Jaybird Tarah vs Tarah Pro: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the Jaybird Tarah and the Jaybird Tarah Pro. There is much difference in their price range and also in their features. To know which one is good for you to buy for the price, go to the detailed review.

Jaybird TarahJaybird Tarah Pro
Jaybird TarahJaybird Tarah Pro
The audio quality is great after having saved my favorite preset to the headphones.
Comfortable to wear for long periods.
A great value.
A 6-hour battery is good enough for even the longest runs.
Jaybird app is actually useful. Google Assistant support.
Lengthy battery life.
Personalized audio profile.
The device powers down automatically when not in use.
Three-point charging connector.
Jaybird app is easy to use.
No carrying case provided.
The included charger is made for the Tarah and nothing else.
Lops off the beginnings of tracks when you skip forward or backward.
No setting to allow more ambient noise.
Fiddly ear tips.
AI could be more precise.


ModelTarahTarah Pro
Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB99 dB
Frequency Response20 Hz
Impedance16 Ohm16 Ohm
Diaphragm0.2 in
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Audio Controlsplay/pause, reject call
Controlsplay/pause, reject call
Width2.8 in0.8 in
Depth0.5 in0.5 in
Height0.9 in0.9 in
Weight0.5 oz0.49 oz
Battery Life6 hour(s)14 hour(s)
Recharge Time1.5 hour(s)2 hour(s)
FeaturesA crisp, clear and uncompromising soundtrack for your adventure, with fully adjustable EQ in the Jaybird app.

Fully weatherproof (IPX7) to keep the music flowing through adverse conditions and unexpected weather.

Streamlined design with soft silicone ear gels offer a secure, ultra-comfy fit.

Fast-charging, 6-hour battery powers daily runs, training workouts and weekend adventures.
14 hours of play time with fast charging battery.

Sweat & waterproof Fully waterproof (IPX7) protection for running in any weather conditions.

Interchangeable fins and tips with pivoting buds that go over or under ears for premium fit.

Detail Review:


Jaybird Tarah

The Jaybird Tarah is one of the budget-friendly sport headset available in the market. These earphones are currently retailing for around fifty dollars. These are the true wireless earphones but with a wire which keeps both the earphones together.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Jaybird Tarah Pro is the updated version earphones of the Jaybird Tarah. These are one of the sports earphones available in the market. These earphones are currently retailing for around a hundred and forty dollars.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah

The oval shape really helps with blocking out and fitting into your ear canal to block out gym noise or outside noises or you can leave them a little bit loose to let in that outside noise. There’s also a tightener on the back to keep the cord off your neck, and there’s also a clip as well so you can clip it to the back of your shirt anything like that. The cord as always is amazing, it’s sturdy, it’s always good for Jaybird. The remote is smaller and lighter than on the Jaybird X4 which I like.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The cable here is a woven or braided cord. As there’s a woven reflectivity in there and it’s really nice that this strap isn’t made of rubber so it doesn’t stick on your skin when things heat up and you’re running in the hot midday sun. It looks like climbing cable, it kind of fits more with the outdoor sports person.

There’s also a cinch at the back which you can tighten. Once they’re tight, they’re not going to be flopping about when it’s you’re running that’s locked to your head. The control section is curved so when you’re wearing them over the ear that kind of curves around your head and it fits really flush against your head so that’s really great design.


Jaybird Tarah

One thing that Jaybird has really nailed the year in 2018 is their silicone tips and their ear fins. These things remind me of the Bose Soundsport Wireless and those are super comfortable some of the best silicone on the market and these can really compete with those. So that’s saying a lot so right out of the box amazing comfort and they also isolate a lot. I like that the Tarah is a little bit lighter, these are coming in at 13.5 grams that’s definitely gonna help with keeping them in place during your workouts.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The headphones do come with multiple ear wings and ear tips, so if you’ve got small or large ears there are options that can fit your ear size to get the perfect fit so that they won’t pull out when you’re running. Also, something very good thing about these is you can rotate the ear tip section and use them by above the ear, the cable will really easily go over the ear and then I can tighten them. So, I don’t have any cable going around in front it’s all around the back of the head. This is really nice, it feels really comfortable and really locked onto my head.

Jaybird Tarah


Jaybird Tarah

These are great for if you’re just in the gym and you want to work out you want a very minimal headphone, then you can save yourself $30 and pay the hundred dollars for these earbuds and get like the baby brother of the Jaybird X4. I really enjoyed using this in the gym. I love Jaybird’s way of controlling your music. They have the volume rocker which also doubles as a skipping a track, so if you hold the positive it’ll skip it forward, if you hold the negative it will skip back a track. So it really avoids all of those unnecessary double and triple taps that sometimes don’t work correctly and you have to time it right. So I like that they just got rid of that completely and just do something that works.

One problem that I really had with Jaybird is the proprietary charger like what if you lose it, what if you don’t have it with you, and your headphones are dying. They’re doing it to keep sweat from getting into the electronics and to keep it ipx7 rated. So, you can submerge these up into one-meter water and they’ll be fine up to thirty minutes. These will do a great job if you are a huge sweater.

The call quality has never been a strong suit of the Jaybird lines. They sound tinny like you’re in a hallway. These are mainly made for sports and working out and the occasional call once in a while they do the job just fine. But don’t use these for business, or if you are taking important calls, or you need to call your family, they’re barely gonna hear you. If you’re just using these for a workout headphone these will do just fine.

The area where I had a lot of issues is the connection. When I first took these into the gym I had iOS 12, I took them into the gym and there’s a ton of breakups but it was actually a bug with iOS itself. But once I reset to the network settings on my phone and I took them back to the gym and they worked perfectly fine. They have the same Bluetooth range as a Jaybird X4. These are also rocking the new Bluetooth 5.0, so you get a lot of great tech in these earbuds.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Jaybird Tarah Pro is the wireless headphones from Jaybird sport. There are some features that make these headphones stand out from this competition. These are wireless Bluetooth headphones but there’s a wire that is the wire that connects the two headphones. So you don’t need to connect these to your phone through a cable.

The buttons on this controller are raised as well, so you can feel the plus and the minus, and the button in the middle. You can program these buttons using the app to do pretty much whatever you want as well which will work with Siri and google assistant. There’s a microphone in here signal to calls do all the usual stuff.

Another nice feature with these headphones is if someone comes to talk to you when you’re out and want to have a quick chat with them what you can do is pull the earphones out and make sure they loop around your neck. They are magnetic they will get connected or attached and when they attached it automatically pauses your music. So then after around 15 minutes or so they will shut off which will save your battery and it’s really nice. So even if you just took them off connected them for one minute, it pauses your music and when you put them back in it starts playing, so that’s a really nice feature.

Jaybird Tarah Pro


Jaybird Tarah

The battery life is six hours down from eight hours on the Jaybird X4 but still, this is pretty good. I had found myself being able to get through almost an entire week with just these earbuds going to the gym about one to two hours a day. So the battery was great in my opinion, I didn’t really see a reason to even need eight hours.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The battery life is 14 hours, so the most mid-range ultra races these headphones are going to last. So a great choice for the ultra runners out there. It takes around two hours to get fully charged from a dead battery. The battery performance of these earphones is really pretty good.


Jaybird Tarah

These are one of my favorite wireless earbuds for sound at the moment. It’s got a great spatial soundstage, I compare these to somewhat of open-back headphones but they don’t leak out the sound, they actually keep it very isolated. The drivers here are amazing and I love the bass response in these headphones. If you want to you can go into the EQ and change the bass I really like to pump up the bass and the mids, that really just brings in the richness of songs for me and the genres that I listen to. It could be different for you though so if you want to pump up that highs in the treble if you love classical you can do that as well.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The sound quality is very good and because you can get a very good fit in your ear because of the different ear tips, there’s a great lock-in inside your ear. So the sound is very good and it works very well. I love the way they sound and you can also change the equalizer settings within the Jaybird app. So, if you want more bass, less bass, more treble, or anything you can change all these settings in there. It’s actually got a really cool feature where it can do a hearing test before you do to settings. So it creates a baseline preset based on your hearing ability. So that’s a really cool feature using the Jaybird sports app.

Jaybird Tarah


In my opinion, you should buy the Jaybird Tarah Pro because it sounds better, it has better comfort and had better battery life than the Jaybird Tarah. Even though the price is more than the Tarah Pro it’s better enough than the Tarah for the price.

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