Lesser Known Facts of Sridevi – The Chandani of our Heart!

As the sad news of the demise of Sridevi rushed in from Dubai, it left many people in Sadma. Sridevi who was just 54 years old passed away due to drowning. It always hurts when someone who is so talented and brilliant passes away.

To tribute her life, we would like to address some lesser known facts about Sridevi’s life that we bet you don’t know.

Did you know:

Sridevi’s real name:

Sridevi’s real name:

You only know Sridevi but her real name is actually Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan. She adopted her name to Sridevi and it got glued to her identity.

Early Bloomer:

She was the early bloomer of the industry as she started her career when she was mere 4 years old in the Tamil film ‘Thunaivan’. We can say that she was a born professional.

India’s First Female Star To Enjoy Stardom Like The Heroes:

Many actresses wish to have the stardom that she had. Sridevi was competing with bollywood stars in terms of stardom and her name was taken with the big ones. Not only this, she played the role of Rajnikanth’s step mother in the film ”Moondru Mudichu”; at a tender age of 13. At that time, she was already nine years old in the industry.

A Hollywood biggie she refused:

Hollywood biggies also loved Sridevi. The most celebrated hollywood director, Steven Spielberg had offered her the female lead in ‘Jurassic Park’. Sridevi gently refused the role saying that the role wasn’t that crucial or meaty enough for her.

Her lucky date:

Her lucky date:

She considered 7th July lucky for herself as the film Fitrat and her last released film Mom were released on that same date.

Her relationship with Mithun Chakraborty:

Mithun Chakraborty and Sridevi were said to be together for many years. Their love began on the sets of the film ‘Jaag Utha Insaan’ in 1984.

Charges like a Hero:

Sridevi is the only actress in the industry that charges as much as Amitabh Bachchan.

Master of Many:

Master of Many:

Sridevi was not only an actor but a singer as well. She sang songs for Chandni, Garjana, Sadma, and Kshana Kshanam. She was also quite known for her dance moves. Not only this, in the film ‘Heer Ranjha’, she designed a dress for herself. She was definitely versatile.

A Dedicated Actress:

Sridevi was someone who believed in delivering the best out of her performances no matter what. While shooting the song ‘Na Jaane Kaha Se Aai Hai’ she was having a 103 degree fever and yet her performance is unmatched and remembered to be her best.

While filming ‘Lamhe’ her father passed away. Even after that, she delivered some comic performance without letting the death bother her performance.

No actress today can match the level of brilliance that Sridevi had.

Death will never take her away from us. She will always be alive in our hearts.