Corsair Hs35 Vs Hs50: Which is the Better Option?

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This is the review about the two headphones of the same company, the Corsair. The comparison is in between the Corsair HS35 and Corsair HS50. Almost the price of both the headphones are same, so checkout which be the best option for you.


Corsair HS35

This headset is compatible with multiple different platforms like the PC, the Xbox, the ps4, the Nintendo switch and mobile smartphones. The headsets does also come with some cool color variations.

Corsair HS50

This is one of their new age of mid-range gaming headsets that has a very much potential to becoming one if not be based on mid-range gaming headsets.

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Corsair HS 35

The HS 35 headset comes into the market at 40 US dollars weighing at 250 grams and is built mostly from a plastic frame. It comes in four different colors: green, carbon, red, and blue, with each one targeted towards a specific gaming platform. Green is for the Xbox, Carbon is for PC and mobile, red is for the Nintendo switch, and blue is for the ps4. However, all of them work with all consoles and platforms, so you don’t have to get a specific color for your device.

I do like the minimal design on this headset, they are kept it very simple with a matte black finish and simple logos on the sides. For a budget headset, Corsair gives you everything you need in terms of control which is volume and the ability to mute your mic if you need.

The headset comes in four different colors and only the carbon one comes with the brake cable. The brake cable which is the Y adapter that splits your 3.5 millimeter audio cable jack into two, so that you can get a microphone in and also plug it into the headphone for the sound. But, if you get green, red, or blue, if you get any other color except the carbon one, it does not come with a brake cable. I think Corsair should have included this brake cable on all colors of the headset, I mean they’re all the same price. I think all of the accessories should be same.

Corsair HS50

The Corsair HS50 comes out in a three different colors: carbon, green, and a blue. The design of the HS50 doesn’t really have that gaming aesthetic look to it, it’s more of a standard close back design which I do prefer and which allows you to also actually wear it in public without looking like a total weird out with this massive thing on top of your head.

The HS50 band is also made out of metal for a strong design with the rest of it up being a plastic. It is also able to fare a flex amount and it’s also able to tilt and swivel a tiny bit as well for more for precise fits. Now, something that I did notice is that the metal frame doesn’t really follow through completely where the hits it and at the frame meet, it kind of turns out there which might be a breaking point if you are a very rough with your headset. So, just be mindful of that but I don’t really thing it’s gonna break.

In the back of the left ear cup, you get a mic unmuted button and then also a volume a wheel for some quick and easy adjustments.

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Corsair HS35

The ear cups have a small range of swivel and you can adjust the height of it by pulling them out on each side and they don’t clamp down on your head too hard. The ear cushions are quite comfortable and they are made out of plush memory foam for long gaming sessions and after playing for about four plus hours I did not find myself sweating or any signs of heating up around my face.

There are very big ear cushions in this headphone. When you put them on they’re not like those cloth ear cushions that really just sink into your head, they’re not uncomfortable. They feel like a little bit firmer. If you press the cushion you can feel that softness, that’s very soft. The head band also has the same type of cushion which is almost like a pillow. It doesn’t just sink or rest on your head, it just slightly a very mild amount resting on top of your head.

Corsair HS50

The advanced padding is a reasonably soft although it’s not extremely thick but the headband is a light enough, so you don’t really feel the pressure on top of your head. As for the ear cuffs padding that are reasonably soft whip that in static a leather cover although I would have liked if the padding was a tiny bit thicker.

The drivers housing does stand out a tiny bit in the ear cups and that can cause your ear to scratch against it and it can get quite annoying. Overall, it is quite comfortable with the tabbing force and not being too much, also sealing properly around your ear with a minimum sound of lead. The shape of things, it also allows you to raise the HS50 fairly comfortably on top of your neck and now this ear cups are unsuitable all the way to rest it on your chest which also kind of hinders that you can’t turn your neck all the way because it does catch the side of the ear cups but it is a fairly comfortable.


Microphone Quality

Corsair HS35

There is a rubber cap that you can remove on the left side of the headset here to plug in the detachable 3.5 millimeter Jack mic that comes with the headset. The volume of the mic is pretty low, it’s not that strong. They sounded pretty dang good across every device, in ps4 the volume was a little bit lower but that’s not anything against the headset that’s just ps4 3.5, all the volume just seems a little bit lower on that but cross every of the device they sounded very good.

This will be cheaper or same price headset with better quality mics. The mic is not that great, it’s pretty weak. There are definitely better microphones in the headsets for the same price that deliver better sound quality on the mic.

Corsair HS50

For the microphone, the HS50 features a detachable and bendable microphone which I personally do you prefer. This allows you to actually wear the hits it in public, it will not look like weird. So, this is a very nice feature. The microphone also features a unidirectional pickup pattern or with a noise cancellation bolt in. They does a reasonably good job at cancelling out some of the background noise but you can still hear some of it. As for the sound quality, the mic delivers are good enough audio. It does have some problem with it but it is also pick up your voice clear enough especially just for game speak and then also for some Skype calls or so on.

The cable with the HS50 has a 1.8 m meter or 5.9 feet and non-British cable where combo jack at the end. This allows you to use the edges 50 on devices like your smartphone, a ps4, Nintendo’s switch, and so on. Corsair did also include an audio and mic splitter for PC which is very handy.

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Sound Quality

Corsair HS35

Sound quality wise, it’s not the best but it’s not bad either. You can clearly hear the sound when you’re playing the game. So, the sound quality and in terms of hearing it, it’s not bad. It’s just the mic that’s kind of not that great.

These are not ear shaking bass by any means but you do have bass, mids and highs but my personal preference If they put lit bit more highs, it will be great.

Corsair HS50

Sound quality wise, HS50 does deliver a very good audio especially for the price. Unlike a most gaming headset the bass does not overpower, the rest of the frequency range it might be a bit lacking for some especially if you have come from something more abased focus but it is a more balanced across the frequency range or with nice clear highs and then also a good mid-range. As for volume that 50 millimeter drivers is able to deliver plenty of punch if you wanted to that.

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Corsair HS35

The colors and the comfort of the headphone is pretty good and also the build quality is good especially at this price point. It’s comfortable and the sound is very good and for the price point of $40, it will be good.

Corsair HS50

Yet there are some small issues here and there but if I could just fix that I really do think that this could have become a one if not a debased mid-range gaming headset. The detachable microphone is extremely nice feature. You have to sacrifice some audio quality for the removable option then also the bendable. This is also reasonably comfortable. The sound quality is also good for everything you pay and everything you get.

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