Logitech G433 Vs G430: A Detailed Comparison and Difference

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This is the comparison between the Logitech G433 and the G430 headsets. Both are from same line series of models. There is some differences between them. Also, as per the differences the price will differs. Check out for which one you have to buy.

logitech g433logitech g430
Logitech G433Logitech G430
Attractive design.
Great mic.
PC, console and mobile compatibility.
Very comfortable.
Smart physical design.
Decent sound.
Not that comfortable.
Middling sound quality.
Tons of cables.
Limited software features.
Music sounds unimpressive.
Surround sound doesn’t deliver.


SeriesLogitech Gaming HeadsetLogitech
ModelG433 G430
Headphones Form FactorCircumauralFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Sound Output ModeSurround SoundSurround Sound
Frequency Response40 – 10000 Hz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107dB S.P.L. at 1KHz90dB SPL/mW
Impedance32 ohm32 ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenserelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz50Hz-18KHz
Width7.2 in
Depth3.5 in
Height7.4 in
Weight9.12 oz8.99 oz
FeaturesDTS Headphone: X.

PRO-G Advanced Audio driver.

Lightweight Comfort.

Console Compatible – Every game needs great audio.

Detachable, Transformable – Detachable boom mic and swapped cables.
On-cable Controls Sound control close at hand.

Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound.

Rotating Ear Cups. Multi-positional ear cups.

Sports-performance Ear Pads. A soft touch goes the distance.

Lightweight Design.
Take a load off.

Noise-cancelling Mic. Filters ambient noise.

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Expert Reviews of Logitech G430:

By Techspot
The Logitech G430 is decent value, as it offers great sound quality and is quite comfortable.

By Tom’sguide
The Logitech G430 has a stellar mic and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, but missing software features hold it back.

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Logitech have once again proved to us why they are one of the leading peripheral brand of choice today. They certainly know how to please their target consumer and they know how to go with the trend. Certainly like the color theme of the G430 which looks fresh and modern. Certainly not everybody likes blue but the great looks is certainly one of the good selling point for this headset.

By Nikktech 
The Logitech G430 has a stellar mic and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, but missing software features hold it back.

By nasilemaktech.com
This is one of the best gaming headphones I’ve used and most certainly the most comfortable. The paddings and ear-cups are just at the right depth and stiffness and I never had any problem with wearing it for hours. The voice quality for the microphone…

Detail Review:


Logitech G433

The Logitech G433 is a gaming headset that doesn’t look like your average gaming headset at all which is actually a good thing because a lot of traditional gaming headsets look like devices which are totally out of this world. It’s something you maybe or definitely who don’t want to be seen in public.

The comfort and sound is also good enough. But, as usual like all the mid range headsets, the mic is not that much good but it’s good enough for calls, gaming and web chat.

Logitech G430

The headset has very simple design and gaming look. It designed with full of black color headset except the blue ear-cups and the padding on the headband.  The comfort is just very impressive and good. The sound is also pretty good but the surround sound is not that much works. 



Logitech G433

It’s got a simple and subtle look to it. It may not be eye-catching but that’s not a bad thing because although this headset is marketed for gamers, anyone looking for a versatile headphone in the market could benefit what the G 433 offers.

Logitech G430

Logitech weren’t very simple yet very elegant and comfortable design, with the comfortable foam around the headband to the adjustable mic. The problem with the material is that it is made of thin plastic which not only feels cheap but also effects the durability of the headset. The slightest movement can cause the headset to rattle a bit.


Logitech G433

This is the first set of gaming headphones that have come across with with earpieces made from mesh fabric material. The build quality is solid as it expects from Logitech. It’s very easy to adjust the length of the headphones which stays and when you put it back to its original position and happily snaps back in.

Logitech G430

The G430 is easily one of the most comfortable headsets there are at this price. I would wear these headphones all day as they are super light and the foam in the ear cups are very comfortable and can be removed.

logitech g430 5(1)


Logitech G433

In the package, you get the G 433 headphones itself, the detachable mic boom, PC splitter if you want to directly plug in with a mic and the audio, USB DAC which enables Logitech’s DTS 7.1 surround sound, mobile cable with inline controls and a mic, the console pc cable to connect between the headphones and consoles or the pc. Also, you will get a pair of washable and interchangeable ear pads and the carrying case.

To start the headset, just plug the PC cable with the headset and on the other end plug the USB adapter. So, the USB enables the DTS 7.1 surround sound together by installing the Logitech software as well. So, to enable 7.1 surround you need to have that installed as well as using that to USB DAC. Also, you have the the splitter. So, if you don’t want to use that USB DAC device, you can just plug this in directly from that 3.5 millimeter jack and then plug those ends to your laptop or computer.

Logitech G430

In the box, you will get the USB adapter, the headset itself. Also, the inline control is quite good as you can mute and unmute your mic and you can adjust the volume but the downside is that the cord is too long. Despite this downside the G430 does something that makes it much better and that is it includes a USB adapter. So, you won’t have to buy one and you can connect the headset to your laptop with ease.

The pros of this headset is very comfortable as a smart design and the sound is decent. Now the cons is the surround sound basically does nothing but sounds sometimes echoes your voicea and has a plastic feel. The cord is too long and you can’t use it to connect with your phone.

logitech g433 8(1)


Logitech G433

You have the detachable mic boom. Now, this plugs in to the lower left corner of the headset itself. The audio quality was surprisingly good. For me, I’ve had issues talking to people on the phone using the proprietary headsets that come with the phone. So, I think they give enough that they don’t really pick up the voice quite well but these ones actually picked up my voice pretty well.

The sound coming from the mic is not the best. So, I wouldn’t recommend this for any voice-overs that you need to do but it is good enough for gaming and even just for casual chats with your mates.

Logitech G430

The mic is non-detachable and something quite old mic. You can’t set the mic wherever you want to, you can just flip the mic.

There was no problems with the mic but one thing that they could have added, it’s a noise reduction feature as it does pick up background noise. Mic does the job but there are better ones on the market.


Logitech G433

In the Logitech Gaming software, you can actually choose the color of the headphones. So, in my case I have the black so I chose that. Now, on your next step you have your custom equalizer, you can set the bass and the treble as well as the microphone volumes and the audio volumes. I have tried some of the presets over here but I didn’t quite like it. On the 7.1 DTS surround sound I have this turned on but to be honest I had preferred to have this turn off. I just think that just made it sound not as good as it should have been.

So, the Logitech G433 sounds pretty decent and it does the job well. It’s nothing fancy and it’s certainly nothing to be boasting about but with a price tag of under $100, there are other gaming headphones that certain people may be able to form which has better traits then the G433.

Logitech G430

Using this headset while gaming was a pretty good experience. The sound was decent and did the job but there were some problems. First off, the ear cups are a tad too big and this leads to them not being able to retain sound that well. Also, the surround sound doesn’t do much and it is quite hard to tell the difference. The only thing that it does is it echoes your own voice which sometimes leads you to hearing yourself in the middle of the game.

Logitech G430 6(1)


Logitech G433

The Logitech G433 for you well that all depends on your personal preferences and also your current situation. Now, I recommend this for students or for anyone who is on a budget looking for a gaming headset but also require a bit of flexibility or that can offer more good solutions such as the G433 which you can basically plug into your Xbox one, ps4, Nintendo Switch, your PC and also your mobile phones.

Logitech G430

Overall, the G430 is a very good headset for someone who is looking for a headset that they can use for a couple of hours non-stop without any irritation. Otherwise, the only downside is that the surround sound doesn’t do much. Otherwise, this is a great headset.