Astro A20 Vs Turtle Beach Stealth 700: Which is More Worth?

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This is the comparison review of Astro A20 and the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. Both headsets work well but these will suit different types of people. As far as the price goes there is not that much difference in the price of both the headsets and both are like a mid-range headset.

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Astro A20Turtle Beach Stealth 700
Incredibly comfortable and lightweight.
Mostly strong game audio.
Convenient on-ear controls.
Easy pairing and setup.
Good microphone clarity.
Capable and affordable.
Some background hissing.
Underwhelming microphone.
Finish attracts fingerprints.
Connection reliability issues.
Dubious noise-cancelling claims.


BrandAstro GamingTurtle Beach
ModelA20 TBS-2770-01
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull Size
Headphone Technology Wireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20 – 20,000 Hz20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity100 dB
Impedance32 Ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in 2 in
Microphone Technology  
Response Bandwidth  
Audio Controlspower on/off, volume 
ControlsVolume, power on/off 
Weight11.29 oz
Battery Life15 hour(s)10 hour(s)
FeaturesExperience audio exactly as developers intended with ASTRO audio, delivering amplified stereo sound and 40mm driver audio fidelity tuned specifically for a competitive edge.

Durable construction forged in Premium, damage-resistant materials gives you a wireless headset created to withstand wins, losses, and everything in between.

With up to 15+ hours of battery life, you can game Free knowing your Gear can keep up with you on marathon gaming sessions.

Flexible, lightweight materials with cloth ear cushions and headband means you never have to worry about headset fatigue shutting your game down before you’re ready.

The ASTRO command center software allows you to tune every input and output parameter.

Xbox wireless – Enjoy a direct connection from your headset to your Console. No wires. No base station. No adapter needed. Just turn-on your headset and start playing.

Windows Sonic Surround Sound – Windows Sonic for Headphones delivers powerfully immersive virtual surround sound for your games, movies and music.

Active noise-cancellation – block out unwanted background distractions and stay fully immersed in your games. Enjoy Hearing Pure game and chat audio. And nothing else.

Bluetooth connectivity – take calls and listen to your favorite music while gaming. Additionally, connect to the new Turtle Beach audio hub app to adjust a variety of settings.

Glasses friendly comfort – the ear-cushions are wrapped in a Premium synthetic leather, and feature Turtle Beach’s prospects glasses friendly design which removes pressure on your glasses.

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Detail Review:


Astro A20

This is a mid-range headset with some good technologies of sound and some more improvements from the previous version. For the price of this, it works well and worth the price.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

This is the one the only product that comes with Bluetooth and also comes with noise cancellation and of course the proprietary product of super human hearing sound. The price is also like mid-range headsets.

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Astro A20

The A10 and A20 look a lot similar but they have a different headband and everybody remembers that a10 is very durable but not so much for the A20. The A20 maxes out about right there, so it kind of reminds me of the A40 and A50 headset. Now, as far as the A50 goes it reminds me because it’s totally wireless.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

At the top, I didn’t want to tell that I loved the addition that they went ahead and added the rubber field here on the top. I don’t like the glassy finish on the headsets, you will print fingerprints every time you grab the headset. So, I like the addition that they went ahead and added this rubber. It is very nice and has a sleek feel to it. On the sides of the headsets, You are gonna notice we have the brand of the handsets at 700 series.

The thing I like about the headset is the design, I do like the design. The only thing I don’t like about the design is these things that they’re very magnetic when it comes to using your hands because the fingerprints are gonna be all over it. Then, you kind of have to be wiping it every single time, so that’s one thing probably I wouldn’t want them.


Astro A20

This headset is extremely comfortable. Actually this headset remembers Astro’s higher model of headset regarding comfort. This has the soft fabric material and has enough breathing room which is a great improvement from the A10. This one definitely has good improvements from the previous version A10.

The fit and everything regarding comfort are fine. You can use this one for hours and hours, I don’t have any issues with it and maybe for you, it will be same.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Ergonomically, this headset is really well. This made really comfortable, it’s very lightweight. The padding on the headset itself is very comfortable and this is not leather, it’s pleather but it’s still really comfy out. If you wear glasses and that comes with the group for the glasses right here, so it doesn’t make the headset really comfortable if you’re wearing glasses if you have these for a long period of time.

It gives you the ability if you have a wider head, you’re able to snuff this out and if you have a smaller head, you’re able to snap this all the way in and in midway.

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Astro A20

This thing comes with three total cords. It comes with an optical cord for the optical in and out and it comes with two USB cords. The two USB cords are exactly the same, they’re both micro USB. So, it’s not really too many connections.

The base station for this headset is very small. You have a switch on the bottom for PC and ps4 mode, you have your USB port which is to charge it, optical in, and your USB. Now, this little USB port on the left-side is for it to actually be powered and the right-one is to charge the headset.

With the A10 you can get the flexibility and thereby more durability. But here, you will get wireless connectivity, free-range, and you will be able to move around do whatever you want without having to be bombarded with a wire plugged into your controller that means if you get up to walk away with your headset on your head to go do something, you won’t worry about pulling your controller off the table. This is a completely wireless headset.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

You have all the control buttons on the top of the ear cup. We have three buttons, a power button which is going to turn on the device, we have the Bluetooth button which is gonna make you go into Bluetooth, and we have the super human hearing. There’s a neat feature on the headset all over and a little bit and you’re able to pair it if you just hold it down, it’ll automatically feather hits it and of course, this one you just hold it down to pair the headset and to turn it on.

The nice neat addition is once the headset is already paired on, you have your Bluetooth connected to your cell phone. So, every time I would turn on the headset, it would turn on the headset and I would be able to be playing on Xbox but once it turned on the headset, it would automatically turn the Bluetooth and actually connect with my device or I don’t have to be pairing it every single time I turn it on. So, it’ll automatically turn on.

On the side of the ear cup, there are controls. Here, there is to control how loud you want the speakers to be, so if you wanted to be really loud, you’re able to go super loud going all the way. Next to that is to control your party audio. So, if you cannot say you want to hear more audio from the game but you want to hear the people less to pull that down. If you want to hear the people more or your friends more, then pull that way down and then scroll this down. So, you’re able to control each addition of that, not only that but it also comes gives you the ability that you’re able to hear how loud your voice is. So, a lot of some headsets don’t come with that feature whether it let you monitor your voice. This one does come with the ability to be able to monitor your voice.

Next to that, button right there is what makes this headset really good. Now, this button could see very miscue, it allows you to automatically connect to your Xbox without a dongle or without anything, all you do is connect you sink this you hold this down, it’ll start the syncing option but you know a green light in the bottom of the to start blinking and then go to your Xbox also hold down the sync button and a headset will automatically sync with the headset which makes it really cool.

The only thing that I don’t like about this button is that it’s very hard to push with your fingers, you’re gonna have to use some sort of either a paperclip or something to hold this down because it’s really hard to push with your fingers. You could if you could try but it doesn’t work all the time.

This one comes with a 3.5-millimeter jack. Now, you’re able to plug anything from there. You can plug that in directly here and next to that one comes with the USB. So, you plug it into micro USB here and plug it to your PC and this is how you’re gonna be able to charge it. Now, you can charge this with playing into a wall outlet as you want to as well but anything that has USB plug it in there and automatically charges.

One thing and one tip I want to give if you do plan on picking these up are that make sure to go ahead and update the firmware that is one of the key things that are part with the headset. When you have the headset if you might ask you to download an app on your mobile device, now that up is actually a pretty key to this headset because of that app, you’re gonna be able to control the headset. So, you’re gonna be able to raise the volume, bring down the volume, you able to see how much monitoring you want on your headset, you’re gonna be able to actually be able to configure how much voice or what preset you’re actually using in the handset.

It has Bluetooth which I like, it has the sync with the Xbox and you can also sync it with your PC if you want to, not via Bluetooth but you can actually sync it directly with a wireless adapter. You’re able to get that and you’re able to play it on the ps4. If I wanted to play on ps4, all I did was plug in the 3.5-millimeter cable to it and I was able to talk and also hear sounds coming out of the ps4. This doesn’t come with the 3.5-millimeter cable and if you need that you have to buy one separately. I wish they added a 3.5 mm cable with this one.

These headsets allow you to connect via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to buy an additional pair of headsets to connect via Bluetooth to your phone to your tablet to any other Bluetooth enabled device or your PC. You can automatically use these if you want to go outside, these are like all around the number one headset you could use for everything.


Astro A20

Now, as far as the mic goes, it actually sounds pretty good. I thought it was going to be a little bit too overbearing like the A10 was as far as audio. If you have it so close to your mouth that you can see it’s spiking. But, that’s not the case with the Bluetooth headset. This mic is not a very nice headset mic but it works well and actually does the job very well.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

When you bring your mic up that you’re able to talk and then when you push your mic up, it automatically mutes it. So, that’s one of my favorite features out of the majority of the headsets. I wish almost every single handset would add this technology. when you don’t want to talk, all you have to do instead of hitting a button it just pushed ahead sit back and you’re good to go without any problem.

I like the fact that it comes with the ability to pull down the mic and then pull it back up to mute it. I love that feature and I think all the headset that should definitely include that feature.

ASTRO-A20-5 (1)


Astro A20

The package of the headset says the battery life is 15 hours. That battery life claim is working so far. The battery life of this headset is quite nice and most of the gaming headsets have around this battery. The wireless connectivity is also nice and works well when you are around 10 feet and more than that may cause any connectivity problem.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Another thing I found a little bit difficult but the battery would run low or you would almost be totally out of battery. If you wanted to plug in the headset and play and charge at the same time, it wasn’t really working for me. The first of almost a cable that comes with the actual headset is too short. When I try to do it, it didn’t work out. It doesn’t allow you to charge and play at the same time.

The battery life on this headset is actually not that bad. It’s about 10 hours, I would say between 9 to 10 hours and it does give you a warning when it actually is gonna run out. So, you gotta kind of get an idea the headset is about to run out of battery.


Astro A20

In this wireless headset as far as the audio, the sound is good to me. As far as audio goals coming from the headset, it sounds pretty good because I can switch between voice and audio like A50 and as far as the mic goes, I think this might be better than A50. I think it might be better than A50 because when I’m listening to the reverb for A50, it sounds completely different than A20.

As far as the sound, this has some small issues. You can hear some hissing sound on the background of gaming, that’s the small issue of this headset’s son. Otherwise, everything is fine and the sound is very punchy and clear. The sound of the headset is that way which makes you immersive in the gaming. For gaming, this will be a very option in the budget.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

The audio quality is really good. The DTS works very well. The DTS surround sound makes it very nice, the midst the highs are really good. I’m actually like the super human hearing, it does help you hear those footsteps which is crucial when you guys are playing any FPS. You do want to know when someone’s coming up behind you or beside you, so the super human hearing sound actually does give that advantage. If you want to get a little bit of an edge on the competition, this has to just provide that.

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Both the headset is nice considering the sound quality and features and the price is also not that much different. So, to take the decision is difficult to choose from these two. If you want to use a headset which is for PC and any console, then Turtle Beach Stealth 700 will be good. If you want a great sound performance and you are only into gaming then Astro A20 will be great.