Jaybird Vista vs Apple Airpods Pro: Which to Buy?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Jaybird Vista and the Apple Airpods Pro. As far as the price, both the earbuds are bearing the features that they need to be for their price. As both the products are of popular brands the decision of making purchase becomes difficult. To select your right one, go to the detailed review.

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Jaybird VistaApple Airpods Pro
Fit securely.
Sound quite good.
Fully waterproof.
Fun, bass-heavy sound with right seal.
Earbuds can be used independently.
Compact case with lanyard and soft touch finish.
Standard USB-C port for charging case.
Easy to clean.
6 hours of battery life with 10 additional hours from the case.
Great audio quality.
Long battery life.
Modern design.
Comes with a portable charging case.
Have an excellent noise cancellation technology.
Plasticky exterior.
Lag while watching videos.
No auto-pause or “hear-through” feature.
No extra fin/tips in the package.
You need a Spotify Premium subscription to use a lot of the app’s special features.
Quite costly.
Lack of companion app.


BrandJaybird SportApple
Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, on/off, play/pause, volumeanswer/end, audio transparency, next/previous track, play/pause
ControlsVolume, on/off, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous trackAnswer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, audio transparency, ANC on/off
Width0.9 in0.9 in
Depth0.7 in0.9 in
Height0.9 in1.2 in
Weight0.21 oz0.19 oz
Battery Life6 hour(s)4.5 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)
FeaturesCompact, low–profile charging case.

16 hours of total battery charge.

Fully waterproof and sweatproof IPX7 construction.

Customizable single–button controls.
Audio Technology: Active Noise Cancellation.
Transparency mode.
Adaptive EQ.
Vent system for pressure equalization. Custom high-excursion Apple driver.
Custom high dynamic range amplifier.

Dual beamforming microphones. Inward-facing microphone.
Dual optical sensors.
Motion-detecting accelerometer. Speech-detecting accelerometer. Force sensor.

H1-based System in Package Sweat and water resistant (IPX4)

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Detail Review:


Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista now really is truly wireless earphones, having a better connection, better battery life, and slowly getting more high-tech than ever before. They’re going for around a hundred and seventy-nine dollars.

Apple Airpods Pro

I’m really impressed with the movements that Apple has made to this generation of wireless buds. But what really holds them back is the fact that they are relatively expensive for wireless earphones.


Jaybird Vista

Jaybird emphasizes they may be Vista as light and as small as they could. Compared to the competition indeed the vistas are small and they don’t stick out of my ears, but they are roughly equal to the best out there. It’s not class-leading but still very good.

The ruggedness comes back, but this time Jaybird claims it’s even more decency. This still has the IPX7 certification, meaning this can be submerged underwater up to 3.3 feet and up to 30 minutes. I tested this and there are no issues so far. This one has that sweat protection against your salty and sour secretions here. I wear these in the gym had some nasty ear sweat that never fell out of my ear, and they’re still working fine. The new editions of Jaybird are calling its earth proof. The earphone capsule is essentially sealed against dust and grit.

This case is using USB-C, and if you like minimalism or at least something not clunky, the earphones and the case itself have this very slim profile here and it works really well. We’re keeping the earphones in place, the magnets are quite strong.


Apple Airpods Pro

Diving into the design, we can see that the case is closing the Airpods, almost shares the footprint as the older generation of Airpods. The only aspect being the TT is a bit wider, but at least is not chunky like the other wireless earbuds cases. It also flashes within their pockets. The case also charges the Airpods wirelessly like the second-generation ones and provides the life of approximately 24 hours. Opening the case reveals the Airpods, which now look relatively different compared with his predecessors.

The major design changes are that they now include silicone rubber tips, and also have a shorter stem length. No longer support touch gestures, but have little indents in the stems, which allows for gesture controls by simply squeezing them since they are forced at sensitive. This was a major upgrade since the touch gestures before were rather finicky. The squeezing mechanism allows the user to either play-pause, forward music, activate Siri, and even to trigger the transparency modes. You can’t increase the music volume within the Airpods. It will be forced to use the paired device instead.

For this generation, Apple decided to add silicon tips, which unfortunately are proprietary. So, acquiring engineering ones from third-party manufacturers will be rather difficult. They come in different sizes, and also have a protective mesh layer beneath, which prevents walks from protruding into the speaker grille. The rubber tips also provide secure feet and also allows the user to perceive the music well without any obstructions.

2.1 jaybird vista 3


Jaybird Vista

As far as comfort and stability, these do work well with the newest silicone design. They are comfortable, these earphones don’t Jam into the ear canal for stability, instead, they fit snug on the outer opening of your ear, and the rest of the body somewhat rests on the bottom of the ear. I also tested both the large ear fin here and also the smallest one, which only has a little nub and either one space in the ears really well. I also tested this inserting, while runs and other vigorous movements, I never had an issue with the earphones losing its audio seal. Speaking of its seal, these provide very good passive noise isolation.

Apple Airpods Pro

Fitting of the ear, the Airpods Pro has an automatic feature, which allows you to determine if you use the correct sides of earbuds, by playing some music and taking into account the curvature of your ear canals. Once everything fits, it gives you a notification if you have a good seal or you may have to exchange them for another size. The Airpods Pro also has a pressure vent, that prevents the pressure build-up, which occurs especially when wearing earphones with rubber tips.

2.1 airpods pro 2


Jaybird Vista

Voice prompts and tones are accessible in settings, allowing you to hear things like battery level status in your earphones, or tones when your earphones turn on or off, this was also a welcomed positive feature as well.

It’s such a base on the button lay up, this was not a hundred percent for me. You do get pause-play, and skipping forward on your songs, but you can’t have two actions that you might personally want. For example, I want to keep a pause and play, but I really want Google assistance. So, the only option I have is switching to double press for my voice assistant, but then I lose the ability to skip a song. Indeed, you can use Google assistant to go forward and back on your playlist, but a double tap then you have to wait about a second or two and then you say the command verbally out loud. It’s just simply wasn’t intuitive touch controls or at least at a minimum physical button is preferable having all the actions at your fingertips would be the most ideal instead of picking and choosing here.

Here you also get an app for better performance. This is no question, one of the best apps in the industry, Jabra, Sennheiser, and Sony here has some great ones as well. But what makes them all great though is how they make your earphones high-tech. So, going on to the main page, you have you are preset for EQ settings.

The most anticipated and most unique feature is the personal EQ that the app can generate for you. When you go through this for the very first time here, the app will play a series of tones and hums in various frequency ranges. As soon as you hear that little hum, click next and if you go through the entire range, the app gives you a personal EQ setting. It’s been consistent for me and with my ears, the app is usually suggesting, I prefer or I like upper bass and a slightly raised high frequency.

From my experience and testing audio, I know I personally do tend to like a little bit more bass in my music and forward upper mids, the app is accurate in a general sense here, but it sounds a little extended for me. I typically have to pull down both peaks for it to be my sweet spot. Although it’s not a hundred percent, it surely can give you a general sense.

Then back to the main page, the next important section is accurate playlists that link to your Spotify account. The last section of importance is the headphone screed, which allows you to customize the buttons. Find my buds which is awesome here, if you lose these things, the app will show you where it was last seen.

The only thing though that I wished was available as, if these earbuds itself can chirp, just in case these little things dropped under the bed or sofa and you can’t find it, use the audible little chirp feature here, and you can find it within the vicinity, you don’t get that here, but at least we get this GPS geolocation finding feature.

Getting into Bluetooth performance, I think we can finally say, most competitors are very much making this effort here. Bluetooth 5.0 is featured and the connection is excellent with your phone. Jaybird implemented this thing called JBS-1 wireless technology in hopes to fix connectivity issues. Testing this with it by 1100 square foot apartment here, I’m able to get 98% coverage with the signal going through several walls over. With video on both Apple and Android for both YouTube and Netflix, that I tested all of them play perfectly with no syncing delays and that appears everything is fixed.

I will admit it does seem to have improved over the previous generations, but I did encounter an issue of having the earphones connect to another device. Jaybird says this can’t remember up to 8 devices that are awesome here, but switching between my pixel to my iPhone and vice-versa it can be spotty with no success at times, or even at times it establishes the connection, but then the audio stops playing for some reasons, but the actions like pausing and playing, volume adjusting and such, it still works. So, just look out for that when you’re switching devices.

What you also notice is lacking its environmental pass-through. You don’t have your microphones kicking on, where it pumps in your environmental noises for situational awareness. That feature is predominant on most of the other competitors and is perfect for runners, who want that option or those who walk to work and want situational awareness. You just don’t get it with the Vistas. Jaybird tries to make up for this by offering each earphone to work independently. You can take either one of these earphones out and still have audio.


Apple Airpods Pro

The most outstanding feature about these Airpods is the fact that this approach noise canceling and transparency mode for the noise canceling. This feature works by capturing songs within the environment using the built-in mics and then cuts out the noise caption, enabling you to listen to music in busy environments with almost no noise. This comes in handy especially in restaurants or even airplanes allowing users to fully perceive music without obstructions from any noises.

The next feature is transparency mode, which works the same way as noise-canceling, but instead amplifies the sounds from the environment, allowing you to be able to hear the surroundings while still listening to your music. It is quite a handy feature especially, in scenarios where one gets to hear fresh announcements in airports when still listening to music, or even being aware of vehicles in traffic when crossing the roads.

Besides the noise-canceling mode and the transparency mode is also the normal mode that works as if they’re generic earbuds. It is good to see how well this feature integrates with Apple devices however, unfortunately, the transparency mode or even the noise canceling mode doesn’t work for Android devices. But, Bluetooth still works perfectly without any major itch.

Going into extras features, it is also worth noting that they are IPX4 water-resistant added in future, firmware updates that are coming soon. The Apples will be able to support special sound giving you a 3D movie theater experience and also calibrating your music according to your heads positions.

2.1 jaybird vista 2


Jaybird Vista

Jaybird is climbing up to six hours of use per charge here, with my testing at 50% one from full to dead. I got six hours in three minutes to be exact. You get an additional 10 hours with each rechargeable carrying case, giving you a total of 16 hours. Fast charging is available with five minutes on the charger, giving you back an hour’s worth of playtime. These numbers are not industry-leading, but they are still on the upper end.

Apple Airpods Pro

Going into battery life, the Airpods lasts for around 4.5 hours from a single charge. If they happen to dream completely, the Airpods can allow you to use them for one hour, with just charging for five minutes. The Airpods themselves last 30 minutes less than the Airpods second generation, but that is subjective since the Airpod Pro used a higher percentage of power to deliver better music experience, and also to facilitate the noise-canceling features and transparency feature.


Jaybird Vista

A lot of people always are interested in the phone call test. I will admit these do pick up a lot of background noise, but also note though the microphones aren’t necessarily fighting to isolate the voice with the background. So, it’s not 100% perfect.

Jumping into audio performance, for those who are familiar with Jaybird, it’s a very similar experience. Jaybird only has SBC, we don’t get apex or higher to support higher resolution audio files and streams. Loud in your face alive and energetic, it’s perfect for pop EDM in hip-hop. Starting with the base, these are bass boosted even in its stock level, of course, you can bump this up to a pretty significant degree with the EQ, either flat or increased.

Jaybird offers a very punchy and fast bass experience, because of how well you can tune these, this can go from flat or neutral to bass boosted, and spilling over to the mid-range. You can actually have a go overboard or actually have it very much underwhelming. The level of customization offered can very well satisfy those on either spectrum for bass, either light or bass boosted. Getting into the mid-range, I love how separated forward and bright these can’t become.

Vocals and instruments have the ability to stand out, not only being in the forefront of your music but audio separation from the lows and behind frequencies. Specs don’t mean everything and although this only has SBC, the engineer, and how the audio is experienced is where it really matters. The clarity is there, as for high frequencies it’s good, but can be sensitive at times on select songs with tracks that have a lot of instruments beads, vocal work on the very upper end there it can get slightly jumbled.

For the most part, it’s never been bad, I never experienced any ear screeching, tinging, or raspiness up on top. At this price point, the sound stage is good and has a moderate degree of openness, to be upfront the Bose sound support frees.

Apple Airpods Pro

There is no doubt that these Airpods sound better than the previous ones. Music now sounds more detailed and richer. There is also a noticeable wider range of frequencies and there is something about the means that makes them stand out. It is easy to pick the instruments being played clearly and also the highest does not sound distorted, as they have an internal mic which listens to the music being played, and alters it using an algorithm to ensure the mids and highs are well balanced.

It is really an interesting feature that was added to this generation of Airpods. The loss also presents at a reasonable amount, but its rivals such as the Powerbeats Pro, certain no heavy base oriented than the Airpods Pro. The Airpods also have an adaptive equalizer, that manages the pass-through of frequencies according to the shape of the ear canal providing you with the best listening experience. Overall, I am fairly impressed with the song quality of these devices.

2.1 airpods pro 3


Overall for the price, functionalities, ruggedness, and size, the Jaybird Vistas are really good. There are some shortcomings, their apparent to another device was slightly funky on very few occasions and the lack of that environmental awareness as a feature was a bit of a letdown as well, but everything else about these earphones is really good. So, in my opinion, if you are looking for a good one at a lower price then you should buy Jaybird Vista but if you are looking for a premium one then you should buy the Apple AirPods Pro.