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Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Beats Powerbeats 4: Which One is Better?

This is the review of the comparison between the Jaybird Tarah Pro and Beats Powerbeats 4. There is around twenty dollars difference in their prices currently and there is also a difference in their features. To know which one is better than the other, go to the detailed review.

Jaybird Tarah ProBeats Powerbeats 4
Jaybird Tarah ProBeats Powerbeats 4
Lengthy battery life.
Personalized audio profile.
The device powers down automatically when not in use.
Three-point charging connector.
Jaybird app is easy to use.
Better built than Powerbeats3 Wireless, with better sound quality.
The sound quality that’s on par with the fantastic Powerbeats Pro. Water and sweat resistance. Thicker, the rounded cord between buds.
Excellent 15-hour battery. Excellent wireless range.
Hands-free Siri.
No setting to allow more ambient noise.
Fiddly ear tips.
AI could be more precise.
Plenty of very good true wireless earbuds in this price range.
Not comfortable for all ear types. No auto-pause when earbuds are removed.
No noise reduction.


ModelTarah ProPowerbeats 4
Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB
Impedance16 Ohm
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth Class 1
Audio Controlsplay/pause, reject callanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, voice assistant, volume
ControlsPlay/pause, reject callVolume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, voice assistant
Width0.8 in
Depth0.5 in
Height0.9 in
Weight0.49 oz
Battery Life14 hour(s)15 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)
Features14 hours of play time with fast charging battery.

Sweat & waterproof Fully waterproof (IPX7) protection for running in any weather conditions.

Interchangeable fins and tips with pivoting buds that go over or under ears for premium fit.
Curved and angled for comfort.

Cable joining two earphones.

Physical controls on the earbuds.

IPX5 rated against splashes/sweat.

Apple H1 Chip.

15 hour play time.

Lightning port for charging.

5mins fast fuel = 1 hour playback.

Detail Review:


Jaybird Tarah Pro

These are Jaybirds top-of-the-line Tarah Pro premium sport headphones. The Tarah Pro isn’t just updated headphones they actually have a bunch of new features that do set apart. However, they also do carry higher price tags than the X4 and although the exports aren’t necessarily super expensive they aren’t really cheap either.

Beats Powerbeats 4

Beats By Dr. Dre has announced the new Powerbeats and these are going to be replacing the Powerbeats 3 and these are going to be wireless earphones that just have a cord connecting the left and the right earphone.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah Pro

They use a braided style cable rather than the rubberized flat version that you’re gonna find in the X4 and this is going to prevent a lot of tangles. They don’t really get tangled up but the other big thing is that they won’t actually stick to your skin especially if your skin is sweaty. This is kind of one of the main reasons I never really liked wearing headphones with the court orientation behind the neck but the Tarah Pro solved that issue so I thought that was pretty nice.

The Tarah Pro has what they call a switch fit system which the earbud actually physically rotates which is pretty good. So switching between the over-ear and under ear orientations are really quick. Another unique thing about the Tarah Pro is that the remote is actually gonna be slightly curved which actually helps distinguish one side or the other, so you’ll be able to find the buttons quite easily. Just like all other Jaybirds are gonna have really good sweat and waterproof fitness which is actually really good.

Beats Powerbeats 4

There are a couple of things that aren’t on these new Powerbeats compared to the Powerbeats Pro are going to be the magnetic connectors at the bottom that will allow you to put it in like a magnetic charging case that comes with the Pro. You don’t get a charging case with these new Powerbeats so you just find the Lightning port at the bottom used for charging. Then also these don’t have the sensors that will allow the earphones to be able to detect when you’re putting them in your ears and also taking them out and that takes away the ability for these to be able to pause and play the music depending on whether or not you have them in your ears.


Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Tarah Pro uses a one-piece earbud and fin system rather than a two-piece system that’s gonna be found on the X4 and the original freedoms. I was kind of skeptical of these at first but these do work quite well and they stayed securely in my ears during pretty much every activity and they comfortable too. You can notice that they actually have a slight angle to the earbud which in my opinion produces a better fit for the sound quality. In terms of noise isolation, I thought these did a pretty decent job.

Beats Powerbeats 4

The main difference between these and the Powerbeats Pro is going to be the cord right there. Some people may like this some people may not like this. It’s kind of just going to be your personal preference. But because this does have a cord it allows you to easily hang it around your neck, so when you aren’t using them you can have them in one single place. They’re not gonna fall to the ground where you may lose them. I like these not only for doing things like working out or going for a run or something like that but also to when I’m laying down on the couch or laying in bed or on the plane these are just less likely to come out of my ears and they are comfortable enough too.

Beats Powerbeats 4


Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Tarah Pro actually is a new Jaybird product, it’s not like the X4 where they just made them a little bit better in terms of waterproof rating. Jaybird actually created new features with the Tarah Pro that I didn’t necessarily think I needed or even wanted but they are all very welcome. However, they do come at that higher price tag. They’re gonna have a much better battery life you’re not gonna have those inconsistent connectivity issues. You’re gonna have that braided cable which is pretty nice where it doesn’t stick to your skin you’re also gonna have that Auto-pause and resume feature with the magnetic earpieces.

Jaybird is pretty notorious for coming out with a new charging clip with every single pair of headphones and the Terra pros are no different. In fact, they’re even different than the normal Tarah model. I do like the fact that it’s a magnetic charging clip that actually works in either orientation and you can actually just grab them and go. But I don’t like the fact that I can’t use this charging clip on the rest of the other Jaybirds that I have. Then one last thing in terms of the battery life slash management is that after 15 minutes of inactivity they’ll actually automatically shut off which is pretty darn nice for people like me who definitely just kind of forget to turn the headphones off.

With the X4 and X3 they always securely fit in my ears they never really fell out however they did shift slightly which would kind of change the sound a little bit but with the Terra pros with that angled earpiece as well as the silicon ear fin and tip I never really had them shift around on me they always produced a pretty consistent sound. The earpieces are actually magnetic which isn’t necessarily revolutionary but when you actually do clip them together it actually pauses the music and then when you unclip them the music resumes which is pretty good. So you can wear them around your neck so they won’t fall off.

In terms of connectivity, the Tarah Pros use Bluetooth 5.0 and I found the connection to be very consistent with the iPhone, the Galaxy watch active, as well as Phoenix 5 plus. But one interesting little thing here is that they’re a little bit slower to connects with any of those devices than the X4. I mean it’s like just an extra second but it’s because it has something to do with achieving that 14-hour battery life it’s something really minor. You do have the Jaybird app where you can actually customize the sound profiles.

Beats Powerbeats 4

The box is covered with plastic after removing plastic, it just slides up and when you lift that off and there we will be your new Powerbeats. These come in three different colors you have white, you have black, and also red. What else we get inside of the box are you have a little carrying bag to put your Powerbeats into a kind of keep everything nice and secure and it beats logo on the front.

Some other things that you get inside of the box include some extra ear tips you get three extra sets here and they are the same colors as the headphones that you choose and then you also get lightning to USB-A cable there and it does say that this gives you fast fuel charging. So in five minutes of charging you can get about an hour’s worth of playtime. Then also inside of this little pocket here we have a bunch of different documentation, on how to use these, and then also you get a beat sticker.

When we compare the Powerbeats Pros with these new Powerbeats, the design language is pretty similar to each other. You still have the adjustable ear hooks so you can kind of bend them and move them around to really get a good fit around your ears. Then the button layout is the same. So on the left earphone, you will find the power button and on the right one you will find the volume controls and also the Beats logo can actually be pressed in so you can do things like play and pause your music.

As far as what’s new on the inside of these you will find the H1 chip from Apple and this is going to allow for very easy and fast pairing with iOS devices. You also have hey Siri supports so your hands-free assistant will be able to easily be activated just by talking to these. These also support audio sharing, so with the iPhone, you can pair these alongside another pair of Beats or Airpods to one single iPhone and you could be listening to the same thing at the same time.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah Pro

The first major thing about the Tarah Pro is that they advertise 14 hours of battery life and I was easily able to get about 13 hours out of them and I listen to my music a little bit louder than I probably shouldn’t. Then they also have a quick charge feature that’s supposed to get you two hours of battery life with just a five-minute charge. I found that to be pretty close and then if you are charging them completely from empty it takes about two hours or so.

Beats Powerbeats 4

For me, the biggest improvement with this is going to be battery life. You have up to 15 hours of battery life and that’s compared to nine hours that you can get with the Powerbeats Pros. So you have a lot of battery there but because you don’t get that charging case with these that means that you can get through an entire day of just you really using these. But if you are traveling or you’re going somewhere like camping or doing something like that you’re not gonna have a way to charge these kinds of just internally with the case. You’re gonna have to bring your extra portable power bank and then also a lightning cable.


Jaybird Tarah Pro

In regards to sound quality, The X4 and the Tarah Pro have a very similar sound profile but the Tarah Pro does sound a little bit better at least in my opinion. I don’t know the audio file or anything but I think that has to do with that angled earpiece design, where it actually drives sound into the ear canal a little bit more directly. I definitely experienced a much better bass response on the Tarah Pro than the X4. I do think the Tarah Pro sound a little bit better than the X4.

Beats Powerbeats 4

As far as the sound quality just like the design these are similar to what the Powerbeats Pro sound like. So you’ll find that these aren’t going to sound better than the Airpods Pro. If you’re looking for the best audio quality coming from a pair of earphones from Apple you want to go with something like those but these still do sound good. Everything from the source of clarity and the loudness of them all sounded really good, especially at high levels.

One thing I really like is just because you can always kind of rely on the fit of these it’d really be very nice and tight and secure in your ears and they’re not really gonna be moving around and wobbling a lot. You don’t have to worry about sometimes with earphones if you don’t put them incorrectly you may not have as tight of a seal so you may be having some of that sound leak out. These I find always kind of constantly just give me a tight seal in my ears and that really helps keep the audio quality very stable again no matter what I’m doing when I’m working out or just walking around.

Beats Powerbeats 4


If you’re actively looking for a pair of earphones that are gonna be great and also have very easy fast connectivity, not only with iOS devices the Powerbeats 4 is gonna be better than the Jaybird Tarah Pro and it also has better battery life. 

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