Hyperx Cloud Alpha Vs Astro A40: Which One is For You?

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This is the comparison review of Hyperx Cloud Alpha and Astro A40 headset. Both the headsets are good at gaming as per their prices. The price of these headsets is very different. The features and everything are very different and decide by this review that which one will be better for you.

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Hyperx Cloud AlphaAstro A40
Sleek, premium design.
Soft and cushy ear cups.
Impressive audio quality.
Versatile cables.
Excellent sound.
Intuitive amp.
Comfortable fit.
Good for both PC and consoles.
Ear cups can feel snug.
Microphone picks up some noise.
Not great for living room setups.


BrandHyperXAstro Gaming
ModelCloud AlphaA40
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response13Hz-27KHz20 Hz
Impedance65 Ohm48 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth50Hz-18KHz
Weight10.51 oz11.42 oz
Battery Life15 hours
FeaturesHyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion.

Signature Award-Winning HyperX comfort.

Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband.

Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control.

Detachable noise cancellation microphone.

Discord and TeamSpeakTM Certified.

Multi-platform compatibility – dominate on PC or console1.

Tuned for Gaming with ASTRO Audio: optimized by ASTRO audio engineers and pro gamers.

Superior Fit & Finish: premium materials and construction, highly adjustable and lightweight.

Customizable Speaker Tags: personalize your headset with our magnetic speaker tag system.

Swappable Precision Microphone: Highly sensitive omni-directional mic that focuses on your voice and minimizes background noise.

Expert Reviews of Hyperx Cloud Alpha:

By Pokde 
The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is arguably one of, if not the best analogue gaming headset around and its performance is only limited by the device that you are connecting it to.

By GadgetsNow
The Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha professional gaming headset is a great all-round headset built for serious gaming. For a price of under Rs 9000, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a good choice for someone looking to buy a professional analogue gaming headset.

By TomsHardware
Although we don’t expect perfection from a $100 gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s sound quality comes close. Moreover, Kingston uses reasonably high-quality materials put together in a solid way. Our award is well-deserved.

A truly magnificent headset for both gaming and music. Needs either rotatable or foldable earcups design and a hard shell case to truly be a portable headset that I can stuff in my bag and carry around. Overall, great comfort and great sound quality, comes with a decent detachable microphone too.

By TheStraitsTimes
The HyperX Cloud Alpha is probably the best value-for-money gaming headset in the market now.

Expert Reviews of Astro A40:

By Armchair Empire
The king of customization among all headphones we have reviewed thus far, the Astro Gaming A40 TR is indeed a gamer’s dream. It has infinite levels of customization and not to mention add-ons too. From the speaker tags that you can customize to the way…

By gadgetynews.com
The Astro A40 TR headset is brilliant for its designed purpose – gaming. The thing is that it’s also at the upper end of the price range. Aimed squarely at the more serious end of the gaming community, the Astro A40 TR is kitted out as such. The design…

By PC Mag
Astro Gaming’s pricey A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR wired gaming headset is packed with features designed for serious competitive players, including a separate amp/mixer for controlling your audio…

By GameZone
For someone who isn’t a huge audiophile, I end up using a variety of headsets any given year. I mean, sure, at full disclosure, most of them are sent to me for review purposes, so therefore it is my job to wear them and then write about them, but out of…

By Trusted Reviews
If you want a wired gaming headset that delivers top-notch audio quality then the Astro A40 TR should be very high up your…

Detail Review:


Hyperx Cloud Alpha

The design and comfort of this headset is design lightweight and this will be good for also travelling. The sound quality of the headphone and also mic is decent. 

Astro A40

This is one of the flagship and premium headset of Astro Gmaing. This headset gives everything in premium quality as like you expect at this range of price. 

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Hyperx Cloud Alpha

The headset all its matte black and red glory. Now, when you look at this headset, it is a very good-looking headset, nothing too gimmicky. It has a traditional Hyperx logos on the ear cups. It has a very nice matte finish on the cups and then of course some pretty nice red stitching on a headband. In terms of build quality, it’s pretty durable. I’m not gonna really have any issues.

Without a doubt, this is a HyperX built headset. I know that it’s going to last a very long time. For the most part, it will be comfortable and it’s gonna definitely do a good job of cancelling out as much noise as possible.

Astro A40

These Astro A40 is not only promised a brand new slick design but also have upgraded speakers within the headsets and the mix amp itself has also been upgraded for finer quality.

The Astro A40 are available for ps4, for Xbox, and for PC. As far as design, it looks pretty similar to the ones that they’ve had it in the past.


Hyperx Cloud Alpha

This headset is very comfortable and has very cushiony leather earpads. This is a closed-back headset and then other than that, just the metal aluminum inside the band.

As far as fit is concerned, it’s just better. I’ve got the headset extended out all the way to its maximum length from the headband and at the first fitting, the headset is comfortable. It’s has a nice snug fit around the ears. So, it’s not on your ears but it’s around your ears and you can definitely feel the clothes back nature of the headset are out the back. It’s way too tight sometimes. Now, it’s not uncomfortable, it’s not unbearable but it’s just annoying enough that you’ll notice it and you’re gonna have to switch it and change it up and like wiggle it.

Astro A40

They are adjustable. If you have a big head or you have a small head, they can be adjusted. They’re completely adjustable, you are gonna come a little bit tight in the box just because they have to make them fit.

You also have the customizable removable magnetic ear cushions. Now, the reason these are magnetic is because they make it a lot easier to clean your headsets after a few months of using them and they’re gonna collect dust and dirt. In addition to that, they are also removable because you can change them when you get a different mod kit which again, mod kits and ear plates will all be in their website.

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Hyperx Cloud Alpha

In the box, you’re gonna have your standard aux board your audio cable which is four poles and it’s gonna have your inline mic mute and volume control. it’s also going to have your Y adapter for PC. Now, the cool thing to note here is that both these cables are very long, so I have no problem here at all with the length of the cords of the cables. These are braided cords, I think this is starting to become a lot more standard now across the board. Then, it’s also has a detachable microphone.

Astro A40

On the side of the headset, you have the magnetic plates that are the ear plates. They can be removed and replaced for custom ear piece if you like to do. So in each side, you have an input for your microphone in which you can put the microphone in. It depends if you want to do it on the left side or on the right side which depends how you’re feeling but it’s always good to have the ability to choose which ear you want it on.

On top of the headset, you have the headband. This headband is also removable and it will come different by a mod kit. At the bottom of the headset, you have the input for the cable that goes directly connected to the Mix Amp Pro and that cable will also have the controls as far as muting for your microphone.

In the box, you’re gonna have the Mix Amp Pro. Aesthetically wise, it’s so professional. It looks super slick and I just like everything about it. The knobs are bigger, the knobs are now horizontal versus vertical and the color is a matte black versus a shiny black that was what they had in the previous Mix Amp. As far as the controls, the big knob on the left is just the master volume controls, the overall volume. The smaller knob on the right controls the game and the voice volume and then you can put it in the middle if you kind of want to have like an equal balance of both.

Now, you have two buttons in the middle, one on top and one at the bottom. The one at the top is the one that controls or activates your surround sound, your Dolby 7.1 surround sound and then the one at the bottom is the one that has your four equalizers or EQ modes from the Mix Amp.

One thing that I appreciate about this mix amp design is you only have one cable now in the front of the mix amp and that’s gonna be the cable that actually goes towards you where you have your headsets. There is the input for your headset, that’s the cable input for the headsets and then in the back, you have literally everything else. So, when you have this in a corner of a table, all the cables are going away from you not towards you. THen in the middle, you’re gonna have the little switch from ps4 to PC which enables you to switch from ps4 or PC or if you have the Xbox version, you can switch from Xbox to PC.

The first cable in the box is going to be the optical cable. This is going to be connected to the back of the mix amp, everything goes at the back of the mix amp except the headset cable. So, the optical cable is gonna be the one that’s gonna be responsible to give you the Dolby Digital surround sound and it goes from your console to the mix amp. Following the optical cable, you’re gonna have the headset cable which is gonna be the only one that goes connected in front of the mix amp and that’s gonna go to your headset and it also has the ability to switch on and off the mute button for your microphone.

The next cable that you will have is going to be the USB. This is USB to USB micro and this goes from your console to the mix amp Pro. There’s a daisy chain that goes connected in the back of the mix amp into another mix amp and I’m assuming for those of you find it of use, it can be very important.

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Hyperx Cloud Alpha

In terms of microphone, this HyperX Cloud Alpha actually sounds pretty good in my opinion. Overall the sound is crystal clear. I don’t really hear anything crazy going on with the microphone. I don’t feel like it’s muffled too much or anything like that. I feel like this is a very clean microphone for the headset itself which is very good.

If you’re gonna plan on using this to communicate with friends, chat online on ps4 or PC, they should be able to hear you just fine crystal clear, you won’t have any issues with that. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend these kinds of headsets and microphones for content creation or podcasting.

Astro A40

There’s also a detachable microphone comes in your box as well. You can twist it a little bit, I mean it’s completely twistable and adjustable. It’s almost non-existent.

The mic sound quality is also clear and crisp. For this price range, you should expect the mic quality atleast this range. The backgrund noises are also little bit reduced and can be easily use for gaming and for informal works.


Hyperx Cloud Alpha

In terms of sound, there were a couple of main issues that I had with the HyperX Cloud Alpha. The headset actually sounds pretty good but there’s one tragic flaw this headset suffers from and that is its bass. The big thing that this headset prides itself on its this dual chamber technology. HyperX dual chamber drivers for more distinction and less distortion and that, unfortunately, couldn’t be moved further from the truth.

I did a test Red Dead Redemption 2. The bass is so overpowering on the game and through this headset, the constant trotting gallops of the horse actually became quite annoying. I didn’t think that was gonna be possible games like PUBG where I was playing and you rely on directional cues and soundstage to be able to tell where your gun fires coming from or where someone is coming at you from became an issue because it became an issue in noisy areas because the bass was so powerful that it actually drowned out all the other sounds. It almost made it impossible for me to understand where things were coming from.

Then games like Call of Duty, this is kind of the weird one because Call of Duty actually sounded really good in this headset but it just packed more of a punch than I felt it needed to in terms of bass. I’m thinking that this headset was designed for gamers who loved bass but unfortunately, I think that came at the expense of the slightly ruining the sound experience. I haven’t had a good experience using this headset in terms of sound whatsoever.

We like bass when listening to music. This is gonna sound awesome, you’re gonna love listening to music with this but in terms of games and soundstage, I think there should be some improvements. I actually did not enjoy using this headset that much. I directly plug into the PC and on ps4. In each setup, the bass was just too much.

Astro A40

Back in the days when I was really heavy into Call of Duty, I was really looking for a pair of headphones that would allow me to distinguish where footsteps were and where other noises were coming from and as soon as I tried the A40, I honestly just liked it.

The first mode of the mix amp pro is the media and this is going to enhance the bass and you can use this for movies or music. The next one is core and this one also is used mainly for single-player games. The third mode is Pro which is the one that actually boosts the high frequencies for professional gameplay whether you’re playing Call of Duty or about a Royale Game or Apex Legends. It actually focuses a lot on the smaller details in you know such as footsteps and then you have another mode which is Astro and this is pretty much just for land or whatnot. Those are the four modes that I have known for when it comes to the pre amp or mix amp for Astro A40.

I did a test with the headsets and actually play a little bit more with them. This do sound better whether you’re on PC or ps4. I think the quality is just more clean and crispier than the previous version, I am pretty sure that obviously is the purpose of the brand-new integrated speakers in the headsets and the mix amp pro. They both work in conjunction to bring you a finer richer quality.

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In my opinion, if you have a budget of $250 and if you’re seriously into gaming then you should choode Astro A40 headset. This will give you everything and it’s worth the price. Then, the Hyperx Cloud Alpha also nice gaming headset but not best as Astro A40. Hyperx Cloud Alpha is simple and basic gaming headset with some good sound quality.