Logitech G903 Lightspeed Vs G502 Hero: Which is More Worth?

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This is a comparison of Logitech G903 Lightspeed and Logitech G502 Hero mouse. Both are nice mouse but the price is very different and also some of the features. To know more about these two mice and take the decision which one will be better for you, check out the detailed review.

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Logitech G903 LightspeedLogitech G502 Hero
Stellar wireless performance.
Powerplay wireless charging support.
Wealth of customization options.
Flawless sensor.
Buttons for all your needs. Adjustable weights.
Smartly placed LEDs.
It’s really expensive.DPI indicators don’t stay lit.
Side grips could be better.
Narrow for large hands.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWired
Movement Detection Technologyopticaloptical
Movement Resolution16000 dpi16000 dpi
Performance1 ms response time, realtime sensitivity switching 100 – 16000 dpi, report rate: 1000 Hz, up to 400 inches per second1 ms response time, 40 G maximum acceleration, report rate: 1000 Hz, up to 400 inches per second
Buttons Qty1111
OS RequiredWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS
Run Up Time140 hours
Width2.6 in3 in
Depth5.1 in5.2 in
Height1.6 in1.6 in
Weight3.88 oz4.27 oz
FeaturesHERO 16K Sensor: our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400+ IPS, and 100-16,000 max DPI sensitivity – plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration, and 10X power efficiency of previous gen.

LIGHTSPEED Wireless: pro-grade 1 ms report rate, no cable drag, no compromises on weight or battery life; esports professionals depend on LIGHTSPEED’s responsiveness and reliable connectivity.

140 Hour LiPo Battery: super-efficient system design results in almost 6X the battery life of previous gen; lasts for up to 140 hours with LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting, and up to 180 hours without.

POWERPLAY wireless charging: Never worry about your battery life again. Add the POWERPLAY wireless, charging system to keep G903 and other compatible G mice charged while at rest and at play.*

LIGHTSYNC RGB: full-spectrum lighting responds to in-game action, audio, and screen color ; customize, lighting effects from 16.8M colors with G HUB gaming software, and sync across G gear.

Advanced Button Technology: metal-spring button tensioning keeps primary left and right buttons poised to trigger with less force, for exceptional button feel, response, and consistency every time.

Ambidextrous Design: configurable button layout lets you adjust for left- or right-handed use ; use G HUB gaming software to customize 6-11 buttons PVC-free and Plastic Neutral: one of few peripherals with a plastic neutral certification ; each purchase helps Logitech fund Plastic Bank programs that remove ocean-bound plastic from the environment.
HERO is our most accurate gaming sensor ever with next-gen precision and a ground-up architecture. With the fastest frame rate processing yet, HERO is capable of 400+ IPS across the 100 – 16,000 dpi range with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. HERO achieves competition-level precision and the most consistent responsiveness ever. Be sure to customize and tune your DPI settings using Logitech G HUB.

11 Programmable Buttons: Use Logitech G HUB to program your favorite commands and macros to each of the 11 buttons. Build, crouch, melee, heal … put your power moves at your fingertips. Save ready-to-play profiles directly to the mouse to take your settings with you anywhere.

Tunable Weight: Fine tune mouse feel and glide to your advantage. Five 3.6g weights come with G502 HERO and are configurable in a variety of front, rear, left, right and center weighted configurations. Experiment with the alignment and balance to find the sweet spot to optimize your gaming performance.

Lightsync RGB: LIGHTSYNC technology is next generation RGB that can be driven by games, audio, or your screen to deliver the most immersive RGB experience ever. Select from a full spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colors and synchronize lighting animations and effects with your other Logitech G devices. Customize it all quickly and easily using Logitech G HUB.

Detail Review:


Logitech G903 Lightspeed

The G903 Lightspeed is a wireless mouse and it is considered as one of the premium mice in the Logitech mouse series. Also, for gaming, there are lots of features and functions, and there are also tons of customizations. If it will suit your budget and comfort then it will be the best wireless mouse for you. 

Logitech G502 Hero

This is a wired mouse and also has pretty decent features. This has many good functions as the G903 had. Also, this works nice and the performance is good. 

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Logitech G903 Lightspeed

It’s an ambidextrous gaming mouse and a premium device that works in both wired and wireless modes. It also has an adjustable weight system. It has an ambidextrous design that you’ll see includes no traditional thumb rests and a pretty symmetrical that can feel to it but it also has customizable thumb buttons that you can set up on both left and right-hand side of the mouse.

It also has a very pointy and angry-looking designed to it and a maximum of 11 programmable buttons that can be customized within the G Hub software. It also comes with this nifty little carry case which inside houses the extra weight and the wireless adapter dongle and the buttons that you can swap out to change and customize the look and feel of this mouse to be the way you want it. This one basically only includes 10-gram weights.

It’s quite a lightweight mouse anyway but the addition of the extra weight means that you could customize it to be the way you want. It is worth noting that once you’ve installed it that way is a bit of a fiddle to get out at use a knife to remove it. It’s held in place with magnets that seem to be the theme on the G903 Lightspeed.

If you’re a big handed gamer and you think that you need a good thumb rest or a nice hefty size mouse, this probably isn’t it. I find it feels quite small in the hand, it’s not the smallest mouse I’ve tried by any means but it’s not the biggest either. However, I do really like the design itself of it, you can see it has textured grips on either side. Those easy access buttons and it is really nice having mouse buttons on both sides, you don’t often see that anymore and most brands tend to stick to mouse buttons on the left side and they focus more on right-handed gamers and ignore left-handers.

Logitech G502 Hero

When we open the box, we don’t have that much. We can just see the mouse, the users manual, and some weights you can add to it. I thought the shape of the mouse would be really weird to hold for me because I have bigger hands. So, I thought it would be a weird grip where I have to crunch my hand but it was actually a really nice grip and it has these nice this nice texture for grips right here on the side. These grips on the side are really nice to have, I do find myself using them a lot.

logitech G502 hero 1 (1)


Logitech G903 Lightspeed

This is a wireless gaming mouse, you can turn it on and off underneath there and there’s also a profile switching button. It has up to 32 hours of battery life and once you’ve charged it and that’s with the lighting turned off.

11 programmable mouse buttons with a really satisfying click to the left and right mouse button and a mouse wheel that sideways clickable. You can see on the right-hand side that blanking plate, this is how it comes out of the box that’s just held in place with a couple of magnets. So, you can remove that and instead install the extra buttons that come in the box and those can be customized within the software and that is how you get your 11 buttons and that’s also the ambidextrous designed to it. So, you can remove the buttons from either side and swap them out and either has them on one side or the other side or on both sides.

I have found that as a right-handed gamer, I had a bit of a problem with it were squeezed the ones on the right when I didn’t mean to, so it might take some getting used to if you want to use all of them. It comes with the micro USB charging cable plugs into the firm and has these like pins on it that essentially stop it from coming off easily but it also looks pretty nifty. It’s a very pointy mouse, sleek design to it.

In the box that includes the wireless dongle, 2.4 gigahertz tiny little wireless dongle, it also comes with the adapter. Now, that adapter has a micro USB connection on it and you can use that essentially by plugging in the standard micro USB cable into this adapter. So, then run it onto your desk, essentially giving yourself a bit of a signal boost but perhaps a bit of easier access. I like to think this is of another good way to use the dongle rather than plugging it into your machine or taking it in and out and risking losing the dongle because the dongle itself which you can see just has that G903 emblazoned on it which is particularly small and could be easy to lose.

Now, the G903 Lightspeed also has power-play connectivity. It is a powered mouse map from Logitech that allows you to then constantly charge their mouse and stop it from needing to the plugin which is pretty nifty seeing something similar with raises hyper flux. The battery life is quite promising and plugging in it isn’t too much difficult. It also is a very responsive mouse, very accurate and I had any issues with it so far during use.

Like the 502, the 903 also has this mouse wheel that can be set in two different modes. You can select with a textured feedback response or you can press that button in and then you can spin the mouse wheel forever and it just spins. Those side buttons come off on either side, they’re just really held in place, they’re easy to remove and the process is really simple and there’s a blanking plate for either side too. So, you can easily cover them up if you either don’t get on with it or if you don’t want to use them for some reason, so it’s nice little customization options.

You get 11 total programmable buttons for this mouse, which does include the DPI switching buttons though. So, if you are making full use of them, you might lose DPI switching but that might not be an issue if you like your DPI set to a specific level all the time and that’s an option. This mouse has to RGB lighting zones, essentially includes the G logo and the DPI level indicator on the mouse as well. So, if you’re after RGB that much, this probably is not the mouse for you. It does perhaps feel a bit plastic but I think that’s probably because they tried to shed as much weight as possible and then randomly included a weight unit to it and to make it lightweight and accurate. Underneath or easy of this mouse is PTFE feet that glide nicely on the desk, a profile switching button, and the ability to turn it on and off.

The mouse wheel is perhaps one of the most satisfying things about G903 in the same way. It’s a really nice looking mouse wheel, really nicely designed. I like how satisfying the spin is on this thing and fact that you can basically use that button as a brake to stop the mouse wheel from spinning when it gets going and that’s pretty satisfying. You can use that in-game and for various different things and you can use it within windows.

Logitech G502 Hero

My favorite part about this mouse is the 11 programmable buttons and that they are all easily accessible while playing without having to reposition your hand to use them. This has been so useful because I can be playing and my left hand can focus on movement and weapons, while my right-hand does everything else on the mouse. So, on the thumb rest, we have three buttons and this one comes default as the sniping button and this basically just slows down your DPI to the lowest setting you have it in the software. Next on the thumb rest, we also have two more buttons and these might look like they are hard to use but as you use the mouse more, they get extremely easy to use.

Now, on the top, we have two more buttons easily accessible by your index finger but I like keeping these at the default setting which is switching between DPI settings. We also have a scroll wheel which you can press on but you can also move it to the right and to the left which allows for two more customizable buttons and I’ve actually never seen this before on a mouse but they’re really useful to have because you have just two more keys on your mouse. We have another button in the center of the mouse which is defaulted to switch between profiles and I changed mine because I only use one profile for this mouse.

This mouse was designed really well to work with your muscle memory. So, the buttons are placed in really good spots enough for you to remember where they’re at and I’ve actually never found myself hitting a button that I didn’t want. These buttons on the side are made to require more force. So, if you are playing you won’t hit one by accident.

The right and left click buttons require the right amount of force to press on them but also just enough to not allow desk pops and I’ve actually never had an accidental fire with my mouse. Now, the scroll wheel has the option for hyper scrolling and I like that they integrated the lock for this at the top of the mouse instead of the bottom.

The G502 is wired but it comes with a really nice braided cable that feels really durable and finally for the mouse, we also have some weights included and we have five 3.6 grams weights that you can add to the bottom of the mouse. For me, the cable adds enough weight, for me to not need them. The mouse does weigh at 125 grams itself and all of these weights included in it will bring it up to 143 grams but I like that Logitech gives you the option to customize the distribution to wherever you want. The Logitech G502 Hero has the new hero optical sensor that allows for zero smoothings and a maximum of 16000 DPI.

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Logitech G903 Lightspeed

There are two buttons on the top are the dpi level switches go up and down between the various DPI levels that you can set in the software and also see the other lighting zone. You can change that within the G Hub software as well.

The interface itself is pretty simple, you have the like sync set up here. So, you can sync it with other Logitech products. You also get to change the colors between the primary section and the logo as well. So, you can see the primaries candidates, those DPI switches, and then you can go into the logo and adjust that and there are various different schemes and you can adjust the colors within there or sync it with the Logitech gear.

In the button assignment section, you can see all the different buttons listed and you can click on them and then choose an assignment. For example, if you click the left button, you see all the different commands, you can do keys actions, macros, you can set up system things, you can do all sorts of things, you can use it to copy and paste, for example, actions and discord different macros, all sorts of things.

If you set it up to launch steam, so you click on the launch button then you find the relevant file in your Program Files, click Save and then you can then simply assign that. So, if already had a program assigned then you just click to assign a new program. Just do whatever you want with it, you can customize all these buttons in a variety of different ways which is really nifty.

Now, into the sensitivity section, you can adjust the DPI levels with the DPI switches. Also, there’s a DPI shift button, you can drag and drop the DPI levels and it goes up to 16,000 as the max DPI and then you can switch between them by pressing those DPI buttons. There’s also the DPI shift button-down, you can assign it a specific button on your mouse to then press and hold and drop to a set specific DPI level. This is kind of like sniper mode and a lot of mice have this option. We just basically pressing a single button and going to a specific DPI level for a temporary period of time.

Now, If you go into the menu on the top right, you also see a number of other options including the bottom layout. So, you can turn on and off the buttons that you’re using in the software as well as hardware. Nothing you can do is onboard memory profile, so you can set up profiles within the software and then assign them to a slot on the onboard memory. Doing so, allows you to then press the button underneath the mouse the textured one to then switch between these profiles and you can get up to five different profiles that you can customize within the software. So, you can see there are plenty of different options for customizing this mouse within the software.

Logitech G502 Hero

I want to discuss a little bit about customizing all these keys. You do need the Logitech G hub software in order to switch all of these keys around and this software is incredible and really well developed because it allows me to customize every button with keys. My favorite part was that it allows actions too. So, when I move my scroll wheel to the left, I’ll mute myself in discord and this has been so useful to use because I don’t have to open discord and manually mute myself fallen playing.

In the software, we can also choose between any DPI settings you want and this right here is why I like keeping the DPI buttons to default on my mouse because if I hit the DPI up button on a mouse, my goes up but if I hit the down button I can lower DPI directly while in my game. In the software, you can also change the color of the logo and you can also control the brightness as well as the rate in which the colors change. So, another thing you can also do in the software is that you can create profiles for each game and have different settings on your mouse but I don’t really use this feature and I like using my keys for every game.

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Both the mouse works well for their price. The price gap between these two mice is very high. If you have a tight budget, then G502 Hero will be good to buy because it has lots of features as the premium G903 and G502 Lightspeed had. On the other side, even though the price is high in the G903 Lightspeed, there are lots of features and customizations in it. You have to decide which one you want as per your budget and likes. In this price range of $50, the G502 Hero is just a steal.

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