Logitech G Pro Vs HP Omen Mindframe: Which Should You Choose?

hp omen mindframe vs logitech g pro

This is the comparison of Logitech G Pro and the HP Omen Mindframe headset. Both are the good headset with good sound, comfort, stylish design. But, some special feature makes them stand out.

logitech gprohp omen mindframe
Logitech G ProHP Omen Mindframe
Stellar microphone performance.
Expansive soundstage. Comfortable and sturdy.
Novel FrostCap technology. Automatically adjusting headband.
Decent sound.
Underwhelming bass response causes FPS games to lack punch.
Sound bleeding.
Disappointing noise isolation.
Imprecise fit.
No audio-tweaking options. FrostCap can be uncomfortable.


ColorBlack Black
Driver Unit50mm40mm Neodymium
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz15 Hz – 22 KHz
Impedance35 Ohms 32 Ω @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm95 dB
Connector3.5mm/ USBUSB 2.0 Type-A, USB 2.0
Weight320 g480g / 1.05 lb
Impedance3300 Ohm
Frequency Response100Hz-10KHz100 Hz – 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity-38 dB
FeaturesFrostcap technology.
7.1 surround sound.
Customizable RGB light.
Self-adjusting suspension headband.
Real time voice feedback.

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The OMEN by HP Mindframe headset is great for gaming. The real allure though is the active cooling, and for someone that needs it, the technology works well. At $200, the cooling is what you’re paying for as other customizable options are a bit lean and they’re only fully functional with a PC. While they’re a great set overall, if you don’t need the extra cooling there are other similarly priced models that sound as good and are more versatile.

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Omen’s Mindframe headset is one hell of an idea on paper: stuffing two thermoelectric cooler stuffed into a headset you’d have a hard time discerning from the rest. Yet, despite its technical curiosity, this unique headset simply cannot deliver…

Detail Review: 


Logitech G Pro

This is the pro headset of the Logitech which is specially used gaming but it’s also good for listening music. In this, the design, build and also sound all are good enough for this price. 

HP Omen Mindframe

This is the first headset in the world which comes with the frostcap technology means the ear gets cool from the drivers. All the features are good enough in this headset with some little negative points.

logitech g pro 13


Logitech G Pro

This headset looks stylish and elegant rather than boring. This headset is designed with full of matte black color and silver logo on the back of the ear-cups with padding on the headband. It look good and the build quality is also nice. It’s made of premium plastic. 

HP Omen Mindframe

It feels very very premium, looks very stylish also. Obviously, you’re not going to wanna wear these outside though, they do scream a bit too much gaming. This headset has the frostcap technology, I can already feel the coldness coming from the ear cups that is actually very weird.


Logitech G Pro

Logitech G pro gaming headset is probably one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn. The ear cups and pads of the headset are made of the nice leather material and they also provide spare ear cups with this cloth feel, both feel comfortable and they are easy to switch and change to your liking. I personally prefer the leather because it just feels like higher quality.

The band of the headset is made of this hard plastic shell and steel enters when adjusting it makes it as simple as any other headset. There are indicated indents to how tight or loose you want your headset to be which is just a really nice touch.

HP Omen Mindframe

As for the build quality, at first I thought the whole frame of the headset was one solid piece of metal and that holding the ear cups were made of metal as well. But unfortunately, It’s the plastic but I feel like HP went with higher premium plastic. As my overall impression is that it feels nothing like a sheep headset and there is zero squeaks or weird noises coming from the headset when you bend it slightly. Unlike many other gaming headset, you’re not gonna be able to swivel the cups and the headband cannot be adjusted like the Arctics headset for example. Still though, I find the resistant on the headband being on spot more or less and that kind of brings us over to the Comfort.

Headband to have a pretty solid resistance, it’s not too loose and it’s not too stiff either and it should be enough space in between the frame and the headband and should be enough for even bigger heads. Ear cup cushions are made of a breathable, moisture, wicking fabric helping them stay cool and dry during extended use and the other very comfortable even after hours of music listening and longer gaming sessions. The cooling definitely plays a role and that sort of leads us over to durability.

Considering the weight, the technology in cooling, the RGB and the non detachable cable, if you happen to get stuck into something, I don’t think this headset would survive that many drops. So, you’ve to be careful with this if you decide to pick it up.

hp omen mindframe 2


Logitech G Pro

The headset comes with a 2 metre long cable. So, it should be long enough to fit any gaming setup along with the audio / microphone splitter for any PC users out there. The cable also includes inline volume adjusts and a mute switch. These little details make this headset have the most easy access and ease.

There’a also G hub software in which you set your all EQ settings. Also, you can adjust your mic volume and headset volume. Also, you do have many other settings and presets which can make the headset sound a lot better and different. 

HP Omen Mindframe

There is a volume dial on one side of the ear cup. On the top, You will get a self-adjusting a suspension headband. HP is fairly new to PC gaming. In such a saturated market it’s very hard to stand out these days. This headset is the first ever in the world actually to have active cooling inside the ear cups, HP calls this frost cap. Inside your ear cups, there are two thermoelectric coolers that is actively cooling the aluminum speakers grill plates near the ears. You can feel it pretty right away after just plugging in the USB. It’s a subtle, dry feeling around your ears, it’s very weird but it’s pretty awesome feeling.

The cooling intensity can be adjusted in three steps after the first few hours I had it set to full intensity and that makes my ear quite cold actually almost to the point that they starting to hurt a bit which is a very weird feeling and it was a bit worried that the cooling wasn’t going to be strong enough. If you’re finding the cooling to be a too aggressive, you can adjust it inside the command center app where you have a total of three intensity levels.

logitech g pro 14


Logitech G Pro

There’s a retractable microphone attached on the left ear cup. The microphone has metal body and also comes with a cover. The wire has a mute switch, so you have press the button on the wire to mute or unmute the mic. 

The microphone does the job well by ignoring the background noises. It sound good enough and clear. We can easily listen the voice in this microphone. 

HP Omen Mindframe

The microphone is non detachable and as you bring it all the way up, it will mute itself and it will start illuminating in red solid light. As you bring it down, it will unmute itself, you will hear a sound going.

In terms of sound quality, it delivers a very crisp sound. I’m quite surprised how far we have come in terms of microphones on gaming headset nowadays. Microphone is also great.


Logitech G Pro

This headset sounds amazing. The noise cancellation and sound quality is up to par with all the big-time headsets out there. The sound is so surreal and the Dolby quality grading helps with that too, making you feel as if you aren’t in the game. The sound of this headset is phenomenal and it really makes a big impact when you’re gaming. I can hear my entire surroundings from forwards to backwards left and right, east, south, north, and west. This headset really gives you the edge when it comes to hearing your opponents and sound of your games.

The bass is punchy and there’s a great low end performance. You can easily feel the punchy bass even in listening music. Logitech G Pro is also nice to listen music. 

HP Omen Mindframe

I’ve done a few basic test series, a few surround tests and a general frequency response test. In terms of sound, Mindframe offers excellent sound actually. Although I wish the software that comes with the headset, command center has more options unlike SteelSeries engine when you have options for surround sound, mic monitoring, mic sensitivity, EQ etc,. HP’s app is a joke in comparison, I mean shouldn’t we expect a bit more from a software standpoint for this price range. I hope HP get theater and fixes this quickly because the current state of the app is nothing to talk about at all fact if it wasn’t for the fact that the app can control and adjust the cooling intensity inside ear cups.

Now, the Mindframe is a great sound and close back ear phones. They offers a solid base that unfortunately lack a bit of that extra oomph but more of that in a second means that are very well balanced and a very solid treble range. Bass is a bit under represented which you will notice when you expose yourself like hip-hop, EDM or getting near explosions.

In video games, I was noticing quite a few times a significant decrease of low prompt and treble means I gonna get lots bass here. They sound great but it could have been slightly more present here. Now, in terms of treble they are not as sharp as the Arctis which I personally like and you’re not going to get at aggressive sharp tones even on higher volume. You can obviously use an EQ to fix some of the bass that is obviously a possibility should be added.



Logitech G Pro

Overall, the Logitech G pro gaming headset is super high quality for its price range. I can really see the difference in my game. In all thoughts, I have a really positive opinion on this headset and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for one.

This headset provides great mic and sound quality along with the comfort, any player needs to play their favorite games.

HP Omen Mindframe

I definitely think HP’s done a great job. The frost cap is a very nice idea, the active cooling makes them feel dry and fresh even after hours of use and if this is something that is important to you then by all means, you definitely want to purchase this one because there’s no other options out there currently. In terms of sound, they do sound amazing except the unemphasized bass.