28 Uses of Microcement in Indoor and Outdoor

The microcemento is a cement – based material with a thickness of 2.3 mm and a high abrasion resistance. Due to its strong adhesion, microcement can be applied to virtually any type of stable surface, including ceramic. Due to the fact that this material can be applied to existing floors it is possible to obtain a quick surface renovation, saving time and money. Read More

20 Simple Ideas to Enliven a Minimalist Interior

Today we have for all of you some original minimalist decoration ideas. But what difference is there between a really impressive interior of minimal design and one that just isn’t packed with many things? Today we show you all kinds of minimalist design in the photos in which you will also find sophisticated and rich rooms instead of simple and boring ones. Creating simple spaces isn’t difficult, but it does require a particular balance of key design ingredients to make the right minimum combination. Read More

25 Cozy Rustic Decoration Ideas for the Living Room

If you are someone who loves handmade things and you love natural materials and want to use them to the fullest to decorate your living room, rustic interior design is perfect for you. A traditional decor for rustic living rooms contains wood finishes and neutral colors to imitate the designs of the cabins. At the same time, they are vintage, charming and, of course, romantic. After reading all this, it is natural that you think that a rustic interior is difficult to design. If you read and follow the advice in this article, you will find that it is not as difficult as it sounds. Read More

20 Rustic Decoration Ideas to Transform Any Space

Charming and extremely cozy are some of the words that can describe rustic spaces. The designs for rustic decoration ideas and options are varied. There we have proposed to show some. They can always go from the use of some details in modern spaces to a completely rustic atmosphere. The natural touch even for modern spaces is very interesting. Perhaps the biggest challenge is knowing which parts can work well alongside those we already have. Read More