40 Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas With Crafts

Halloween is coming! It is true that these are American festivals and that what we celebrate is All Saints’ Day at the national level, La Castanyada in Catalonia, and Magisto in Galicia. However, celebrating Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up and have parties at home. Here are some ideas to decorate your house with homemade crafts for a Halloween party. Read More

40 Halloween Garlands Ideas

One of the funniest parties of the year is here. This is the Halloween party that will be with us on October 31st. That is why we must prepare ourselves because fear, terror, and fun games are the highlights of this celebration and although we have already seen the best ideas in Halloween Decoration we want to expand this information with something simple, fun, and what we can do with the kids. At Espaciohogar we show you how to decorate Halloween with garlands. Read More

30 New Ideas for Halloween Decoration

On October 31, Halloween is celebrated, which means All Saints’ Eve. Although the tradition of this festival dates back to Celtic cultures, it is through the influence of the United States that it has become known in Spain. Halloween pumpkins, bats, vampires, witches, zombies, a whole world of fantasy and terror arises on Halloween, and we can even “dress” our house with a special decoration. In Espaciohogar we now give you the best ideas for Halloween decoration and so that this year your home is the most terrifying of all. We started! Read More

20 Scary Ideas to Decorate Your House on Halloween

It is one of the favorite parties of the little ones, but also of the grown-ups. Either because of the adrenaline rush that produces a fright — with various shudders and screams — or because of the inevitable fit of laughter that follows, the fact is that, as we approach October 31, we look for terrifying inspiration. The reason for its rise? Halloween allows us to bring out our best hooligan version and dress up the house to joke around with friends. Below are some of the scary ways to decorate your house on Halloween.
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25 Halloween Decoration Ideas With the Photos

On October 31 there is a party that becomes more and more international, we are talking about Halloween, a Celtic festival that was originally celebrated in countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Colombia, and that today it has spread to the most remote corners of the globe. Therefore, for all those who plan a party and surprise their guests, we wanted to present some of the decoration trends for Halloween 2021. Read More