14 Ideas to Decorate the Coffee Table With the Style

The coffee table is the reference point in spaces such as the living room or the living room. Not only does it participate in a functional way, but it also contributes aesthetically, trying to blend properly with the other elements. In this way, harmonization in the decoration is sought, positively contributing other ornaments that we place on the table and that can serve as a compliment. Read More

13 Inspiring Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room With White Theme

White is always a trend, a timeless color that will never go out of style and that lends itself ductile to being the protagonist of any style of decoration, from the most classic to the most modern and minimalist airs. Betting on it as the main color in the decoration of the queen’s room of the house, the living room – starting with the walls and ceiling, even the floor, and the main pieces of furniture – will undoubtedly bring luminosity and freshness to the living area, favoring a feeling of spaciousness and generating a warm and serene white living room environment. Here are 13 inspiring ideas to decorate your living room in white color. Read More

11 Great Ideas to Decorate the Hall

How much truth is there in the expression “the first impression is what counts.” The hall welcomes us; it is the prelude to what we are going to find in the rest of the environments. It should be aesthetic, warm, and personal. No matter how small, there is always a solution: the purpose is to create a comfortable and welcoming passage area, without neglecting functionality. Read More

13 Mistakes to Avoid in a Child’s Bedroom

With an uncomfortable layout, without a play area, and also, with a sad decoration … If your bedroom is like that, and you have encouraged to change it, discover the most common mistakes that are usually made when decorating and distributing a bedroom for children. It will be much easier for you to leave it as beautiful, comfortable, and functional as the ones in the magazine. Read More

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

We are human and we make mistakes, but in decoration, most of them can be avoided, since decisions are made cold, with planning and a goal. The reward: there are no unpleasant surprises and a top interior design. The house never begins with the roof, but if it is too late, it can almost always be rectified. Find out what is usually done wrong with this selection of the most frequent deco-errors. Read More

15 Tips for Decorating Mini Living Rooms Full of Current Ideas

The fact that we have a few square meters does not mean that our mini living room has to be boring and without personality. What’s more, getting the most out of it is possible if we take into account some key things to introduce trends. To begin with, a white base is essential, in this way we visually expand our living room and fill it with light. Another way to create a more spacious feeling is to place a mirror on the wall in front of the window, the change will be amazing. Read More