Jaybird Vista vs Beats Powerbeats Pro: Which One is Worth Buying?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Jaybird Vista and the Powerbeats Pro. Both headphones come at different prices so you may think their features may vary a lot or you may think they are priced on the basis of their features. To get a correct idea about them, and to know which one is worth buying, go to the detailed review.

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Jaybird Vista Beats Powerbeats Pro
Fit securely.
Sound quite good.
Fully waterproof.
Fun, bass-heavy sound with right seal.
Earbuds can be used independently.
Compact case with lanyard and soft touch finish.
Standard USB-C port for charging case.
Easy to clean.
6 hours of battery life with 10 additional hours from the case.
Better sound than the AirPods.
Phone call quality is excellent.
Sweat and water resistance.
Epic battery life for the category.
Apple H1 chip is a workhorse for headphones.
Ambidextrous controls are amazing.
Plasticky exterior.
Lag while watching videos.
No auto-pause or “hear-through” feature.
No extra fin/tips in the package.
You need a Spotify Premium subscription to use a lot of the app’s special features.
More expensive than AirPods.
May not fit all ears perfectly.
Not the most discreet look for office or casual environments.
Charges via Lightning and not USB-C.


BrandJaybird SportBeats
Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, on/off, play/pause, volumeanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, voice assistant, volume
ControlsVolume, on/off, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous trackVolume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, voice assistant
Width0.9 in
Depth0.7 in
Height0.9 in2.2 in
Weight0.21 oz0.71 oz (Total)
Battery Life6 hour(s)9 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)
FeaturesCompact, low–profile charging case.

16 hours of total battery charge.

Fully waterproof and sweatproof IPX7 construction.

Customizable single–button controls.
High-Performance Workout Earphones:
Powerbeats Pro, powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, will revolutionize the way you work out. Built for elite athletes, these totally wireless earphones have no wires to hold you back.

Sound Like a Pro:
We listened to real athletes with the intent to design wireless earphones that matched their toughest workouts and over and over, we heard that nothing was more important than sound.

Play Both Sides or Just One at a Time:
Left, right, or both, enjoy ultimate control over your audio. Each earbud has full volume and track controls so you don’t need your device to adjust your music.

Power Play:
Each earbud has up to 9 hours of listening time so you can keep your music going. With the charging case, you’ll get more than 24 hours of combined playback.

Wireless That Works:
Powerbeats Pro are ready to go when you are. With Class 1 Bluetooth® technology, these wireless earphones offer extended range and fewer dropouts, so they stay connected as you keep moving.

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Detail Review:


Jaybird Vista

The price of Jaybird Vista is 180 dollars. These are the thinnest and lightest Jaybirds yet. These are the truly wireless headphones. I really like these at this price range.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Airpods are already pretty expensive at $160 but these are $250 for a pair of Powerbeats Pro. I guess if you absolutely must have the completely wireless these are some of the best ones. They are pretty great I still think they’re overpriced but as wireless earbuds, they’re pretty great.

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Jaybird Vista

On the front of the case, there is a USB type-c, a little LED, your Jaybird logo on the top. You get a little string there in the case so you clip this on your bag. I thought if you clip it on your bag and you drop your bag, the case gonna pop open and you lose your earbuds. So I did the shake test, I shake crazily but they were not opened. Actually you have to use a little bit of force to open the case because it’s a really strong magnet.

Inside the case, you get your yellow theme. Inside we get a guide right and left to wear it correctly. You also get clicky buttons on these. They actually have a little another magnet on inside to drop the earbuds on their place properly which wouldn’t allow them to fall out from the case easily.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

I like the design, I got the black ones so they’re all matte black, plastic, sweatproof of course, and the clamp force wall is snug, and it isn’t too tight. The sign of any good pair of headphones is that you can wear them for a long time and after a while you just kind of forget you’re wearing them that’s here with this one, it’s good.

This case may look like a small case but this is a huge case. I do love that they include a matte black protective hardshell case with them with built-in battery and charging. There’s a little light on the outside of the case and there’s a pair of buttons on the inside that’s all great. The beats case is not pocketable so, that’s kind of a big deal. Sometimes if you’re walking around and you just don’t have a bag, if you have a gym bag you can toss it in there but if you don’t, this is not great in the pocket.


Jaybird Vista

I put these in my ears and right away the noise isolation is great, it’s nice and quiet in. As far as the fit, it’s super comfortable, very lightweight, I barely feel like they’re my ears and I’m pretty sure they aren’t gonna fall out. I tried the shake test, I did maximum shaking, these didn’t move one inch. So, if you’re a runner these gonna stay in your ears perfectly, if you lift weights and you go to the gym a lot these are not gonna move around. They’re gonna look very discreet, that wing fits perfectly in my ears so the fit is excellent.

The thing that I’m most impressed with is the fit. These are definitely one of the lightest earbuds that I use yet. Personally I don’t like the little wings, I like the wraparounds because when I start sweating a lot that usually moves around, but these did not move one inch so I’m impressed with the fit.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

I really love the way how they’re built. I’ve never been a huge earbuds kind of person but for working out and for moving around with things. That’s why I prefer earbuds and it just stays in my ears and it’s comfortable too. Airpods never really fit in my ears.

These have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on, so instead of having just hard plastic, these are soft touch and they fit pretty well. This piece goes basically over and around your ear and then holds it snugly to hold the earbuds in. I mean you can either get the kind that goes into the ear up there or over and around. I really like this pair of earbuds among all others. They have a perfect fit and they’re not coming off.

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Jaybird Vista

When we open the box there will be your charging case, USB type-c charging cable that’s not too long and you get some different sized ear tips. Actually not only the ear tips these are the whole capsule, so if you want to change them you’re gonna have to change them up. You gonna get one set with the fins and another set with the wings. You also get some manuals to guide you in the box.

All of the features you gonna get here are six hours playtime and ten hours with the charging case, these are IPX7 sweat and waterproof, so that means you can run in the rain, take a shower with these, go swim in do your thing. It has a Sports fit secure and comfortable. These also feature fast charge, so five minutes of charging will give you one hour of playtime.

These also have single earbud mode, so you can use the right or the left individually, and if you do that you’re gonna get up to thirty-two hours worth of battery as the box claims there. You get premium sound with custom EQ, so you can customize the sound settings, customize the buttons, and you also get Find my buds. You also feature a mic for hands-free calling, there’s a Bluetooth 5.0 and you got USB type-c charging all that for 180 dollars.

The pairing process is really simple and easy. Once you open up the case, press and hold the button for about three seconds, that’s gonna put it in pairing mode. Then go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and select the Jaybird Vista. The next thing you need to do is download the Jaybird app, once you open this up it’ll automatically connect to your earbuds and this is gonna give you full access to all of the features.

In the app, it’s gonna show you which earbuds are connected, I mean the Jaybird Run or Run XT or Vista so it will show you as Vista. There is also Find my buds, if you lose your earbuds go to the app click on find my buds, it’s gonna pull up a location on the map where you was last connected for the left and the right and you can actually hit get directions. You gonna get voice prompts so you can have full voice prompts or tones and you can also change the language.

You can also change the button controls, for the single press by default it’s going to be play-pause but you can change that as Siri or you can have a custom setting have it play one of your playlists, for the double press the stock setting is next track if you want you can change it to Siri or you can have a custom, and for the press and hold that’s automatically set to power off you can change that to volume up or volume down for the left and the right bud.

You also get to find your fit, how to spare, new headphones, shop Jaybird, and support in the app. When we go to presets, there will be your different EQ settings. You get a bunch of different artists’ settings already pre-installed. You get to different music settings, you can have your podcast, got your different profiles, and then back to the headphones, that’s pretty much.

I tested the button controls one tap for play-pause no problems with that, that’s also gonna answer the phone calls, double-tap to skip to the next track no problems with that and I got the custom settings for long press for volume up and down that too works well. All the controls work well. I test out the reconnection how long do these take to reconnect to your phone after you take them out and put them in the case. Within 3 to 5 seconds it’s fully connected, that’s really good.

I carried out the one earbud test too. You can play music from one ear but at a time while the other one is charging in the case. I got the music playing take out the right earbud put it in the case it’s charging up still connected music is coming out of the left earbud. The same way I checked out the left earbud still connects it charging up and the right earbud is playing. So, you can listen to music from either side one at a time.

I checked out the latency and what I mean by that is when you watching a video is there any delay from the person’s lips to what you hear, there’s basically no lag anyway, it’s excellent, basically no lag. I tested out the Bluetooth connection too. I played some music, I walked away to 30 feet, and then 50 feet there was no drop connection at all, the music was crystal clear.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Even with all this space putting them actually in the case is a little hard. These have magnets too and you can see the pins but it’s not quite as smooth as in other earbud cases, you have to get the angle just right.

There are no touch points on them there are real buttons. On the right ear, the beats logo is a button and that can be your play-pause of course, double-tap for the next song, triple tap for the previous, and on top of each earbud is a volume rocker. So, this is better than voice control better than the swiping across panels of the sides of headphones. It’s just simple and easy regular volume rocker and not over-engineered love it.

If you still want to use voice control you can, they have the h1 chip so you can do a hey Siri action if you have an iPhone and they’ll still respond to that. This brings us to a couple of ways that these are similar to Airpods by the way I’m comparing these to Airpods because well Apple bought beats so beats are Apple headphones.

The Powerbeats Pro has the h1 chip in them which means they do that sweet instant pairing with an iPhone or just regular Bluetooth pairing with any Android phone just like Airpods. There’s also auto play-pause when you take them out of your ears and put them back in. They’ll also do the Siri voice command if you’re into that or if you’re on an Android phone you can long-press the beats logo to trigger Google assistant or whatever assisting you to use.

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Jaybird Vista

You are getting a six hours worth of battery on a single charge and ten hours with the case along with that you get a quick charge, five minutes is gonna give you one hour’s worth of playtime. I like that USB type-c charging. You can rock these all day at work 32 hours of using them one at a time.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The case only charges via lightning so no USB type-c and no wireless charging. The battery life is just as good, so thankfully eight-plus hours of playback easily. It has automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case. They can go for me like a week without charging if I start with a full battery and a full case. On top of that, there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in the case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listening time. That’s pretty clutch.


Jaybird Vista

These sound really good, it’s no surprise if you’ve heard Jaybird earbuds you already know the quality of sound. That EQ setting makes a world of a difference. I tested out a bunch of different songs from a bunch of different artists and honestly these sound great, nice highs and mids, and a lot of basses just the way I like it. Just open up that app, go to the EQ settings, and tune it to the way you like it. You’re gonna love these.

The call quality on these, it sounds great, the person on the other side said there was no fuzziness, I was whispering I heard them fine, they heard me fine, it was a little bit of hollowness. When you wear earbuds that have ambient sound or pass-through sound technology and you hear a few of your surroundings that’s kind of how it sounded. Definitely not Airpods quality but it was loud and clear. The call quality was nice and clear and the sound quality is that typical Jaybird sound, nice and loud, and crystal clear with punchy bass.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

They actually do sound better, you know they’re a little bit bass-heavy but they are beats I’m not looking for a flat sound signature, they’re fun, good sounding headphones. Because of the seal that you can create with the rubber tip in your ear plus the clamping force on the side and they are not coming out, so they’re a rich good sounding pair of headphones.

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If you’re an athlete, if you need them to be sweatproof, if you need them to stay in your ears while you move around a lot, if you need workout headphones then if you get these you probably be very happy with both the Jaybird Vista and the Powerbeats Pro. But just because the Powerbeats are so expensive than the Jaybird Vista, I would recommend the Vista as worth buying.