How Durable Are Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei motorcycle helmets are some of the best in the industry. The technology is designed for comfort and functionality for maximum protection when you’re on your bike. Men’s motorcycle helmets do much more than protect your head against an impact. Learn more about motorcycle helmets and why Shoei helmets are worth the investment.

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets can be expensive, but they’re protecting your head. While you want to get the most use out of them, you also need to know when to replace it. According to the industry standard, motorcycle helmets last for five years, provided you don’t have an accident or an impact. If you hit the pavement and felt it through your helmet, you need to replace it immediately. If your helmet doesn’t fit well on your head, if it feels too loose or too tight, it’s also time to replace it.

How a Motorcycle Helmet Can Save Your Life

Motorcycle helmet laws are hotly debated, but the reality is that motorcycle helmets do a lot to protect you while riding. A Shoei helmet is designed to be strong, yet lightweight using modern technology. The first layer of protection of a motorcycle helmet is the shell. The shell of the helmet must absorb the impact energy while distributing it through the helmet to protect your head. Shoei has a proprietary shell that combines fiberglass, organic fibers and resin for maximum protection.

A motorcycle helmet doesn’t only protect you on impact. A helmet shields your face against the sun’s UV rays, wind and dust. Shoei shields meet all DOT and SNELL certification standards. Good helmets offer ventilation through the helmet to keep your face at a comfortable temperature while riding and to ensure you breathe effectively for maximum performance.

The way your helmet fits is one of the key factors in how well your head is protected. Shoei makes it’s interior system comfortable to ensure a good fit. The components are either fully or partially removable for cleaning and replacing when necessary. You don’t want your helmet to wiggle too much while riding. It’s distracting and unsafe. But you also don’t want the helmet so tight that you can’t move your head. The best motorcycle helmet for you is one that you will wear every time you ride and is DOT and SNELL certified for safety.

Motorcycle Crashes Can Be Deadly

Motorcycle crashes are some of the deadliest vehicle accidents because of there is no protection for your head on impact. When your head hits the pavement or another object, it will follow Newton’s first law of physics – “an object in motion remains in motion.” A motorcycle helmet that is designed to absorb the impact and distribute it through the helmet keeps your brain from shifting around violently within your skull. Shoei helmets are designed to reduce the pressure of the impact to protect your head.

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