16 Lesser Known Facts About J.K. Rowling

This is about the famous person that manages to keep her personal life very private. She had a hard time getting to where she is today but her talent was luckily for us. This is about J.K. Rowling, everybody knows her now because of her skillfully created Wizarding World but what was her life like before the fame. When she came up for the idea of a book that went on to change her life, that was back in 1990 and the idea came to her while she was waiting for a train that would take her from Manchester to London. Read More

15 Amazing Facts About Roger Federer

These are the facts for you about one of the world’s most renowned athletes of all time. Everyone knows of Roger Federer and most people know a lot about his career and achievements. To think the man is only 37 years old is an astonishing fact in itself, but it’s not an unknown one. These are the facts which you probably didn’t know about Roger Federer. Read More