18 watt Power Delivery chargers, and after having used it, I never went back to the 5-watt charger. You can also use a wireless charger to charge this phone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The battery performance, for a 3046 milliamp-hour battery, the iPhone 11 Pro was a champ. Easily getting through a day stretching into the second day whereas 11 Pro Max was almost two days long with light to medium usage. You could still get through a day with the 11 Pro even on heavy usage. It had fast wireless charging if you’re using that module, if you are using the fast wireless charging it would charge pretty quickly. In addition, it came with a fast charger in the box that was fantastic. Now, a lot of people are reporting that their battery percentages were going down quite a bit for this phone.

apple iphone 11 pro


Now, the iPhone 11 is definitely the least expensive of all the iPhone that Apple announced at their last major keynote, but it is in no way the lighter iPhone or the less powerful one in any way. So Apple was right to not call it the XR 2 or something like that and just go with the iPhone 11 because this is every bit as powerful as the iPhone 11 Pro. It is still an amazing phone to buy, even if the next phones are scheduled to launch later this year. It is an amazing value for money and offers you most of the features that the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max do, at a much lower price point. The iPhone 11 Pro will be worth for thousand dollars if you use the cameras to their potential or if you didn’t you probably overpaid for this phone because that’s really where the value lies in the iPhone 11 Pro.

In my opinion, if you use the camera as normal and don’t want any premium features in the camera system, then the iPhone 11 will be definitely for you and also which costs less comparatively. Otherwise, you should choose iPhone 11 Pro for a better camera with some more features on it.

Expert Reviews of Apple iPhone 11:

By Dxomark
The high price tag of flagship iPhones means that people who are wedded to the Apple eco-system and looking for an upgrade might be attracted to the more pocket-friendly iPhone 11. If photography is an important factor in that choice, the good news is that by and large the less-expensive device lives up to the excellent all-round image quality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

By Camerajabber
If you are keen to get a brand new iPhone but don’t quite have the budget for the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 makes a lot of sense. Two of the onboard cameras are the same, only sacrificing the telephoto lens here. There are other compromises to be made elsewhere, but otherwise it’s a great option for Apple fans on a budget.

By Firstpost
The iPhone 11 is easily the best choice for most people, but if you care about display or design, skip it.

By Indiatoday
For iPhone XR users, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to the iPhone 11 just yet. You can wait for around 6 months and hope for the prices to drop in India, or wait for the iPhone 12 to come out, which should offer a more substantial upgrade in terms of hardware and display.

By What Hi-Fi?
The iPhone 11 is arguably the pick of Apple’s new brood and a brilliant all-rounder.

Expert Reviews of Apple iPhone 11 Pro:

By Pcworld
It’s the best iPhone ever but you can get most of its features on the standard iPhone 11 and save $550

By Neowin
I’m happy that I can carry an iPhone around and I don’t have to bring around a secondary phone to take pictures with. I’m happy that I don’t have to think twice about battery life. Coming from an iPhone XS Max, the iPhone 11 Pro was a meaningful upgrade for me. I’d definitely say it’s worth picking up.

By What Hi-Fi?
An exceptional phone with an incredible camera, but the standard iPhone 11 will make more sense for most people.

By Menxp
The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are by far the most powerful smartphones made by Apple. Apart from being powerful, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max also offer the best camera experience you can get on a smartphone. The ultra-wide lens works spectacularly well and the display on the iPhone 11 Pro will enhance your video viewing experience by a big margin.

By 91mobiles
To sum it up, Apple may not have won the Best Camera Phone of the Year title from 91mobiles in the last five years, but with the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, it stands a very good chance this time. Unless Google or Huawei come and change things that is.

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