20 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas To Follow

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Yeah, we get it. What are kitchens anyway but a collection of cabinets, appliances and countertops? Well, hold on there a minute. While the bones of the kitchen may be somewhat universal, you can dress them up any which way, and that’s where a little eclectic creativity works wonders for re-inspiring a kitchen remodeling plan.

Hope You like our 20 eclectic kitchen…..

Fix Your Retro Light

retro kiytchen light

Look for outstanding retro- or vintage- hanging light fixtures that aren’t available in the contemporary market. That funky chandelier or those up-cycled dairy barn pendants will be just the thing to help your kitchen look a little different from the rest. Best of all, this eclectic feature can be taken down, re-sold, swapped or affordably replaced when you’re ready for a new look.

Add Some Furniture To Kitchen

furniture into the kitchen

If you have enough cabinet storage via perimeter cabinetry, think about using a piece of furniture for your kitchen island. Antique Dressers, old bars, a customized butcher block, an ancient wooden work bench or picnic table, an enormous wood slab installed on metal legs – each has the potential to add unique flair to a kitchen while still providing the extra space desired for food prep and social seating or dining.

Bright and Light Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The vibrant blue kitchen island strikes in the middle as a main charmer and provides the overall white kitchen with vibrant and modern appearance. The colorful ethnic area rug contributes to the charming appearance and bring eclectic feel in the superbly modern and bright kitchen.

Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen

Here again you can see an eclectic kitchen with turquoise kitchen island that totally stands out in the middle of the ktichen and provides the place with super vibrant and lively ambiance. The vintage blue and white damask wallpaper set the country touch of the place and contributes to the interesting eclectic setting of the place.

Distinctive Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This beautiful and natural eclectic kitchen has used Spanish decorating influence and has attained a perfect distinctive appearance. The natural stone wall work great as a foundation for creating a bold and dramatic appearance, while the black kitchen cabinets provide the place with fierce modern and sharp ambiance.

Something Trendy Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The unfinished wood paneled wall with noisy surface creates a lively and opulent ambiance in this sleek eclectic kitchen. We love the black kitchen cabinet with oak wood worktop and additional glass cabinets. The floating shelve on the wall adds a functional and neat appearance of the super neat eclectic kitchen.

Traditional Cabinetry

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen combines traditional cabinetry with rustic, wide-plank wood floors and white walls to create a beautiful, welcoming space.

Neutral Tones

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The soft, neutral tones in this kitchen are what brings it all together to create a beautifully, eclectic space.

Crisp – White Style

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Crisp white, shaker-style cabinets pair perfectly with warm wood tones.  The curtains in this space create softness to the crisp white lines.

Splashes of colors

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The splashes of color in this space and mismatch of chairs create an eclectic feel that looks as though it was curated over time.

The Small One

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

A fun, inexpensive way to add interest in a small kitchen is with a colorful backsplash.

The Curtains

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The mural backsplash and richly-colored curtains add personality to an otherwise neutral space.

Grey Cabinets

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

 Despite the deep gray of the cabinets, this kitchen still feels bright due to warm wood flooring and great industrial lighting.

Eclectic Traditional Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This eclectic kitchen complements the English Tudor home, but departs from colonial tradition by opting for white cabinets rather than dark ones. Glazed Terra cotta tile floors and decorative red and blue tiles used on the counter, backsplash and range hood add a colorful contrast.

 Cohesive color scheme

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

A cohesive color scheme makes this galley kitchen feel open and airy.

 Vibrant backsplash

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The vibrant backsplash in this kitchen provides a great starting off point for the kitchen’s color scheme.

Floor look rug

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

When arranged in a specific pattern, floor tiles can give the effect of a decorative rug.

Vibrant Color

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen avoids feeling stark by incorporating a vibrant color in the backsplash, appliances and decorations.

Wooden Floor

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The warm wood floors in this space pair surprisingly well with the cool gray cabinets.

Unexpected Wall

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Consider adding a beautiful, rich backsplash on one wall for an unexpected focal point.