15 Room Decor Ideas You Will Want to Live in

Modern, warm, familiar, Nordic, classic… What is the living room of your life like? If you close your eyes, which one do you see yourself in? Surely in this selection you will find yours. If you have doubts when it comes to decorating your living room, take a look at this selection of rooms that we liked for their proposals. There are 15 rooms that are well distributed, with just and necessary furniture, and decorated with ideal colors and details … Which one is your favorite? Read More

12 Ideas to Turn Out Your Living Area Into Your Comfort Zone

In the living room you read, take a nap, peck during your series marathons and spend great moments with your friends. But there is still more. Discover all the possibilities that you still do not know and enjoy them. Changing the furniture is not a whim, it is a necessity! Today there are two of you, tomorrow some friends are coming, the weekend is spent reading and you adore watching the sunset, you have your gymnastics time … The living room is now that multitask room that provides you with so many joys thanks to a good deco . Look at our proposals. Read More

18 Tips and Ideas for Using Green in Your Home Decoration

One way to convey naturalism and vitality is through green. It is considered a good bet for decoration, as it enriches the environment and can be combined very well with other shades. Anyway, it must be taken into account that there are several ranges, some stronger and more intense compared to others more calm and dark. It’s all a matter of choosing the most appropriate one. Read More

15 Tips to Have More Cooler and Welcoming Living Room in Summer

With the arrival of good weather, the rooms are flooded with natural light and you want to renew them with small refreshing details. Go for it! When the heat beats down, there is nothing like a good air conditioning or a fan in all rooms of the house, but there are also certain changes that have to do with the decoration, which can add a fresh touch. Of course, start by removing the blankets from the sofa that have given us such good times during winter afternoons. It is also advisable to change the cushion covers for ones with fresher fabrics and more cheerful prints. Read More

16 Home Decoration Ideas in Romantic Rose

Long ago that cheesy color stigma was removed and today decorating with it is extremely pleasant. And not just children’s rooms! A raspberry shade in the kitchen or a pastel pink in the bathroom will be perfect. It harmonizes with the range of browns and grays and, to play with contrast, opt for white, black, navy blue or olive green. Read More

21 Perfect Children’s Bunk Bed Ideas to Optimize Space

Today many of us live in apartments, and children’s rooms are often small. Bunk beds are the perfect solution if the bedroom is shared by two or more children since they allow us to gain a lot of space. After the 22 ideas of bunk beds for children that we have given you some time ago, we return to the load with 22 children’s rooms with bunk beds that can serve as inspiration. Read More

The 10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Painting the House

Are you also afraid of color in decoration? You are not alone @… The fear of being wrong makes us more cowardly when it comes to choosing colors for the walls. The fear of being wrong makes us more cowardly when it comes to choosing colors for the walls. Discover the most common mistakes and play to your advantage the next time you paint. The color is unique to change spaces and generate sensations. Change colors and your house will look like another! Read More