Logitech G533 Vs G935: Difference and Review

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This is the comparison between the Logitech G533 and the G935 gaming headsets. Both the headsets are wireless and both has some positive and negative points. Check out for which one you like.

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Logitech G533Logitech G935
Comfortable fit.
Great sound.
Intuitive software.
Excellent wireless features.
Great sound.
Flawless wireless connectivity. Versatile connections. Comfortable fit.
No audio jacks.
Limited music options.
Dated physical design. Unnecessary RGB lighting.


SeriesLogitech Gaming HeadsetLogitech Gaming Headset
ModelG533 G935 Wireless
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Sound Output Mode7.1 channel surroundSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107 dB SPL/mW93 dB
Impedance32 ohm39 Ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in2 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Width4.2 in
Depth9.1 in
Height7.8 in
Weight12.32 oz25.39 oz
FeaturesAdvanced Audio Performance – Pro-G Audio Drivers and DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound Audio.

Positional Audio – DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound.

Pro Grade Wireless – Lossless Digital Audio.

High Performance Design – Don’t strain your neck.

15 Hour Battery Life – Advanced Power Management.

Noise-Cancelling Microphone – Loud and Clear.

Micro Pop Filter – Big performance. Micro Design.

Fine-Tune Controls – Custom Sound Profiles.

Large 50mm Pro-G Drivers:
Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

Customize lighting from approx. 16.8 million colors, create lighting effects or synchronize lighting with in-game actions.

Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless:
Delivers premium sound, complete freedom and up to 12 hours of gaming per charge.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0:
Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape * .

6mm Mic+:
Large mic for amazingly clear voice comms plus fiip-to-mute convenience.

Three G-keys:
Programmable for fast in-game actions at your fingertips.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 requires Logitech G HUB Software.

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Closed-back earcups are a bit of a science to get right. These wobbly, circa-30-degree twisters should, at least in theory, clamp down on a head of any shape. But we found an element of looseness, even after properly adjusting the decent ratcheted…

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Logitech’s G533 doesn’t have quite the same breadth of options as the G933, but a more restrained design and a bargain price make this a strong contender for best wireless headset.

There’s not much to complain about with the G533, as they are exceptional by practically every measure. They are comfy, offer superb audio for games and music, and the retractable microphone is simply brilliant. I just wish I could use them with my phone and my console like the Arctis 7 or Revolver S, then they’d be perfect.

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The Logitech G533 is a comfortable wireless gaming headset with few connection options and perhaps too much…

By Trusted Reviews 
The Logitech G533 wireless is a decent headset, but doesn’t stand out in a competitive market.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G935:

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If you already own the Logitech G933, the predecessor to this headset, you’re probably not going to gain a whole lot by upgrading. That’s not to say it isn’t a great headset, but it’s not a massive leap forward in many areas.Sound quality is where the…

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The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset has a surprisingly amazing audio for a wireless headset. The bass is punchy, the high frequency channels are loud and clear, and you can really hear everything that’s going on during a frantic battle with the…

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The Logitech G935 is an attractive, comfortable wireless gaming headset that doesn’t bring enough audio power or clarity to justify its…

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The G935 brings more bass presence and a more restrained design to Logitech’s flagship headset, but it’s not enough to dethrone our love for the PC-centric G533.

Detail Review:


Logitech G533

The design of the headset is quite same as like the G933 and looks good with the glossy material finish. The comfort of the headset is also good. The sound of the mic and the headset is also pretty good. 

Logitech G935

There are many features in this headset for the design and all. Likewise, the RGB, surround sound, DTS X etc, giving it the feel of full package. The mic sound is little bit disappointing for this price range.   

Logitech G533 5(1)


Logitech G533

They obviously look like gaming headset also quite bulky but if there’s something you like or not is something that you have to decide by your own personal preference. I don’t think, they look over the top. In terms of those quality, there’s pretty much only plastic but quite a high quality flexible plastic. So, you wouldn’t really bother too much about it besides maybe the glossy plastic will attract all the fingerprints.

The one thing that is good but also a little bit on the weaker side are the rotating your cups. It feels a little bit flimsy and even though they don’t feel premium at all this makes them feel a little bit cheaper after in the end.

Logitech G935

The design looks good with the full of black colored material, also with the RGB light strip on the back of the ear cups and the lighting G logo. It looks more as a gaming headset rather than a normal headset. But, with all these things this is quite bulky so I think it will not be good to use in travelling.


Logitech G533

In terms of the headband, it is quite soft also quite thick but it has a little bit of a resistance but definitely not bad. I like a lot about the ear cups, they are very big so my ears never really touch anywhere and even though the padding isn’t the thickest one still thick enough and deep enough that don’t really touch my ears. First of all, it is not a material that really adjusts to your head fully. So, it doesn’t really move over it, it is quite stiff on. In fact, this is actually good because along with the quite nice balance and the material and padding of the headband, it is so nicely balanced that you don’t really feel the way to hurt much at all.

Compared to the G933, these feel a lot more comfortable over a longer period of time. This also have some breathing space, so they don’t really get sweaty. They get a little bit warm but definitely not sweaty and you can listen to them on hours with quite a good feel. The fit is actually something that I like because a G933 I personally complained about them sliding off my head but here it works out so much better. The comfort is definitely at least very good and the fit is good to may be very good because also the clamping force not too hard and the way they are placed on my head feels definitely quite natural. So, I can actually almost forget them on my head.

For the noise leakage, they are kind of in between close headphone and open back because I can hear myself still but definitely way more like an open back and also along with the leakage, it is pretty much kind of in between.

Logitech G935

The ear cups can swivel them. So, you can get them out of the way when you’re not wearing them but you can also adjust the size of the headphones just to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself. The ear cups sort of come with a PU leather. So, they are soft and quite comfortable from my testing at least anyway. After a few hours you might find that sort of get a little bit warm but your mileage may vary.

For this much weight, it’s comfortable. I found them comfortable for maybe half an hour now but then after an hour I start to get a bit fidgety and I start to move them around to try and find a new comfortable position.

logitech g935 2(1)


Logitech G533

In terms of buttons with your on and off switch on the left side. We have one G button, the volume wheel in my opinion is a little bit too loose and on the bottom, you can see there might be USB port to charge it up. On the left ear cup, we also have the quite nicely tucked away microphone because if you pull that down it will turn automatically on and you could pull it out to adjust it to your liking and it’s quite subtle not really in the way. So, overall the design makes definitely quite a lot of sense.

There’s a software to use for settings of the headset. In the software on the first tab you will see the headset. The next tab is for the buttons where you can adjust what the G button does, unfortunately you don’t have more buttons like we had on the G933. Battery status is a little bit misleading. In the end I would have maybe ended up with 10 to even 12 hours which still definitely way better than on the G933.

On equalizer tab you can use the different presets like for example shooters, MOBA, flat rock, bass, cinematic, communication, and you can also adjust your own with the equalizer settings. You can also change the volume for the headphone, the microphone, the side tone, and if you want to have the easier odds just change the base and also the treble. The next tab is for the surround sound. You can hear choose between DTS 7.1, first person shooter, and Logitech the signature audio along with the options to go for super front stereo or super white stereo and of course, you can adjust for all the 7.1 the different kind of volumes that you want for every kind of direction.

Logitech G935

These are a wireless pair of headphones, they operate on the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum and they come included with a wireless USB receiver in the Box. Also in the box, you get a 3.5 millimeter headphone cable which is 1.5 meters in length and then a 2 meter braided micro USB cable for recharging.

These headphones battery life on this particular model, they say you get about 12 hours of battery with the lighting turned off and then you get about 8 hours of battery with a lighting turned on. Now, on the topic of lighting you can control the lighting elements using the Logitech G Hub software that is downloadable from the Logitech website. So, it’s up to you entirely what sort of patterns or what sort of colors you want to put on the headphones on the lighting but you can turn it off if you just want to get the maximum battery life out of these headphones.

The drivers on each of the ear cups are 50 millimeters in size. So, I believe that’s a bit of an upgrade normally they’re sticking around that 40 millimeter mark but with these headphones have gone up to 50 millimeters.

Now, the weight is 349 grams which is definitely the heaviest pair of headphones that I’ve actually used by considering you’re getting RGB lighting, a rechargeable battery, 7.1 surround sound, 50 millimeter drivers, and built-in microphone. It’s kind of hard to make any lighter without sacrificing the battery size which is then gonna make the battery life too short.

Now, the other cool things about this particular headphone if you want to go old-school you can just go ahead and plug in the 3.5 millimeter audio cable to your console or your PC, they do work cross-platform. If you’re using them on a PC or a Mac or an Xbox or a PlayStation or a switch or a mobile phone, they will work but obviously if you don’t have a USB point for the receiver, you need to go ahead and use that 3.5 millimeter audio cable.

You can recharge these headphones quite quickly. It takes about from my testing about an hour to recharge them from zero to 100% which is great but you can also recharge them and use them Wireless at the same time. Also, you can recharge and game at the exact same time which is great.

They do include on the back of the headphones, there are some little macro buttons which you can program to do different things like turn the surround sound on or off or maybe change your eq profile. They do have a microphone mute button which is handy but you can easily just flip it up as well. They do have a little audio dial, so you can control the volume from the back of the headphones and then you’ve got an on and off switch. I don’t use any G buttons to tell you honestly. They were kind of hard to tell which one I was pressing, they do make them different angles to try and help you with the feeling.

For the RGB lighting, each and every one had their own opinions. Some people love it, and some hate it. But, for this headphones I think these RGB lighting is not in necessity. I mean, you can’t see it because it’s in the back of the headphones. So, I don’t think most of the people will like it.

Logitech-G533 6(1)


Logitech G533

The mic is like a flip type mic. The mic is not detachable. Also, the mic is extendable and from that extend you can set the mic in front of your mouth. 

The mic sounds pretty good. It’s clear and crisp. The mics works well without any distortion. The mic actually reduces the P sounds. Even though the mic sounds good this can’t be use for any professional recordings because on the recordings the mic volume is not that much enough, it’s little bit low. 

Logitech G935

The microphone is a six millimeter cardioid microphone which is unidirectional. So, you can flip that microphone down and then you can sort of pull it out and bend it around. So that is in sort of line with your mouth but then if you want to mute the microphone or if you’ve got your own maybe standard USB dedicated by referring that you’re gonna use instead, you can actually flip that microphone up and it’s almost lately hidden.

I wasn’t too impressed with the microphone. It was for this price point just a little bit underwhelming. There wasn’t much body, it wasn’t very full. The sound didn’t feel like there was any attention to the lows, mids, or highs. It was just all one tone, sounded very much like I was on a cheaper headset and so compared to Logitech G Pro which had an awesome microphone. I was expecting that same sort of standard at this particular price point, these are like their flagship headphone. So, to have a microphone that was performing not that well like the G432 was quite disappointing.


Logitech G533

The sound clarity definitely isn’t all that great. It sounds quite muffled, it’s not clear. It’s not really detailed and it sounds quite low quality and all that along with they’re not really well working noise cancellation because if on or off, you will hear so much hiss sound getting picked up that’s not excellent.

I personally don’t find 7.1 to be all that useful because what it does in my opinion what I’ve seen on the G533 is the following object sound or appear to be way further away than they actually are because I play CS:GO and when I had 7.1 on, the opponents and everything else felt actually way for other way than it actually was. When I compared it to stereo where I could kind of locate where something is way more correct, so it doesn’t really help.

Actually due to the reverb and the echo, the experience maybe is a little bit more immersive and you get away more wider open sound-stage but it does not really help if you are planning to play shooters with that and want to locate everything else. Here, I would still just recommend to go for the pro route where everyone goes just stereo because this is maybe like the whole headphone in my opinion more suited towards gamers that want unexpressed impressive experience.

In terms of the overall sound, in terms of bass not quite as explosive all the headsets like the G933 which doesn’t have quite the same dynamic but therefore is in my opinion way nicer balanced. One thing I have to point out the flat equalizer preset is not flat at all. If you want something actually accurately flat, you have to kind of lift the myths and highs a little bit more but if you use the flat one, you will definitely get a quite immersive, quite action-packed, quite satisfying experience.

This is more for the action-packed gamers, not so much for CS:GO and so on. So, the even more so impressive gaming experience was on the G 933 but I think this one is after all a little bit more balanced one and this also leads me to the audio for the music because once that set the equalizer nicely actually listen way nicer to music then on the G933.

The mids are solid and the highs are definitely not super precise, not super harsh or anything. You can listen for hours and hours, the highs will never get piercing and they are kind of turned on but in a way that I actually enjoyed music quite a lot on this way more like on the G933.

Logitech G935

The sound quality is the biggest thing for these headphones that is absolutely amazing. The sound quality, the 7.1 surround sound which is featuring the DTX 2.0 and then you can use the software and Logitech G you have to customize the EQ and the sound profile but the 7.1 in my opinion like the G432.

The 7.1 surround sound makes an absolutely just like a game-changer. I was playing some call of duty, modern warfare, apex Legends, and I was able to hear the enemies sneak up behind me or come through a door or come through from a different direction and it almost made it feel like I could tell where they were coming from and pre aim knowing they were going to be sort of running towards me to try and take me out. So, the 7.1 surround sound for gaming is absolutely a game-changer in my opinion.

The other cool thing is that it works with movies. So, if you’ve got movies that have surround sound built into them you can actually have these headphones on for quite an enjoyable movie or entertainment experience. So, if you’re just consuming constant these headphones are great for that as well.

logitech G935 1(1)


Logitech G533

This has good build quality maybe that’s plastic and they just don’t feel really premium but not really cheap. We have a very good comfort, I can use them for hours and hours way nicer than G933 and the fit is actually at least good if not even better. We have a strong base, solid mids and good highs. So, nothing is really out of the high level but overall definitely nicely balanced enough. They are definitely great for action games not quite as good as G933 but due to the nicer balance still absolutely top. Good for music after all, battery life is good enough, and wireless only.

This thing is not compatible with any consoles, so Windows PC only that is a little bit of an authorization since the G933 was pretty much compatible to everything. The mic quality definitely isn’t really all that great in my opinion actually on the weaker side. Even though, maybe the gaming experience is not quite as impressive the overall balance or the balancing makes them just better for a lot wider area which after all makes it the more complete product for me.

Logitech G935

If you’re going to want something Wireless with surround sound and rechargeable and RGB then these are like absolutely awesome headphones. If you’re going to use them for competitive gaming, long gaming sessions, and to talk with your friends and the other people that you might be playing games with or doing Skype calls, the microphone is a bit of a letdown. So, it’s kind of one of those things you have to weigh up.