Astro A10 Vs Hyperx Cloud Mix: Which One is Best for Gaming?

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This is the comparison between the Astro A10 and HyperX Cloud Mix headphones. Both are mainly used as wired but the hyperX cloud Mix can also be used as wireless. Both has the major price difference but still both are in the competition. So, check out which one will be the best option.

Astro A10

HyperX Cloud Mix

Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz 10 – 40,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohms 40 Ohms
Driver 40mm Neodymium Magnet Custom dynamic, 40mm driver with neodymium magnets
Sensitivity 104dB +/- 3dDB AT 1 kHz 100dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
Connection 3.5mm 5Pole Jack 3.5mm/Bluetooth
 Color Grey Black, white
 Weight 346 grams 260 grams


Astro A10

Usually, when you think of Astro you’re thinking of those huge and expensive headsets that usually are in the range of 200 to 300 dollars. They’ve always been known for those premium luxury like items like the A 50. Astro is a huge force in the video game market especially when it comes to these headsets, they’ve made a name for themselves for their quality and definitely their price tag. The same hardware used in these headphones and the same speakers that are in this headphone are in their premium A40 and A50.

HyperX Cloud Mix

This is a hybrid of a wired and also a wireless headset with built-in Bluetooth. It’s really no secret that HyperX just been putting out absolutely great headsets for their price.

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Astro A10

It’s so lightweight, they don’t feel like they’re there on your head. You will get a long wire in the box to connect this headphone to your device. There is nothing any extra accessories are coming with this headphone. It’s simple, you just plug this into the controller and you’re ready to use this headphone. Even if you own another console, if you own a switch or you own an Xbox one or anything, you can plug this into your phone it’ll work and also the mic will work as well. I use this headset on my play-station 4, my switch, and my Xbox one it works completely fine.

For the build quality, this headset feels premium even for the price tag. It is made completely out of plastic but it’s not cheap. This thing feels like a solid piece of tech and seem to be indestructible. This has a lot of strechiness. This one never breaks is you drop it by any times. I’m confident, it’s not gonna break.

The design of this headphone is very simple and there is no multiple colors, any extra design or lighting. This looks like a serious headphone, there is no buttons in the back and that’s the good thing because if you get a buttons in the back, you will get confused to which button you’re pressing. But, in this headphone, on the wire itself you get an audio rocker through which you can higher the volume or lower it which is really awesome because a lot of these headsets around this price range don’t have an audio rocker or they have them on top of your headset. The build quality and the functionality of this headset is awesome.

HyperX Cloud Mix

It does follow that same exact design language has previous HyperX cloud series headsets. I think it looks nice and minimal but I’m also really diggin the all matte black finish it has going on. It looks just really simple and stealthy, there’s really nothing else really popping out you which is definitely a good thing. Inside the box you will get all the cables including a USB charging cable, the PC extension breakout cable, and the 3.5 millimeter cables can let you plug into your Xbox, ps4 controller which also has inline controls.

AS for the functionality and all the buttons, they’re located on the bottom of the ear cups. On the left side, you have your Bluetooth kind of multi-function like skip songs, take calls, pause music and a lot when you’re in Bluetooth mode, it’s gonna be like your main button. Below that button, there is a port for plugging in the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack then you also have the input plug for the attachable microphone on the bottom of the right ear cup is your up-and-down volume button, on and off button, and then the charging port. So, pretty easy and all are easily accessible which is having everything located at the bottom of the ear cups.

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Astro A10

The Ear muffs used in this headset is pretty good. You will definitely do not feel bad for the comfort. It fits in a very perfect way and it’ perfectly fine. Also, if you have a big head then these headsets are perfect for you.

The big thing from which I disappointed is that these ear-cups don’t swivel for 90 degrees, you can’t swivel the ear-cups to adjust on your ears. But, it has the extra adjustable headband and that’s good.

HyperX Cloud Mix

It is remarkable that it’s lightweight which is great because when it’s on your head it’s not gonna feel like weighing you down or anything. It’s extremely comfortable. The ear pads are extremely cushiony, there is leather material and I believe the memory foam inside. In the top of the headband, there’s a decent amount of cushioning there as well but again since they are so lightweight, definitely there’s sufficient amount of padding gear. They do extend to fit larger heads and very flexible which is always good. The ear cups rotate around 45 degrees on the headband. It’s like perfect fit when it’s on your head.

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Astro A10

You will get mic in the side and it will be muted by a flip. you can flip you mic up to mute the mic. That one feature that I loved with the other headsets also. But, I don’t expected that this price range mic also has the same feature.

There is one major flaw to this headset and that is that the mic to the headset is just awful. It’s not very good, you’re going to have to go into the PlayStation settings and you’re gonna have to figure out what sound works for you because your friends will either barely hear you or hear you way too much. The microphone isn’t that great. So, it is a pretty big downside nonetheless.

HyperX Cloud Mix

There’s a removable microphone, this plugs right into the bottom of the left ear cup. It’s very flexible, it’s one of those goose-neck mics you can bend it and flex that round to be in front of your mouth.

I think it sounds pretty good, it’s not like extremely tinny and like a lot of headsets sound. So, definitely doable, definitely a pretty decent mic. Using the microphone through Bluetooth which is still usable not the best though but again probably more suited for the wired mic connection. I want to point out that in the Bluetooth mic use, the sound is not from the detachable mic but it’s built-in on the bottom of the front side of left ear cuff is in-line microphone. So, from there the mic was coming. Whether it is bluetooth over your PC or over your smartphone, the mic is coming that point and that’s what you will hear.

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Sound Performance

Astro A10

When it’s comes to sound, it’s not just a gimmick that these drivers are the same that are in the A40 and A50. This thing sounds like a lower-end A50, it sounds like in A50 if you turned off the surround sound and you didn’t have the Bluetooth. It sounds just like an A50 does and that’s crazy because this thing very cheap. They’re still very bass heavy because they want to make you hear all the explosions but with that don’t expect this to plug into your phone and to get a good music clarity because that’s not the use of these headset.

They’re used for you to hear all the bass explosions and gunshots with that these headsets has great directional awareness. You’ll know where a shot is coming from whether it’s the left side or right side. This has almost pinpoint directional where the shots are coming from and it’s impressive.

HyperX Cloud Mix

Using this wired, in some parts where you’re in forests in gaming, it sounds really great, lots of ambient noise going on. One thing about HyperX headsets is it’s never just a flat neutral sound, it’s always kind of more fun it’s gonna give it more life and a little bit on the warmer side which I always do prefer. For directional audio, you’re gonna have no problem and pinpointing where certain things are coming. Vocals and everything is nice and crisp. To use this type of closed back headset is like it wasn’t as a wide of a sound-stage. It is just not as wide as like the open back headphones.

As you know, it also works wit the Bluetooth connectivity. You can also use this with your PC or your laptop if it has built-in Bluetooth Do keep in mind even though ps4 does have more support with wireless headsets, you cannot use this Wireless with the ps4 only wired. So, in the use of ps4, it’s not really the best for music sound, it is more of a fun sound signature that’s gonna favor more games. I was gaming over Bluetooth I did notice a slight bit of not distortion but it just definitely wasn’t crisp as it was over wired. It’s gonna be pretty common with Bluetooth audio quality versus wired you can’t be wired. This is really made to use over Bluetooth with your phone or a tablet.

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Astro A10

If you think this one is worth for buying. Then, when it comes to the mid-range headset I actually think it just might because of that build quality, simplicity, comfort, it feels great. It sounds great the only downside is the mic. It offers a really good package at a very good price.

HyperX Cloud Mix

It’s mainly a wired headset but it could also be used Wireless with Bluetooth, so it’s kind of like one of their advantages for the selling point. I feel like 150 is perfectly fine. It’s HyperX, they always find a way of just nailing the execution on their gaming headsets. They sound great, the mic is pretty good and I really don’t have any issues with this headphone. I played ton of different games, everything sound fantastic but not the best for music but again if you’re gonna be listen to music primarily then get yourself a pair of headphones not a wireless headset. The battery life is also a good thing, they have them rated at 20 hours over Bluetooth but I found it was kind of more about 15 hours on average.

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