15 Minimalist Styles in the Interior, Its Origin and Its Most Distinctive Characteristics

The minimalist style has recently become very fashionable and we could even say that it is leading the most modern trends. However, so that you can get a clearer idea of ​​what we are going to talk about and to be able to assess its characteristics and effects inside, you will have to become a little more familiar with the subject. For this reason, I will first make a brief introduction to the history of the style to be able to move us to the present time. Read More

25 Minimalist Decoration Ideas in Moroccan Style – the Balance Between Two Opposing Concepts in Design

The minimalist decoration in Moroccan style is a combination that you may never have imagined. Moroccan style by nature comprises rich and intricate décor that is generally the complete opposite of a minimalist approach. However, this is exactly why the two concepts blend so well together as they balance each other so well and create an original design. Read More

40 Interior Skylight Ideas – a Modern and Elegant Solution for the Home

Skylight can completely change the feel of a room. Not only does it let in more natural light, but it also creates a much more open feeling of the space. By adding glass to a low ceiling, you can make it feel taller, viewing the sky through a skylight on a high ceiling on the other hand gives you the illusion of being part of an outdoor space. Read More

25 Ideas and Tips for Decorated Gardens and Patios

When looking outside we can already notice that everything begins to turn green and bright. Which makes us look forward to the days that we are going to spend much of our time away. This means that it is probably time to start cleaning it up so you can enjoy your outdoor space later. If the winter climate is already behind you, the next weekend is a good time to prepare the patio decorated for spring, summer and fall. Here we have prepared a list of tasks to get you started. Read More