Logitech G403 Hero vs G502 Hero: Which One is Worth Buying?

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This is the comparison of the Logitech G403 Hero and the G502 Hero mouse. Both are refreshed models of Logitech with the change of sensor. Here, you may get the answer that which one is better between these mouse. We consider the price, features, and everything before making the decision.

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Logitech G403 HeroLogitech G502 Hero
Hero sensor is outstanding.
Ergonomic design feels great in the hand.
Reasonably priced.
Solid build quality.
Flawless sensor.
Buttons for all your needs.
Adjustable weights.
Smartly placed LEDs.
Only six programmable buttons.DPI indicators don’t stay lit.
Side grips could be better.
Narrow for large hands.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
InterfaceUSB2.4 GHz, USB
Movement Detection TechnologyHERO sensorHERO sensor
Movement Resolution25600 dpi16000 dpi
Performance1 ms response time, 40 G maximum acceleration, report rate: 1000 Hz, up to 400 inches per second1 ms response time, 40 G maximum acceleration, report rate: 1000 Hz, up to 400 inches per second
Buttons Qty611
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7 or laterWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS
Width2.7 in3 in
Depth4.9 in5.2 in
Height1.7 in1.6 in
Weight3.08 oz4.27 oz
FeaturesHERO 25K Sensor: Our most advanced gaming sensor with 1:1 tracking, 400+ IPS, and 100 – 25,600 max dpi sensitivity – plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration.

LIGHTSYNC RGB: Full-spectrum lighting responds to in-game action, audio, and screen color ; customize lighting effects from up to 16.8M colors with G HUB gaming software and sync across G gear.

Comfort and Durability: Lightweight (87g), comfortably designed to mold to your hand with rubber grips for added control ; 10g removable weight lets you tune to your preferences.

G HUB Gaming Software: Configure 6 programmable buttons to simplify in-game actions / On-the-fly DPI shifting lets you program and switch between five sensitivity settings from 100 to 16,000 dpi.

Advanced gaming performance: 8X faster than standard mice with a 1 ms report rate, and spring button tensioning for better response with less force.
HERO is our most accurate gaming sensor ever with next-gen precision and a ground-up architecture. With the fastest frame rate processing yet, HERO is capable of 400+ IPS across the 100 – 16,000 dpi range with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. HERO achieves competition-level precision and the most consistent responsiveness ever. Be sure to customize and tune your DPI settings using Logitech G HUB.

11 Programmable Buttons: Use Logitech G HUB to program your favorite commands and macros to each of the 11 buttons. Build, crouch, melee, heal … put your power moves at your fingertips. Save ready-to-play profiles directly to the mouse to take your settings with you anywhere.

Tunable Weight: Fine tune mouse feel and glide to your advantage. Five 3.6g weights come with G502 HERO and are configurable in a variety of front, rear, left, right and center weighted configurations. Experiment with the alignment and balance to find the sweet spot to optimize your gaming performance.

Lightsync RGB: LIGHTSYNC technology is next generation RGB that can be driven by games, audio, or your screen to deliver the most immersive RGB experience ever. Select from a full spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colors and synchronize lighting animations and effects with your other Logitech G devices. Customize it all quickly and easily using Logitech G HUB.

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Logitech G403 Hero

This is a simple gaming mouse with six programmable buttons and a hero sensor. It’s a refreshed model with some changes. There are some good features and for this cheap price, this mouse is considered a great package.

Logitech G502 Hero

We all know that Logitech G502 is one of the famous gaming mice which is available currently in the market. In my opinion, Logitech G502 is one of the best gaming mouse available currently in the market. A lot of people from the gaming and tech community definitely agree that this is one of the best gaming mice available at the moment.

logitech g403-hero (1)


Logitech G403 Hero

It’s ergonomically designed the shape and everything. When you place your hand, it fits perfectly just as it should. This is the same shape as the old G403. As for the part where you could add more weights to the mouse, you just pop round-shaped weight, this is 10 grams weight so you can just place it inside and the magnet close it back in. If you want to have your mouse heavy, this is an option for you.

As for the grip and everything, it does a bit kind of feel strange when changing from a symmetrical mouse to an ergonomic Mouse but it does have a nice feel, especially with the G403. It does get a bit better response time. To be honest, this one has a much better movement. You have the kind of rubber sides, so you get a better grip while holding the mouse or while gaming.

Logitech G502 Hero

The mouse looks really great and the mouse comes with a 7 feet long braided cable. This cable is slightly thinner when compared with the previous generation 402 and I really liked it. It bends easily and doesn’t slow the mouse, it’s very quick and fast. It is very easier to manage when you are doing the cable alignment.

It has the rubber material with a triangular type of mesh texture for the grip on both sides and definitely, you won’t face any issues with this grip. This even has the texture seem kind of a triangular structure at the bottom of this Mouse The shape of this mouse is kind of suitable for the hybrid grip. It is taller but still shorter than the G402 Logitech mouse.

logitech g502 hero (1)


Logitech G403 Hero

There is a Hero sensor in this Logitech G403 Hero mouse. The Hero stands for the new optical sensor from Logitech with 16K DPI resolution. Now, this is a refreshed model with the new optical sensor. I think this is the intelligent RGB lights on the mouse that synchronize with your gaming environment and everything that goes on your screen. Then, you have an ergonomic design of the mouse. You also have a unique way to manage your buttons with the new Logitech software.

It has two buttons on the left side, you have left and right-click, you don’t have on the scroll left and right click but you just have the middle click and of course, the scroll option and you have the middle DPI switch button as well. On the bottom, you have two large mats for easy moving on the surface and you have one around the optical sensor. Your optical sensor is practically the same in all Logitech’s gaming mice that they added the title.

The RGB appears on the Logitech G logo right here and on the middle line of the scroll wheel. It’s very easy to change the DPI resolution of the mouse, you can only change it by incrementing DPI by a certain level as you decide and as you fixate or as you adjust your settings in the Logitech software.

The USB cable given here is pretty long and it’s braided. When you take into consideration that rubber cables and braided cables, rubber cables are basically more for the FPS and everything but this braided cable is really nice in terms of flexibility, it doesn’t get stuck. It goes very nicely and very easily.

Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech has relaunched this very famous G502 gaming mouse with the upgraded sensor which is 16,000 DPI and they’re calling it Logitech G502 Hero. Logitech has upgraded from their previous sensor PWM 3366 optical sensor to a new Hero sensor which has 16,000 DPI already. The previous version is one of the best in the market and this new version hero sensor is better.

The buttons are laid out very nicely on this device. Both the right and left mouse buttons are very clicky and it has the Omron switches which are rated for 50 million clicks. So, the previous version of the Proteus spectrum had 20 million clicks and this one has 50 million clicks, this is a really good upgrade. The extra buttons given on this Gaming Mouse is really accessible. So, on the left side, there is a large button for sniping which will decrease the DPI by default. So with the help of this, we can take those high precision shots. There are two other buttons on the left-hand side which are very easily accessible by the thumb and also there are two other buttons at the front which are accessible through your index finger. On the top, you have a profile switching button which is very useful to change your profiles or you can be used for your DPI intensity change.

This mouse has got a total of 11 programmable buttons which can be used as per your gaming requirement. The scrolling wheel also tilts towards the left and right and also it can be customizable to act as the individual buttons.

For the lighting, we have the DPI indicator and of course, the Logitech logo both have the RGB lighting to it and you can set any of the RGB colors on which depends on your mood and requirement. Also, it has a breathing effect in which you can control the speed and the intensity of this mouse. Now, you have the ability to adjust the weight of this mouse with the help of metal weights. In my opinion, these extra weights are no use because this mouse is already quite heavy with 121 grams and there is no need to add any weight and most of them use this mouse without adding extra weights to it.

One of the main features of this mouse is the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is made of a metal that won’t let you switch to any other Mouse once you use this which is a switchable scrolling mechanism in which Logitech has implemented it. You have a button behind the scrolling wheel which will allow you to switch the modes which let you switch between a step scrolling mode for the gaming and the second one is a free-scrolling mode which is great for most of the work we do on PC. Actually, I really like the free-scrolling mode, it’s really helpful when you have a long timeline to scroll or an excel document or editing large videos and also the web scrolling.

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Logitech G403 Hero

There is a free software called G HUB for the customizations and settings of the mouse. All the buttons on the mouse and everything can be customized as per your convenience. You can change the buttons as the keyboard shortcuts or anything from the given options. You can also change the RGB lighting of the mouse and the speed of the lighting and brightness and effect. Also, you can change many other features like DPI setting, polling rate setting, scroll speed, etc,. All the settings will be saved in your mouse, so you don’t have to change each and every setting all the time. If you have any other products of Logitech, you can also customize that from this software.

Logitech G502 Hero

In the software, you can change each and every button on this mouse to perform as an individual button. You can customize the buttons from the given options and you have a total of 11 buttons on the mouse and all are customizable. Also, you can change the RGB lighting of the mouse and you can set whatever effect you want. The DPI, speed of the scroll wheel, and many more things can be customized as per your choice and requirement. Also, the Logitech software is very simple to use, so there is no need of any guide and help for using it. 

logitech g502 hero_ (1)


Both the G403 Hero and G502 Hero works well, the performance, design, comfort, and everything is nice. The Logitech G403 Hero costs around $50 and surprisingly the G502 Hero costs around $40 which has more features and functions than the G403 Hero mouse. So, in my opinion, the G502 Hero mouse is better to buy.

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