Logitech G332 Vs G432: What is the Difference?

logitech g332 vs g432

This is the comparison between the Logitech G332 and the G432. Both are from the same company and they are the same series models. There’s some difference between them and checkout for which model you want.

logitech g332logitech G432
Logitech G332Logitech G432
Stereo mix is exceptional. Quality cushions.
Plug and Play simplicity.
Priced competitively.
Good sound.
Comfortable fit.
Versatile connections.
Tight around the head.
Smaller cups around the ears.
Dated design.
Loose ear cups.
Need USB connection for best audio.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output ModestereoSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107dB S.P.L. at 1KHz107dB +/- 3dB
Impedance39 ohm39 ohm
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100 Hz – 20 KHz100 Hz – 20 KHz
Width3.2 in4.2 in
Depth7.2 in9.1 in
Height6.8 in7.8 in
Weight9.13 oz19.93 oz
FeaturesLarge 50mm Drivers. Enjoy a complete, cinematic gaming experience.

Lightweight with rotating leatherette ear pads for enhanced comfort during long gaming sessions.

Large mic for clear voice comms plus flip-to-mute and volume control for added convenience.

Connects to PC, mobile, and game consoles, including Playstation 4 and Xbox One via a 3.5mm input.
Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape.

Lightweight with leatherette swivel ear pads for supreme comfort during long gaming sessions.

Large mic for clear voice comms plus flip-to-mute and volume control for added convenience.

Connects to PC via a 3.5mm input or USB DAC. Connects to mobile, and game consoles, including Playstation 4 and Xbox One via a 3.5mm input.

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The Logitech G332 is not trying to be the most feature rich headset around, but it has what you need. It’s a straightforward experience, though the sound quality is much better than expected given the entry-level…

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Das Preis: € 48,99 teure Headset von Logitech ist qualitativ sehr gut und wird für viele und lange Gaming-Sessions ausreichen. Das Design ist eine nette Abwechslung. Das einzige Problem ist die nicht vorhandene Software-Unterstützung und der damit…

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Logitech ha calato il poker con le nuove cuffie, rinnovando l’intera gamma dedicata al gaming. Tuttavia, le entry-level G332 e G432 soffrono la concorrenza sia di brand competitor sia di altri prodotti Logitech. Se dal punto di vista audio ci sono…

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Expert Reviews of Logitech G432: 

By Impulsegamer 
At the end of the day, the Logitech G Gaming Headset is a decent headset for gamers on the budgets and is an honest product in terms of audio quality and design. Add in a Logitech inspired gaming design and overall, the Logitech G Gaming Headset ticked…

The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset owes a lot to its predecessor, the G430, especially in the looks department. Because of that they feel a little dated. They make up for it in their sound quality though, at least through USB where they rival headsets twice their price. Some of that quality is compromised when the USB soundcard is removed, but they still provide an enjoyable experience on consoles.

By PCMag
The Logitech G432 is a capable wired gaming headset that includes a 7.1-channel USB sound card for use with a PC, but its design and performance lag behind the…

By Tom’s Guide
Four years later, the G432 is a much better product than its predecessor, featuring much-improved audio drivers and a few smart tweaks in design. But a lot of the same drawbacks are present, including a cheap feel and an imperfect fit.Overall, though, I…

By Hardcoregamer
The most important aspect about the Logitech G432 is the sound, and for the price, it really can’t be beat in terms of sound quality and options. This headset contains all the technology of a $160 headset for half the price. Fantastic theater-like quality that includes the option for 7.1 Surround Sound and DTS Headphone:X 2.0 is a steal for the price.

Detail Review:


Logitech G332

This is just a simple headset with a simple features. The design is quite good but comfort-wise, it’s not that much good. The mic and sound is also very simple and nothing very special. 

Logitech G432

This is a updated revision new version made of the Logitech G430. This headset also have software to adjust many things and also in that software there are many features.

Logitech G332


Logitech G332

It feels pretty solid like that all the plastic. It’s all plastic first but it feels pretty solid and thick and it feels durable. It’s not heavy by any means but it does feel solid. Now, it is really nice for the head extend and it’s metal in there, so it gives you that durability.

It has a really nice swivel on them as well, they go all the way flat and you got a little bit of give that way to catch the back of your head. You’ve got the pretty decent swivel like up and down. They’re gonna fit any head shape and it’s gonna fit really nice.

Logitech G432

It’s plastic, it’s light and has a matte black finish. On the ear cups you got the Logitech logo. It is pleather, so it’s the fake leather and if you listen, it’s a little squeaky. If you open them up you do have the metal adjustable band on either side.


Logitech G332

For comfort, they’re not bad. For a low a budget to mid-range headset, it’s not bad. It’s pretty comfortable. You got nice padding on the top and on a side. There’s plenty of padding but the padding isn’t the softest.

I always search for like really plush and soft fabric padding but these are all that pleather. So, your ears are gonna get a little heat in them and that goes along with any of these pleather lined ear cups for headsets. But, it’s comfortable, it’s not the most comfortable by any means but the only downfall would be the softness of padding. It’s a little bit firmer padding, so a maybe it’ll hold up a little longer. It’s not uncomfortable but it’s not the most comfortable I ever felt.

Logitech G432

The comfort is quite good in this headset. It has the pleather material on the ear-cups. You will have to readjust the headset on a break o half an hour to avoid the pressure point on the head and probably this will be for the large head people. Otherwise, it’s comfortable. It can swivel and you can also lay them on your neck. 

logitech g432 2


Logitech G332

Out the box, you get your headset,it is a 3.5 millimeter connection. So, it’s gonna work across every device from console to Music Player to PC to anything. Also, for the PC it gives you the splitter cable for your mic and your sound in it so that’s pretty cool. The mic can flipped down and flip up to mute. Now on the backside, we have the volume rocker that goes up or down for your game volume.

Logitech G432

The headset itself has 50 millimeter drivers. It has a frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and an impedance of 39 ohms, so should work fine on any computer. The microphone now is a 6 millimeter microphone. This headset works with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and also has a three-and-a-half millimeter jack. So, you can choose whether you do the USB input or you use a three-and-a-half millimeter. It does have the ability to do the surround sound.

You have the flip down mic and it’s supposed to be a slightly better microphone. On the back of the left ear cup, you have a volume rocker. The ear cups do rotate so if you can lay them flat on your neck. The cord itself is rubber, it is not braided. On one end you have your three-and-a-half millimeter input or the other option is to take the three-and-a-half millimeter input and plug it into there and now you have your USB sound-card. So, you can do your surround sound. It also comes with a splitter, with the splitter you’re able to have your mic and your headset input on your computer.

I do actually find it pretty handy to have the volume gain behind the ear cup on the left side and I noticed that squeaking you will not hear when it’s actually on your head. Now keep in mind, this is a closed back headset. So it’s not gonna allow a ton of noise in or a ton of noise out. It is not going to leak a lot of the noise out of the headset itself because these are pleather. So, your ears will get a little warm on long gaming sessions.

The software of logitech does allow you to turn on a feature called voice monitoring. So, you can actually hear yourself into your own headset. So, you can know if you’re talking too loud or talking to quiet and so forth.

There’s a couple things that you benefit from by hooking it up to your computer through USB. Now the headset is recognized by the Logitech Gaming software that allows you to have full control over the headset and if you have other Logitech peripherals, it’s nice because you have everything in one piece of software.

logitech g332 1


Logitech G332

You got nice flex in the mic. I mean, it actually stays and you can put it wherever you want. It’s nice because when it’s down and you flex it, it’s totally out of your view like you don’t see it at all. The mic sounds good. For me and my playback and everything it sounds really good in my opinion.

Logitech G432

The mic sound is pretty good when its hooking uop with the help of 3.5 mm jack. It can used for gaming and web chat etc. You can’t use this budget headset for any professional use. The microphone quality might sound slightly different when it’s not hooked up directly into the motherboard using the three-and-a-half millimeter and when it’s actually using the USB. The thing I like is the flip up microphone, if you flip it up it mutes.


Logitech G332

As far as sound in PC, it sounded kind of low to me. Now, when you plug these into PC with the splitter, it doesn’t register on the Logitech software. So you don’t have your mixer or your EQ, so you can download a program for that.

On PC they didn’t sound that good, they sound is very low, the sound was balanced. On the PlayStation and the Nintendo switch, they sounded fantastic like they were balanced and they were crisp. You don’t have that overpowered bass by any means. it’s just truly solid quality sound is what it felt and I liked it across the board on the switch and the PlayStation. So, if you are looking for any consoles or switch, it will be workout.

Logitech G432

You can control everything using one piece of software. you can even have lighting sync and things like that if you’re into that kind of thing. In the software, you can go ahead and raise the volume of headset as well as mic or mute it. Also, the side tone feature which is great. If you raise this feature you’re gonna hear more of your voice back through the headset in real time. If someone else is in the room trying to talk to you, you can actually hear them. I really love this feature and I wish every headset had this feature. There’s the noise removal.

If you’re into the surround sound, you can set it up and you can test it and the software works great. Also, you have the equalizer. So, you can choose whether you want a flat sound, bass boost. It tries to give you a good sound, for instance maybe a shooter it would allow you to hear more high-end noises maybe it’s like footsteps and things like that that would come through a little bit better. Anyway, you can mess with the equalizer.

This headset gives you a good sound for gaming and also for listening music. You can use the software to get a better or different sound as much as you can. Hooking up the headset with the 3.5 mm jack, the sound is decent on the headset and it’s pretty good for gaming.

logitech-g432 1


Logitech G332

I thought in my opinion that mic was phenomenal. I can’t say that it’s fully comfortable but it’s comfortable again it’s not the best. When you get into this price range for a headset which I mean for the mid-range to budget headset, there are lots of headsets in the competition. In that all you may choose this one, this will also work good. But, when you see this for under $40, just pick it.

Logitech G432

For this price range, it’s pretty damn good. I like it a lot, the sound works great. For this price range you get good sound, control through the software and the microphone is also not bad. It actually sounds pretty good and it is fully adjustable. The headset is very light. There’s a two downsides which it is plastic and it does feel a little cheap in the hands even though it works great and the second thing is that I do wish that had different color options.