Katy Perry Facts You Never Knew

Katy Perry Facts You Never Knew

Catherine Elizabeth Hudson

Katy Perry is just her stage name her real name is Catherine Elizabeth Hudson. she changed it to her mom’s made a name to avoid conflicts and issues with the actress Kate Hudson.

The 34-year-old singer was born in Santa Barbara California on October 25th, 1984. She still spends time in her home town to write songs. While she’s there hence her song California Girls. she said I make a lot of music there because it’s only an hour away from LA at the right times and energy level is so drastically different people priorities Community Connection

Teenage Dream

Katy came out with her album Teenage Dream in 2011 which a lot of people will argue that it’s her best album she’s made so far. Five singles on the album reached the top of the
Billboard Hot 100 List. Shockingly the only other artist to do that is Michael Jackson with his 1987 album bad

MTV Katy Perry

Katy grew up in a strict Christian family and had a pretty sheltered childhood so strict and under control that her parents never let her watch MTV they banned it from her and her siblings. Her parents said they weren’t allowed to watch that channel in their house. To think she’s now all over the same channel that she was banned from watching as a teen is pretty crazy.

American Idol

So I’m sure just about everybody out there knows about American Idol. Most people if given the chance to be on the show wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. But when the producers of the show offered Katy Perry 20 million dollars to be one of the judges on the show for the 12th season she declined even with a huge amount of money like that. she turned them down she said people have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved and it’s not right for me right now

A Christian

For those who don’t know Katy Perry didn’t start off singing pop music when she was younger.
She saying Christian songs and performed at church and Christian events so her first album wasn’t released in 2008. Back in 2001, it was a Christian pop album called Katy Hudson after her real name the album was released by red hill records. She was on track to become a gospel singer her mom even took her to Nashville. when she was 13 years old to record a gospel album

It Didn’t Take Long before Katy realized she wanted to take a different path growing up in a strict family home and being a preacher’s daughter in Santa Barbara. She wasn’t always supportive of her dream of being a pop singer Katy told Vogue magazine grant was our Madonna we knew about
Madonna and Marilyn Manson in my family because we picketed their concerts

Black Sheep

Despite what her family thought when Katy Perry was 17 years old she moved to Los Angeles California to pursue a career in the music business. She rose to fame and gained lots of recognition when her hit I kissed a girl came out in 2008. The song generated lots of controversies because it was about two females being together. She told Vogue that when she was growing up she wasn’t allowed to interact with gay people so making her first hit song about not being straight was a brave and a bold move.

Always described herself as being the black sheep of the family the one who never fit in but even though she doesn’t stick to the religious the belief she was raised on. She still keeps in contact with her parents and siblings


A big inspiration for Katy Perry and her music was Queen. She has always said that the song Killer Queen is a song that made her want to sing pop music. She said the very first time she ever heard the song her world froze it had such a big impact on her. In 2013 she named her first
fragrance Killer Queen to pay respect to the song that gave her the determination
to get to the point that she’s at today.

Russell Brand

On October 23rd, 2010 Katy Perry got married to British actor and comedian Russell Brand they
tied the knot in India while they were on vacation there. So it seems like the wedding was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing the wedding ceremony was done in the traditional Indian way.

unfortunately, it didn’t work out and they both filed for a divorce just 14 months after the wedding. Katy hinted at the reason why it ended and it had to do with wanting a family and Russell being too controlling when she would go on a tour that it caused issues between them.

With Katy being on the road a lot and spending so much time apart from it just wasn’t working out. She would also invite him to come with her on tour and he wouldn’t go with her Russell ultimately told Katie that he wanted a divorce via text message. Katy told Vogue to let’s just say I haven’t heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me on December 31st, 2011.

Childhood Crush

When Katy Perry was a kid her teen crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas who was on the 90s television show home improvement. As she’s gotten older it doesn’t seem like that crush went away because she tweeted in 2009 where in the world is Jonathan Taylor Thomas I loved UJ TT I wonder if he ever saw that tweet


Despite Katy Perry has 13 Grammy Award nominations she’s never won one but she doesn’t seem too bummed about it. She said before that she doesn’t think awards matter all that much. She told the
New York Times all the award shows are fake all the awards that I’ve won are fake

High School

When she was15 years old she dropped out of high school to focus on singing. She says it’s now a decision she regrets and she wishes she finished high school and enjoyed her teen years. She told Yahoo in 2014 I’m kind of bum at this stage that I didn’t have a great education because I could use that these days well even without a high school diploma she’s doing better than most

Orlando Bloom

As most of us have noticed Katy doesn’t stay single for very long besides Russell Brand. She’s had
high-profile relationships with other celebrities such as Travis McCoy, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom. Katy and Orlando hit it off in 2016 at a Golden Globes after-party Even though they seemed all smiles at the party their rep said that the two were taking time apart just two days later the two started drifting apart when Orlando spent weeks in China filming a movie. He was working on they
ended up breaking it off a year later on February 2017.

The couple that was inseparable at first started to realize they are better off friends than lovers
other than the two of them being bad at long-distance relationships. Orlando also has a son to take care of and wasn’t ready for something serious at the time. It wasn’t a bitter breakup both of them have shown their love for each other on social media. After all of that, they ended
up getting back together and are currently dating each other again and made their first red carpet appearance together on September 26th, 2018


As of 2011, Katy became the first woman to have five songs from one album reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 List all five songs were from her teenage dream album. She is the second artist to achieve this on her behind Michael Jackson now I bet Katy agrees that’s better than winning a Grammy Award

Sesame Street

In 2012 Katy Perry recorded a duet with Elmo for the children’s show Sesame Street. Her segment never aired it was said that the parents felt Katy’s outfit was too revealing and inappropriate for kids to see and so the producers took her song out of the episode


Katty is not only a successful singer and performer but she has also written songs for other popular artists as well including a Nicki Minaj Selena Gomez and Britney Spears.

She wrote the song get on your knees by Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande. She also wrote BlackWidow which is sung by Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora, rock God by Selena Gomez and the scene and passenger by Britney Spears


Katy has multiple tattoos she has ones that represent every tour that she’s done.

She also has a cherry blossom and a peppermint and a strawberry on her ankles. A Jesus tattoo on her wrist.

She even brought a tattoo artist with her on tour and let him work on her tour for the dancers and crew

Scarlett Johansson

It’s been said that the inspiration behind Katy’s song I kissed a girl was actress Scarlett Johansson. Katie put rumors to rest and revealed that the song was inspired by a girl she met when she was
just 17. Perry also claims that she’s never even kissed Scarlett before. Miley Cyrus thinks the song is written about her sounds like both of them might have a girl crush on Katy we’ll let you decide

Favorite Food

Unlike a lot of celebrities and models, Katy Perry loves to eat. Isn’t afraid to do so in front of the camera. She adores Asian food and some of her favorite meals are crispy beef Chinese chicken salad and yellowtail sashimi. Her favorite thing to snack on is Ritz crackers according to her American Idol Co-star Luke Bryan anyway. She also claims to have the recipe for the world’s best cherry pie


Katie told Vogue that she’s an amusement-park junkie and like many of us her favorite Park is Disneyland. So it’s not too surprising that she is a member of the Disney’s exclusive club 33. Which is a VIP only Club and restaurant in Disneyland.

Who says only kids dress up to go to Disneyland because Katy is a true Disney fan. She has dressed up as Cinderella Minnie, Mouse, and Snow White in the past


At one point Katie had plans to convert a combination to a home. But, it ended up in a legal battle with the nuns. Who owned the property in the past. The nun said that it would be a sin to sell the property to Katie. But, of course, money talks and in 2018 ended up reaching a settlement that was in her favor.

First Lady

On Katie’s 28th birthday she was lucky enough to have lunch with the first lady at the time Michelle Obama. After performing at a rally for President Barack Obama.

Talk about a birthday she’ll never forget she tweeted now my birthday is complete. With a picture of the two of them smiling with their arms around each other


Katy Perry became the first person to have reached 100 million followers on Twitter on June 2017. Even beating out Justin Bieber Barack Obama and Donald Trump

One Love

Despite growing up in a strict religious household Katie is a big supporter of gay rights. Let’s face it you can’t write a song about kissing another girl and not stand up for gay rights. She voted no for Prop 8 which was an amendment in California that said marriage is to be between a man and a woman and also supported Obama to legalize gay marriage. Nice work, Katie