Logitech G Pro X Vs Logitech G Pro: A Detailed Headset Comparison

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Logitech G Pro X Logitech G Pro
Excellent sound quality. Versatile.
Comfortable build.
Useful mic features.
Stellar microphone performance.
Expansive soundstage.
Comfortable and sturdy.
Hard to get a good fit. Underwhelming bass response causes FPS games to lack punch.
Sound bleeding.
Disappointing noise isolation.


ModelG Pro XG Pro
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Mode7.1 channel surroundSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity91.7 dB107 dB
Impedance32 Ohm32 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Width3.7 in3.7 in
Depth5.4 in5.4 in
Height7.7 in7.7 in
Weight11.29 oz11.29 oz
FeaturesBlue VO!CE mic technology – Sound richer and clearer with advanced noise reduction, compression, de-esser and more.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 – Detect enemies from all sides with next-gen 7.1 channel and object-based positional surround sound.

Durable, comfortable build – Premium aluminum forks, adjustable steel headband, comfortable memory foam headband + earpads.

Large 50mm Pro-G Drivers – Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

Pro-tuned EQ profiles – Download profiles tuned by pro gamers or design your own via G HUB software.

Detachable 6mm Mic+ – Large mic for amazingly clear voice comms.

Foldaway, Noise-Cancelling Mic.
Durable build – Premium aluminum forks and adjustable steel headband.

Supreme comfort – Soft memory foam headband + earpads wrapped in premium leatherette.

Large 50mm Pro-G Drivers – Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

Pro-tuned EQ profiles – Download profiles tuned by pro gamers or design your own via G HUB software.

Detachable 6mm Mic+ – Pro-grade with pop filter mic for amazingly clear voice comms.

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This is about the same brand headphone comparison which is Logitech G Pro x and Logitech G pro. The G Pro X is a new model of the previous model G Pro. Check out the difference in both the product and which one is worth for their price.


Logitech G Pro x

This is the newest release to the G Pro product line and as a follow up of the previous G Pro headset. One of the things about the Pro X is their collaboration with blue, Logitech actually acquired blue a little over a year ago.

Logitech G pro

This is about the Logitech G pro headphone. This headphone is a lightweight and with a decent build quality. It also has pretty much good audio and mic performance.

Logitech-G-PRO-X 1

Design & Features

Logitech G Pro x

We had the more clean and minimal design language to the Pro X. It reminded me of something like the HyperX headsets or something from like Bayer dynamic and from the headband to the ear cuffs it just had that similar design to it. We have the same 50 millimeter Pro G drivers from the previous G Pro headset. These have been slightly tuned and upgraded in that sense.

Also, inside the box you get a separate pair of cloth memory foam ear pads. This is in addition to be leather ear-pads that are stock on the headset, you have the USB sound card for the PCs and you could take advantage of their software. They give you a rubber mobile cable with a mic mute button, the PC splitter for dedicated mic and the headset jacks, a console MPC braided cable which has volume control and it is a foot longer than the rubber one and the detachable microphone.

There is very minimal terms of the design. There are no buttons on the headset, you do have the inline controls on the cable. The real flashiness are coming with this brushed nickel or brushed aluminum branding on the side of the ear cups but other than that it’s all matte black and stealthy.

Logitech G Pro

The headphone is just plain black, everything about this is black and stealthy. To be honest, in gaming that’s a huge plus, everything seems to have like bright bold colors or RGB lighting doesn’t seems stealth.

The accessories available with this headphone are three-and-a-half millimeter cable, the volume control and mic mute button is actually located on the cable itself and with this being the normal three-and-a-half millimeter cable, you can use this on your PC, ps4, Xbox. Now, if you are gonna use these with PC, they do come with the splitter cable. You have input for headset and then the input for microphone and also the extra ear pads.



Logitech G Pro x

In terms of the construction and the flexibility, it does expand to fit a wider variety of heads. The ear cups they do rotate on the yoke a little bit but they don’t revolve. So, I would have liked a little bit more rotation on the ear cups but everything very comfortable. It’s lightweight, there’s ample padding on the top of the headband, good clamping pressure. There’s no pressure points or anything, a very comfortable headset for long-term use. You will be comfortable after wearing glasses also.

Logitech G Pro

The actual ear-pads in the headphone is leatherette material. They also give you the option by sending you these micro suede material ear pads as well and these are seem to have a little more breathable.

When you pick them up they’re really light. The ear cups are extremely large, these thing will be fir for all the sizes and you’ll have no problem. These are definitely over the ear.

The left and right are marked on the inside part of the headband and the notches on the side like aluminum or metal slider inside is good for the adjustment. So, without doubt these will last a long time because you don’t have a lot of moving parts, they don’t fold, they do swivel and you can put on your neck. There’s just no tightness in the headphone at all. It will be comfortable to wear for the long period of time, I think this made with the aim for pro gamers. The padding on the top is just a thin leather material but I don’t think a thick padding is necessary because these weigh nothing.

logitech g pro x2

Microphone Performance

Logitech G Pro x

There is a collaboration with blue audio, you have a damn good mic. The software of G hub is very extensive. In this, you could literally adjust everything you would possibly want to adjust. So, they have tons of different EQ from the regular blue voice presets to TSM myth. In some of the preset ones from blue, you have the AM radio which give more that radio sound effect.

In this software, you can adjust everything. It’s to the point where you could spend a lot of time perfecting your microphone, so you have full control of all the EQ down from things like the high-pass filter, the noise reduction, the expander gate of the limiter compressor, de-esser but it’s not just limited, you can go in and also fully adjust everything to those settings. You have tons of preset once built in, you can go and create your own. Also, this has a separate mic test button, so you can go in and record your voice for a few seconds and then loop it over and over. So, you could hear what the mic sounds like and then it will save that mic recording and go through and adjust it to whatever you are changing.

It’s definitely an impressive mic or impressive software for the pro-x and the advantage of having that control in the software is you don’t have to do a lot of work in post-production. You still have to use the the actual USB sound card or the DAC because this is what gives you that control to use it inside the software. Without the USB and DAC, you don’t have that control.

Logitech G Pro

The microphone is detachable. They do a good job of being able to bend and position them the way you want. The microphone on this is pretty incredible. I think they really do gear this towards pro gamers. It’s extremely clear and crisp. it even picks up bass tones in vocals really well. This is actually a pretty impressive microphone. For this much price, this microphone is honestly one of the best.

logitech g Pro 3

Sound Performance

Logitech G Pro x

In terms of the actual sound quality, these do have a very natural flat curve. So, you can hear more of how things were intended to sound. It means, the bass isn’t gonna be as booming as you might expect and that can be adjust in the software and in return the sound-stage is slightly limited because these are obviously closed back and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sound good. In a lot of cases, you do want a more natural sound because you’re gonna be hearing things more naturally that means directional audio is gonna be spot-on in every regard. It does sound very good.

You do have the extra set of cloth ear pads but with the cloth ear pads, it does slightly change up the sound quality of the pro-x, more specifically in like the lower and mids and the lows. With the leather ear-pads, the bass gets to trapped in there and that’s good but with the cloth that kind of gets absorbed, it’s not huge but it is noticeable. So, out of the box there is a very natural sounding headset which also means things like music and movies are gonna sound really good as well. A lot of headsets has exaggerated sound of bass and highs but this sounds a lot more natural which is probably gonna be a refresher to some of the people who are not used to that very natural.

You have the full EQ control, you can go in and enable the surround sound but I would definitely avoid. I think some of the other EQ sound better than the emulated surround sound they have which is kind of odd and disappointing. In this, the emulated surround sound is not great. You could still adjust the sound-stage to that surround sound with the different EQ but for me, I just did not think it was worthy of being enabled. I would definitely stick to the stock stereo sound quality or if you want to go in and explore the different EQ, you can do it freely because it just sounds a lot better than their emulated surround sound.

Logitech G Pro

When it comes to clarity, I didn’t have any issues. I felt like everything came in pretty clear and I felt like the volume level was adequate that’s not like extremely loud. They could use a little bit more volume, so it got me wondering. When plugged into an amp, they just became a whole different headset. It started to sound like a really high-end headset. This headset is very capable of being able to handle anything that you want to throw at it and if you want to push it to higher levels or if you want to adjust to get bass to be really punchy, you can if you want your highs and mids to be pushed really forward.

The sound space and these are surprisingly pretty open and when these were not amp, they felt a little more closed in. Overall, if you directly connect to any device you will be want something little bit more in sound but if you invest in any amp then the sound is super comfortable.

If you’re wanting to run these straight and without an amp, there are better options out there but if you’re gonna run these into an amp that makes these on a whole other level and they compete with headsets that are 2 to 3 times as much.

Logitech-G-PRO-X- 4


Logitech G Pro x

I think this is a phenomenal pick up for this price. I’m really impressed what they did with the G Pro X. The design to it being a lot more sleek and minimal is a big plus. The construction is really good. The sound quality is great and the mic performance is phenomenal. I am recommending this as that all in one headset solution because you have the great sounding drivers and the great sounding mic with the full control from the blue voice and I think it is worth the price.

Logitech G Pro

Material-wise and build quality wise it’s a fairly inexpensive headset especially being able to switch out ear pads and having a mic that sounds amazing. I personally found the sweet spot by plugging these into an amp and find that they’re a really good value at this price.

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