Beats Powerbeats 3

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Beats Powerbeats 3: Which One is Better for the Price?

This is the review of the comparison between Jaybird Tarah Pro and Beats Powerbeats 3. There is much difference in their price and their features too but we can’t come to a conclusion which one is better for the price without knowing about them in detail, so go to the detailed review.

Jaybird Tarah ProBeats Powerbeats 3
Jaybird Tarah ProBeats Powerbeats 3
Lengthy battery life.
Personalized audio profile.
The device powers down automatically when not in use.
Three-point charging connector.
Jaybird app is easy to use.
Powerful audio performance for bass lovers.
Great battery life.
No setting to allow more ambient noise.
Fiddly ear tips.
AI could be more precise.
Insanely boosted bass and sculpted highs aren’t for anyone seeking an accurate sound signature.
The fit could be better.


ModelTarah ProPowerbeats 3
Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-ear – over-the-ear mount
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB
Impedance16 Ohm
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0
Audio Controlsplay/pause, reject callanswer/end, volume
ControlsPlay/pause, reject callVolume, answer/end
Width0.8 in
Depth0.5 in
Height0.9 in
Weight0.49 oz
Battery Life14 hour(s)12 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)
Features14 hours of play time with fast charging battery.

Sweat & waterproof Fully waterproof (IPX7) protection for running in any weather conditions.

Interchangeable fins and tips with pivoting buds that go over or under ears for premium fit.
Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless workout freedom.

Up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts.

With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback when battery is low.

Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training.

Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with RemoteTalk.

Detail Review:


Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Jaybird Tarah Pro is designed for the athletes who are on the go and run. These are the updated version of the Jaybird Tarah. These are currently retailing for a hundred and forty dollars.

Beats Powerbeats 3

Powerbeats 3 is an earphone with the Apple W1 headphone chip, class 1 Bluetooth. These earphones are retailing for around two hundred dollars. These have a nice fit and comfort and gives a great quality heavy bass.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah Pro

If you are running, or jogging, or working out then you need totally waterproof and sweatproof, and for that these things are amazing. What you get in the box are you get a really nice quality carrying case, you get three different sizes of silicone earbuds and these are high-quality silicone, you get the charging cable for these earphones which is just a standard USB and these earphones magnetically seats itself in there.

You have the inline controller with the earbuds. You’ve got volume up and volume down, it does work with Google and Siri most voice assistance, and your microphone hole in the inline controls. This is pretty standard controls, it does work with YouTube and podcasts with the screen turned off which is a major bonus for many of us. These are magnetic you just click them together hangs around your neck so that you will not lose them and it also will turn them off. It’s smart enough to know that they’re not in use and it will shut them off after like five seconds or whatever so that’s super good as well.

Beats Powerbeats 3

The headphones do have your little cable management system on the back, and it’s lightweight. The hooks don’t really adjust too much but they do adjust. One of my favorite features about the Powerbeats is these ear hooks. These are better than the Jaybird because these gonna stay in your ear better than the Jaybird. You have your power button on the earphones, you got a little LED, and on the bottom, there’s your micro USB charging slot. That’s another thing I like with these as opposed to the power on to the Jaybird X3.


Jaybird Tarah Pro

As these were the updated version of the Jaybird Tarah some of the issues related to the comfort have been sorted out in these earphones. These are now quite comfortable enough. These earphones have a one-piece system so you will not have the problem of these coming out of your ears.

Beats Powerbeats 3

These earphones don’t come with any replaceable ear wings but it comes with ear hook attached with it so it gives a great fir along with good comfort. You do get some extra ear tips so that you can change them as per the fir you want. As far as comfort and fit I don’t have any issue with these at all. It is perfect for all types of gym activities.

Beats Powerbeats 3


Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Jaybird Tarah Pro is available in five different colors. There’s one unique factor about this that really surprised me that is the end of these earbuds or the ear wings rotate, so you can wear them two different ways over the ear or under the ear. It’s really a good feature and to switch it you just grab hold and twist it gently and it moves the whole earpiece. You get 14-hour battery life and the app, it does have one-touch controls it’s like most other ones.

Just search Jaybird My sound in your store and they’ll come up the very first results going to be the right one you’ll see it. In the app, tap the setup buds. It will go through everything including what’s in the box, how to charge it and all the specs, and pairing. To pair this it’s just like any other set hold your middle button in the inline controller for seconds to turn it on and you continue to hold it down if you want to pair it with a new device. Then you’ll hear a second tone and you’ll know that you’re in pairing mode and it’s super easy. You do also have a guide for fit it’ll show you how you can change it for a better fit under the ear or over the ear.

In the main dashboard you start up with just a flat and there are all kinds of EQ. You can just tap on one and it’s gonna change it for you, you can see the waveguide represents what you picked. But if you pick personal EQ and then click personalize, it’s gonna step you through the whole really detailed setup just tap where you want it sub-bass, tone, mid-range, upper mid-range, presence, and brilliance, and when you’re done you click dashboard and you can see the sound profile that you picked. So that is super awesome that you can customize them like that. You do get a little battery indicator down there and it’ll show you how much battery is left in your earbuds which is super handy.

Beats Powerbeats 3

The box claims, wireless Bluetooth,  it’s sweat and water-resistant, you got adjustable secure fit, and you got your control music and calls with the inline controller. In the box, you have your headphones, your carrying case silicon style carrying no locking mechanism on the case little beats logo on the front simple case, your micro USB charging cable which is extremely short, your usual books, your beats sticker, and you get some different size ear tips not comply phone just rubber so that’s pretty much it for inside of the box.

To pair these up, hit that power button it will get powered right up and check out on the phone without even touching anything, in less than a second this just popped up. When you pair these up, the battery percentage is shown in your phone and we hit done when these are all paired up. These have Apple W1 chip so as far as the connection you wouldn’t have any problem. There was no latency at all with these on.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah Pro

Five minutes of charge time with this will give you 2 hours of playback. The battery on this is amazing. If you’re completely dead and if you let it charge for two hours you will get 14 hours of playback. I’ve literally never run out of battery on these as long as charging it at the end of the day.

Beats Powerbeats 3

You have got a battery of up to 12 hours of Wireless play, these feature fast fuel so that means a 5-minute charge is gonna get you one-hour of playtime which is really great at times. AS far as battery there was no problem at all. The battery stays almost all the time and even if you run out of the juice then you have the quick charge feature.


Jaybird Tarah Pro

It has a personal equalizer where you could put the headphones on there’ll be little beeps on either side, it’ll ask you when you can hear it at what level and you just say yes or no and then it will equalize the bass and treble to exactly how your ears like to hear them. I do think that the sound quality of these is good especially if you like bass and you want a high level. The volume of these is right at the edge of being too loud but they’re not crazy loud so they’re right at the edge of being way too loud. But for my liking at full volume, it’s perfect for when I’m working out. It’s not too loud but it’s loud enough.

Beats Powerbeats 3

I tested out the sound quality with the max volume and with different genres of music. They’re nice and loud, and nice bass. These are a major go, a lot of basses, and crystal-clear. The best part about these is they’re not gonna fall out of your ear none of that fancy wing stuff no matter about which size ear tips you’re gonna put in but once you put these in they’re gonna stay in your ears so it gives a great sound quality. It has crystal clear sound and a nice amount of bass. Beats are known for the bass and there ain’t gonna disappoint you.

Beats Powerbeats 3


In my opinion, the Jaybird Tarah Pro is better than the Beats Powerbeats 3 because these have a better battery, better comfort, and better performance for the price less than the Powerbeats 3.

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