Logitech G Pro Vs Astro A40 TR: Which One is for You?

Astro a40 tr vs logitech g pro

This is the comparison between Logitech G Pro Vs Astro A40 headset. Both are the gaming headsets. Check out which one will be best for you.

logitech gproastro a40 tr
Logitech G ProAstro A40 TR
Stellar microphone performance.
Expansive soundstage. Comfortable and sturdy.
Excellent sound.
Comfortable fit.
Good for both PC and consoles.
Underwhelming bass response causes FPS games to lack punch.
Sound bleeding.
Disappointing noise isolation.
Not great for living room setups. Expensive.
Brand Logitech Astro
Model G Pro
ColorBlackBlack, White
Driver Unit50mm40mm
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance35 ohms48 ohms
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm
Connector3.5mm Mini-stereo and PC Splitter
Weight320 g369g
Frequency Response100Hz-10KHz100 Hz – 10 kHz
Sensitivity-45 ± 3 dB

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Detail Review: 


Logitech G Pro

The G pro range from Logitech is their primary e-sports a focused range of peripherals. The design, build quality and comfort, all is pretty good in this headphone. 

Astro A40 TR

This headphone is something new from the other headphones, the difference is that it comes with the mix amp. The design of the headphones looks big and something specially for the gaming. 

logitech-pro 3


Logitech G Pro

I do like that Logitech kept it nice and simple with that full of black color scheme with the silver aluminum a logo on these softer rubberize feeling ear cuffs. The G Pro also feels extremely sturdy with the aluminum frame stretching throughout the entire headband and connects to the side of the ear cups with proper connections because of this it does allow the frame to a bend twist and open a very good amount to fit almost any header size.

Now, I do also feel that the G pro will be able to handle a drops. If you drop it or if you travel a lot it’ll be able to handle all that wear and tear without any issues. It is a bold solid and I do like that especially if you don’t want to buy a traveling headphone as well can use this for everything.

Astro A40 TR

They are different looking than the previous Astro have headsets, still the same basic design. You got your barrels as your adjusters but a little bit more of an adult style look and still the detachable microphone.

It looks like they’re somewhat open backed and they don’t sound like completely closed. Overall a headset, it’s very nice. Now Astro is probably the gold standard when it comes to gaming headsets. I mean they’re the most high-end and they’ve been around the longest. When you hold an astro headset in your hands you kind of know that it’s gonna do what it needs to do. So, very high quality build, nice matte plastic with the metal construction, there’s metal reinforcing the band and there’s sort of floats.


Logitech G Pro

For comfort, the G pro certainly has that down with it being nice and light and having a good amount of padding for the ear band and they’re also the nicer, softer memory foam, leatherette ear cushions. The cushions has a good amount of padding that allows for a long a comfortable like gaming a sessions. The ear cups do also make a proper seal around your ear.

Good sound isolation and also a low amount of a bleed. Clamping force was also a good if it just being enough not to to easily fall off your head if we do shake her head around on normal amounts but also not too much to really crush your skull. I had very little issues with my ear scratching and against the driver. Now I didn’t notice some irritation after a lot longer periods at a time but it wasn’t that bad especially compared to some other headsets out there but user experience is going to differ depending on your ear shape. But also, it was really comfortable for me.

Astro A40 TR

There’s nice padding on the headset. They are very comfortable and fit nice on the head and no hard points, no pain points or anything like that, it did just fit nicely.

astro a40 tr 1


Logitech G Pro

You do get a detachable two meter a braided cable with a inner line controller that allows you to adjust the volume and also a mute your microphone. Along with that you do get a splitter for your microphone and your headphone audio and then finally you do get your USB DAC.

Astro A40 TR

The big change for this new model is the new style of mix amp. It works to roll the button horizontally. Through this you’ve got your game / voice chat mixer. So, all the way to if you need more of your of your buddy as while you’re playing then you go a little bit over here to the voice side, if you need a little bit more game because people are screaming then you need to go a little bit more over to left side button. Overall both of these knobs have a really nice resistance. We have Dolby and then a pass through. You can press the upper button and it’ll activate Dolby and then you press the lower button to go the pass through.

There are also four presets in mix amp and you just access each of them by pressing the button. I just used the first preset that’s the one that sounded most natural to me. I’ve been playing a lot of battlefield 5, firestorm and I find that the directionality with this preset is just about as good as you can hope for. I can really hear things incredibly well.

There’s a different models in Mix Amp. This particular model has a switch to connect to ps4 and PC. There’s also chat link so you can link multiple mix apps together and then you’ve got your stream output, so this is where you can output and mix other things together with this. Then, your aux input, this might also be an output that’s where you plug in something like an mp3 player. The power comes One thing that I like is that now we have a full optical input as opposed to the mini optical input that it’s been on most of the other mix amps. So, you don’t have to have that special cable means any optical cable that you have will work with this.

They do have something called the Astro command center. It’s a program for the PC that you can download and it’s supposed to let you set with EQ and create your own presets and that kind of thing. However, I tried on two separate pc’s and I could not get the command center software to recognize the mixer.

Logitech_G_PRo 4


Logitech G Pro

You do get a detachable, bendable a mic. It sounds really a good. It’s not as nasally as a lot of other gaming headsets, it sounds really clear. It doesn’t pick up pops that easily it has to be really close your mouth to do that and I’m just overall impressed with this microphone.

Now, the mic does not have any noise cancellation. There is a noise removal feature inside the G Hub software but I didn’t find that I did that much so it might make a tiny bit of a difference if your room is loud but for me it didn’t do that big of a difference. You do have the folders that you can apply and software like stream labs or OBS.

If you are primarily going to use your microphones headset for like your streaming or just chatting with your friends that’s one of your biggest points then check out the a blue voice technology with the X model because that will give you the options of controlling a lot more settings to improve the quality. Especially, if we’re going to use it for your streaming but overall it actually sounds really good as it is.

Astro A40 TR

One problem I have is the mic. This mic is like super long and when I put the headset on it seems like that’s where it should be but any time I breathe out of my nose or out of my mouth, I have to pull it back further to get the breath.

It seems like the mic volume goes lower. Maybe if it were just a little shorter and came just to the corner of your mouth that might be a better solution.


Logitech G Pro

The 50 millimeter neodymium drivers delivers a good amount of a volume and a very well of balanced frequency range. The highs might be a tad a lower than the mids and lows but overall the G pro sounded really good, not amazing but definitely good for a this price range gaming headset. For gaming the stereo surround delivered a good special awareness to pick up a footsteps and a gun fires direction.

You do have the option of either using the G Pro with the standard 3.5 millimeter jack or you can use the included USB and DAC that definitely sounds a better. It doesn’t set the volume a lot a more but makes the audio sound a lot clearer and overall I would just recommend it because it does make a noticeable a difference in the audio.

Astro A40 TR

The overall sound is pretty much what I’ve heard from Astro products, I’ve come to know astro sound signature as like somewhat woolly means it kind of gives you that lower and mids a little bit and a little bit more bass. But, it sounds good for gaming and that’s what really matters. They do sound very nice when used with the Mix Amp for gaming. A lot of people seem to like that sound signature.

astro a40 tr 4


Logitech G Pro

The G pro is certainly a top contender for this price range or under $100 a gaming headset which is delivering a good audio. The microphone is also surprising actually really good which are light, it’s extremely comfortable and then it does have a really sturdy construction which I love. Finally, if you are a planning on actually using this headset, a microphone for your primary mic then maybe go for the X model, you can improve your micro quality. I’ve heard the difference, it is pretty noticeable, so you do have that option.

Astro A40 TR

There’s lot of good improvements. I like the layout of the mix amp, it looks a little bit more like it would fit on your desktop as opposed to the more gamer you look of the previous mix amps. I think that it has all the features that you could want, most of the sound presets sound pretty good.

The headphones themselves are very comfortable, they don’t cause you any pain. They sound pretty good I wouldn’t use them for music listening but I do appreciate them for what I can hear footsteps, explosions, etc in gaming. So, they’re probably one of the better sounding headsets on the market. I think they’ve made it better with this new design, it’s worthfor all the included stuffs and the mix amp.