How to Style Bohemian Jewellery Pieces

Beautiful boho jewellery is one of the biggest and longest-standing trends in the fashion world right now. Bohemian jewellery pieces are feminine, elegant and eye-catching, literally the perfect addition to any outfit, whatever your style might be! Whether you’re a style queen or you’re just looking for an elegant piece to enhance your day to day outfits, boho jewellery is for you! Here’s how you could style a few bohemian style jewellery pieces to up your style and feel amazing…

Layered Chains

A delicate stack of dainty layered chains looks stunning with everything and on everyone! Drape different lengths of chains with unique embellishments to create an absolutely stunning effect. This will usually look best when done with one metal, so if you’re a gold gal, stick to gold etc. Try and pick different weighted chains with small trinkets, stones of pendants on them to really add to that layered, goddess-like look that you’re going for. This will literally dress up a tee-shirt and jeans, so it’s a style that you should feel confident investing in!

Statement Pendants

A statement pendant looks fabulous on its own or paired with a choker chain for an ultimate stylish ensemble. Chunky gold pendants are all the rage right now, but to make it a little more boho, why not opt for a hammered coin piece? This looks incredibly striking and adds a gorgeous element to just a simple minimalist outfit. You can even find coins with inspiring mantras, stones or horoscopes on them for a perfect personal touch to your jewellery!

Eclectic Rings

Get playful with your rings to put together a picture-perfect boho babe look. This can be whatever you like, a large statement ring, chunky gold pieces or delicate bands – they all look great! To gain some boho style points, mix gems, metals and materials to really up the dreamy, traveller vibe that you’re going for. Mix gold, silver, copper, resin and gems like ruby, emerald and garnet for a feminine, unique effect.

Statement Earrings

Quite the opposite of the last look, but incredible in its own right! The statement earring is an amazing way to add personality, style and femininity to any and all outfits. For a bohemian twist on a classic earring, why not opt for a style that’s crafted out of metal and resin? This is a stunning combination and adds a dreamy, natural stamp to your ensemble. If you’re looking for a little more glimmer and shine, search for some rustic looking hammered gold hoops to ooze contemporary boho elegance. Pair your look with a messy bun and say hello to the easiest style statement you’ve ever made!

Beautiful Beading

Beading is back, in a big way! Layered beaded necklaces matched with elegant bead and metal earrings look put together and stylish whilst still giving off that natural, bohemian wanderer look that you’re going for! Choose your beads in an interesting and flattering colour such as navy or muted pink for an easy add on to all your neutral pieces. Beads look especially great with a crisp white cotton shift dress, add a pair of woven sandals for the perfect summer outfit!

Mixing Metals

The bohemian vibe is all about looking eclectic, relaxed and creative. A great way to embody a modern bohemian fashionista is to mix your metals. People tend to just stick to one tone, but by mixing up your silver, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, you’ll be creating a cool and contemporary boho jewellery scene.

These are just a few ways to adorn yourself in flawless bohemian style! Be creative and get styling to take your look to the next level! You’ll find so many beautiful pieces of jewellery in Australia, there’s really no way to steer wrong.