20 Asian Kitchen Ideas You Must See

Asian design style brings simplistic serenity to your home. The calm tranquility of Asian kitchens is perfect for the contemporary home design. The understated elegance of Asian design and focus on harmony and balance adds a bit of Zen to any home decor style. This design style focuses on harmony and balance, as well as the use of natural materials.

Light Asian Kitchen

The combination of light green color on the walls and the use of light wood on cabinets and dark on floor is really amazing. Steel appliances giving luxurious feel.

Window Blinds Style

Main Highlight of this kitchen is window blinds. It looks cool with dark wood cabinets. Use of grey countertop is seriously amazing.

Renovated & Addition to Kitchen

The designer has recreated normal floors to wooden. Changing wall colors to simple white. Instead of normal lights, designer has used hanging lights. Using rug on wooden floor is also a fantastic idea.

Fresh & Open

This kitchen is fully white with big island. Black countertop doing their job to give luxurious look. Open windows to feel fresh and airy. Marble Table in the center looks like Asian.

Japanese Kitchen

Every home needs that feeling. When the kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in the home, it should be the place where peace and harmony are in abundance. Japanese kitchen design is all about balance, purity, and cleanliness, and with so many kitchens becoming a place full of clutter, mess, and stress, it’s perfect for any home.

San Francisco Kitchen

Don’t you just love the details on the cabinets? We love the small island and the wonderful pendant light there is.

Modern Asian Kitchen

Modern kitchens are sleek, captivating and the dynamic statement. They can be warm and cozy or cool and clean. Their designs include warm tones with wood flooring and cabinetry and also cooler tones with stainless steel countertops and appliances.

Rug in kitchen

Red rug with dark wood cabinets and steel look amazing here. Decorate your kitchen as you want, here we used artificial plants, antiques above the cabinets and hanging pendants.

Minimal View

The island of the kitchen is very big. How big windows are, it feels like that your kitchen is open. Marble floor and cabinets with white walls looks pretty awesome. Dining is also attached, so its easy to serve food.

Small Kitchen

In any house kitchen is most used space. Although small or big this space has its own importance and functionalities. A small kitchen can designed very functional with innovative ideas. What do you think about blue floor tiles ? Isn’t  it nice with white walls and white cabinets.

Marble Asian Kitchen

Rustic wooden floor with white cabinets are looking amazing. White marble countertop giving luxurious look.

Practical Design

The Oven makes practical design which is easy to seasonings and kitchen utensils while cooking. Shiplap walls and hardwood floor reinforce the relaxed Asian effect.

Black And Golden

Gold-flecked granite tops black cabinetry in the kitchen; the draftsman stools are from Wisteria Home. Open white windows keep the room from feeling too dark.

Smooth Kitchen

Asian style kitchen offers smooth atmosphere. Move freely around in the kitchen. Hanging red lamps looks so beautiful with white walls and wooden cabinets.

Airy Kitchen

Airy kitchen almost give the freshness feel. When there is enough natural light in a home, It is comfortable and enjoyable place to live. It is combined with modern elements like chairs, blue rug and some steel appliances.

Minimalist Kitchen with Soft Asian Touches

Minimalist interiors have a reputation for being sleek and simple. These kitchens are easy to clean and maintain. Here Kitchen makes a good balance of modern minimalist style with soft and warm. Modern tones with wooden, Asian-Styled kitchen cabinets.

Asian Kitchen With Scandinavian

Scandinavian style usually offers simple layout. The Asian kitchen cabinet complements well with the layout, offers a homey and casual feeling to the host –or whoever in this kitchen.

Classic Japan Styled Kitchen

This Kitchen shows you how the neat and efficient Japanese kitchen style fused well with modern kitchen. Japanese Modern tone of wall and appliances – giving fresh look to the overall kitchen appearance.

A Soothing Zen Atmosphere

This Asian kitchen design which will let you cook or enjoy the morning coffee in serene atmosphere. In addition you can also add Buddha Statue or wallpaper in meditation. The statue will add eastern charm look – which will be awesome and great.