15 Correct Uses of the Sophistication of Black

Black, like all interior colors, is the one that keeps the most mystery behind its appearance and is the one that most attracts people. This color throughout history has come to have many meanings and depending on the culture, its meanings also vary. You all know the amount of negative connotations that we can find related to this color. However, nowadays and in the world of interior design, interior design and decoration, black is associated above all with the meaning of wealth, with sophistication and elegance. Read More

20 Scandinavian Interior Design Styles, Their Most Significant Features

For the preparation of today’s article I have been in charge of compiling some images with which to show you the hiding places of the Scandinavian style and its use in interiors. For that, we are going to focus on its most significant characteristics, thanks to which in a few steps and with little effort you will achieve very modern and original Nordic interior design styles. Read on to discover its secrets. Read More

42 Floating Nightstand and Other Original Ideas to Save Space in the Bedroom

The bedside table in the bedroom is both a functional and a decorative element of furniture. Therefore finding the perfect nightstand is important to achieve the desired impact in your bedroom. However when the space in the room is relatively limited this can be quite a difficult task since in many cases you will have to choose between style and functionality which is always a difficult choice and an unwanted compromise. Read More

26 Ideas to Create Interior Decoration in Beach Style

In interior decoration, each style has its special place reserved for certain environments and circumstances. Now that we are in the most holiday season of the year, we have to talk and stop in more detail about the beach style in interior decoration. Therefore in this publication we are going to study the latest trends that influence this style in interior decoration together with a generous illustrative material. Enjoy! Read More

30 Interior Staircase Models With Black Elements Integrated Into the Design

In two- or multi-story interiors, stairs become a mandatory or almost mandatory detail that we must pay attention to when decorating. Depending on the rest of the interior decoration and the other colors we can choose between different models of interior stairs with which to give a very modern and elegant touch to our home. In this article we have selected a series of images in which the main element is black. Read on for more ideas. Read More