Logitech G560

Logitech G560 vs Z625: Which One is Worth Buying?

The comparison here is between the speakers of the same brand but from different series. These are the Logitech G560 and the Logitech Z625. The price difference among them is not much which is around thirty dollars but the difference in the features we are going to get from is more. To know which one is worth buying, go to the detailed review.

Logitech G560Logitech Z625
Logitech G560Logitech Z625
Powerful sound.
Beautiful RGB lighting.
Robust software.
Generous cable lengths.
Good connectivity options.
DTS: X virtual surround sound. Flashy and luxury light display.
Powerful bass.
Deep lows.
Fairly loud.
Optical input.
Can stay “always connected” to multiple sources at once.
Shortlist of supported light-sync titles currently.
Only works with games in a borderless window.
Screen sampling can be overly aggressive.
No AUX cable included.
Bluetooth connectivity conspicuously missing.
Room for more tonal accuracy.
Lack of remote control.


Speaker System Type
Speaker System Configuration2.1-channel2.1-channel
System Components2 speakers, subwoofer2 speakers, subwoofer
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Audio System Nominal Output Power (Total)120 Watt200 Watt
Frequency Response40 – 18000 Hz
Nominal Impedance
Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Output Level (SPL)97 db
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
THX certifiedYes
Connectivity TechnologyWired, WirelessWired
Built-in Decoders
Built-in Decoders
Surround System Class2.1 channel2.1 channel
Designed forfor PCfor PC
Typespeaker systemspeaker system
Speaker TypeSpeakerSpeaker
Speaker Qty1.21.2
Nominal (RMS) Output Power130 Watt, 35 Watt
Recommended Placing
Connectivity Technologywiredwired
Remote Control Technology
TypeUSB, audio line-in, headphonesSPDIF input, audio line-in, headphones
Connector Typemini-phone stereo 3.5 mmRCA x 2, TOSLINK, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Typesatellite speaker, subwooferleft channel speaker, right channel speaker, subwoofer
Width10 in, 6.5 in11.1 in, 4.6 in
Depth4.6 in, 8.1 in10.4 in, 4.9 in, 5.3 in
Height15.9 in, 5.8 in11.9 in, 7.7 in
Weight12.1 lbs14.1 lbs, 30 oz, 31.7 oz
FeaturesLightsync – RGB Lighting That Reacts to Games.

Bring Games to Light – Custom RGB Experience for Popular Titles.

Game Beyond the Monitor – Customizable Screen Sampler Extends Color.

Audio Visualizer – Full spectrum lighting driven by music.

240 Watts Powerful Sound – All-consuming sound from every angle.

DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound – Next-gen Positional Audio.

One Speaker for All Your Audio – USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth compatible.

Logitech Gaming Software – Game Integration and Custom Lighting Effects.

Designed to Break Boundaries – The First RGB Speaker of Its Kind.
Thx-certified speaker system tuned to exact audio specifications accurately produces the ultimate sound experience for your games, movies and music.

Satellite speaker set and subwoofer deliver 400 Watts Peak power for powerful, crisp sound and thundering bass you can feel.

Versatile home speaker system connects to 3 entertainment devices simultaneously.

Plug and play audio speakers feature optical, 3.5 millimeter and rca Inputs for easy connections to TVs, computers, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, smartphones, tablets and more.

Customize your sound experience with simple on-speaker Volume and bass controls plus power.

Detail Review:


Logitech G560

The Logitech G560 is the first RGB speaker in the market. These are one of the 2.1 speaker systems from Logitech. These are also among the higher price range side because of the RGB lighting it offers but they are worth it. These speakers are currently retailing for around a hundred and eighty dollars.

Logitech Z625

The Logitech Z625 is also one of the 2.1 speakers set from Logitech which means these comes with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. These speakers sound good enough for gaming than for listening to music. These are retailing for around a hundred and fifty dollars currently.

Logitech G560


Logitech G560

The Logitech speakers come with two speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers connect to the subwoofer via a VGA cable and a micro USB cable connects to the subwoofer and then at the other end of that is a USB cable that connects to a port on your computer. This is 240 watts and I didn’t notice any distortion at full volume. This has a sound pressure level of 97 decibels at max volume.

Everybody’s going to enjoy the lighting effects and light sync integrates you into the game much more. It’s just a really good function it has its corks every now and then maybe it doesn’t work with a game but you can always change it to something else and maybe if you don’t even want that light sync you can actually do it, where it’s breathing and it’s a fixed color anything like that. In my opinion, the sound quality is phenomenal but taking those lights and integrating them into it just brings that next level of that kind of PC gamer experience that everybody wants.

Logitech Z625

The Logitech Z625 is a 2.1 speaker system which means there will two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. These speakers are also THX certified so these are designed in a way that it would give you a great sound experience. The right satellite speaker is the main speaker for you as it works as a control unit of these speakers. The right speaker has the volume knob to control the volume, a power button to on and off these, and also a bass knob to control the bass level on the subwoofer. There are also one headphone input and auxiliary input on the side of the right satellite speaker. As all the controls are done from the right speaker, it has a thick cable that looks like a VGA cable.

The left speaker looks almost the same as the right speaker but there will be no controls or anything like that in it. The left speaker is totally simple with the THX Brandon on its top as the right speaker and has a thin cable as these don’t control anything. The subwoofer is big in size and has all the connection points in its back.

Logitech Z625


These feature Bluetooth and a G button which is customizable in the G hub. You can find these on the right speaker as well as the volume buttons, the power button, and then an auxiliary plugin. You can find the Bluetooth connecting button over there as well. There are two zone lighting per speaker with 16.8 million colors. This features 7.1 surround sound that you can customize in G hub as well.

G hub is essentially where you’re going to control all of the lighting and the EQ settings for these speakers. It’s just an easier experience in terms of changing the EQ settings and the lights themselves. We have different settings there in the G hub, we have fixed, color cycle, breathing, an audio sampler, and then light sync. Fixed is pretty self-explanatory, when we go to cycle there you get to change the rate, and then the brightness with that which is really good, you get to sync those up. So sometimes maybe they’re a little bit off if you want to try to sync those together. you can obviously let them light very fast also you can slow that down which is really good and if it ends up feeling too bright you can turn that down to a lower setting.

With the breathing effect, the same thing I get to actually change the rate but I get to choose the colors that I want with this and then I get to change the rate that they’re coming and going. The sync option is gonna be really good because if they’re off and you don’t want them to be, you can just simply click that button it’s going to get those to actually match up together. After that, we have the advanced settings as well and where you can set different color light for the bass only, for different pitches, depending upon the game perhaps, you may tweak these settings to better match.

You get to really customize the light settings as much as you want in the G hub and it just creates a better experience dependent upon what you’re doing whether you are just listening to music or playing a game or watching TV whatever it maybe you get to make this the experience that you want which is really good. And we have reactive which is really based on the sounds, fixed is it’s just going to kind of pulse. The reactive is more based on those high and low pitches with this so if we have those high and low pitches that are going to really be the area where the customization is going to matter.

Beyond that, we have screen sampling and that’s gonna be the big one that everybody wants to see. Based on the little edit sample box there, you choose the zones that you want and you can create a ton of these and you can also delete them if you’re done with them. So you add a new zone you put that somewhere and you can actually scale these as well. You actually get to assign the functions of the buttons there on the speakers.

Beyond that we get to change the acoustics, you do get to mess with surround sound, you do get to change the volume-based off where that pitch is supposed to be coming from or that sound is supposed to be coming from, and then we have our different presets on the EQ. Here you get to do your own if you want as well. You also can lock these profiles so it actually does it across all of the different things that you’re going to do versus it being game dependant so they have listed some games only on which these things work.

The screen sampling works very well it’s such a different experience and it just adds that extra layer of immersion to any game. Outside of the games that they’ve kind of touted as being their flagship games. It doesn’t work with these flagship games most of the time with the light sync. Works with everything else just not the light sync and it’s kind of a letdown. Other than the light sync I’ve had zero problems with these speakers.

G hub is really easy to use, light sync is worth it in my opinion, it is really good when it works which is the vast majority of the time. Bluetooth works great and I like that keep in mind that the light stuff isn’t going to work with a Bluetooth that I’ve been able to actually have happened. But it is one of those things that be mindful of the fact that once it’s connected, anytime you go to play something off of your phone, it’s going to try to play it off of the Logitech speakers again. When you plug in a headphone set and you’re gonna use that headphone jack, the lights will still work with that. It’s not working with Bluetooth but it is going to work with the headphones plugged in, so you don’t have to worry about that which actually is typically how I play.

Logitech Z625

The box claims that these are THX certified speakers with deep bass for movies, games, and music. It also claims that these speakers are 400 watts among which total RMS is two hundred watts, a hundred and thirty watts for the subwoofer, and thirty-five watts for each satellite speaker. In the box, you are gonna get two satellite speakers, one subwoofer, one optical cable fiber, and one auxiliary cable.

Actually, the packaging refers that these are 400 watts which are at peak but they didn’t mention anywhere in the box that they are at peak rate. When anyone sees 400 watts on the box at first they will assume it as 400 watts RMS only which is not. Actually, the 400 watts is at peak and 200 watts is what is the RMS. 200 watts itself will be more on the loudest side where it will bang our ears and head so they are much enough. 

For connecting the speakers altogether with your PC the connections are there behind your subwoofer. The subwoofer has an RCA connector at first, then the 3.5 mm input, then the optical cable input, then the ports for connecting the satellite speakers first one is for the right satellite speaker which will be having a VGA type of port, and then last will be the port for your left satellite speaker.

Logitech G560


Logitech G560

It’s amazing sound quality, it’s phenomenal whether or not you’re using surround sound it just sounds really good. In fact, this is way more power than most people are gonna need at 240 watts. These sounds loud enough at max volume and if you are not satisfied with its sound quality then you can also play with the EQ settings in the G hub and also you can make your own sound profile and save it. This way you can get the sound as you want out of it which really works well.

Logitech Z625

If you are going to listen to music out of these then you may not enjoy it much because the audio is very flat, especially the high-frequency audio doesn’t have depth in it and you can’t hear every detail in the music you listen out of these. But for gaming, these sound better than it would sound for music. These are THX certified speakers so these sounds good for games and movies more than for music as it would give you a loud sound.

Logitech Z625


In my opinion, the Logitech G560 is worth buying than the Logitech Z625 because these sounds the same as the Logitech Z625 right out of the box but you are getting the G hub software with the G560. So you can play with the EQ setting to get the sound quality as you want if you are not satisfied with its sound quality right out of the box. As well as you are getting an RGB lighting effect with the G560 and you can customize the RGB effect too with the help of the software. These all benefits we don’t get in the Z625 so even though the price of G560 is more, they are worth it.

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