Logitech G933 vs G935: Which One is Best Headset?

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This is the comparison review of the Logitech G933 and the G935 headsets. Both are good headsets and there rae some little differences between them and also like that the price differs. Check ou which one you have to choose.

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Logitech G933Logitech G935
Comfortable fit.
Great gaming audio.
Good microphone.
Wired and wireless support.
Great sound.
Flawless wireless connectivity.
Versatile connections.
Comfortable fit.
Fiddly controls.
Below-average battery life.
Surround sound limited to PC users.
No extra earpads in the box.
Dated physical design.
Unnecessary RGB lighting.


SeriesLogitech Gaming HeadsetLogitech Gaming Headset
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Sound Output ModeSurround SoundSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107 dB SPL/mW93 dB
Impedance39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)39 Ohms
Diaphragm1.6 in2 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Width7.1 in4.2 in
Depth7.5 in9.1 in
Height3.7 in7.8 in
Weight13.19 oz25.39 oz
FeaturesAdvanced Pro-G audio drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials for high-quality performance. Pro-G drivers are custom designed for gaming, and deliver clean, accurate highs and deep, rich bass for a premium sound.

Experience incredible 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone or DTS Headphone:X.17.1 Surround sound requires Logitech Gaming Software available for download at logitechg.com/downloads. Precise and accurate in-game spatial awareness allows you to clearly hear enemies sneaking around and special ability cues.

G933 gives you the best of both worlds, with the option to game wirelessly or wired. Play lag-free on 2.4 GHz wireless for up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting. Alternatively, the 3.5mm analog input gives you the freedom to play wired – on console, mobile or PC – without using battery power.

One headset for all your devices. G933 mixes audio from up to three devices at once. Choose from PC, mobile and game consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

G933 has two customizable LIGHTSYNC lighting zones: the light strips and logos. Each zone can be programmed individually from approx. 16.8 million colors with different animations and effects. They can also synchronize with other LIGHTSYNC devices. Use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to personalize lighting to match your rig, your gear and your style.
Multi-Source Audio Mixing.

Large 50mm Pro-G Drivers:
Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

Customize lighting from approx. 16.8 million colors, create lighting effects or synchronize lighting with in-game actions.

Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless:
Delivers premium sound, complete freedom and up to 12 hours of gaming per charge.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0:
Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape * .

6mm Mic+:
Large mic for amazingly clear voice comms plus fiip-to-mute convenience.

Three G-keys:
Programmable for fast in-game actions at your fingertips.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 requires Logitech G HUB Software.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G933:

By TrustedReviews 
A superb gaming headset that ticks most of the…

By TechAeris
Gaming headphones aren’t just a gimmick, they really do bring your gaming experience to another level and the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum are among the best on the market.

All things considered, the Logitech G933’s are an absolute steal. Everything from the exceptional microphone quality, to the brilliance of the surround sound and the customization of the lighting, this headset is perfect for any gamer in need of an upgrade

By VentureBeat
I don’t know if you can get a better all-around gaming headset. The G933 can handle gaming easily. Its built-in mic is really clear, so you’re going to have no problem communicating. But it can also break away from your computer to work well with consoles or a smartphone. I love rocking out in my car to My Morning Jacket while wearing G933. I can even take a call using the headset. It just easily handles any situation you throw at it, which I think makes it an incredible value for the price.

By PCworld 
The Logitech G933 would be a pretty good headset at its list price of $200. At its pretty-much-permanent sale price of $150 to $180, it’s probably the best price-to-performance ratio you can get for a wireless headset right now.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G935:

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If you already own the Logitech G933, the predecessor to this headset, you’re probably not going to gain a whole lot by upgrading. That’s not to say it isn’t a great headset, but it’s not a massive leap forward in many areas.Sound quality is where the…

By Impulsegamer
I love this headset. It is brilliant and I do recommend it to gamers wanting to add a whole new dimension of both stereo and surround to their titles. It was awesome.About the AuthorTory FavroRelated PostsEpson Australia joins the Energy Efficiency…

By Craving Tech
The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset has a surprisingly amazing audio for a wireless headset. The bass is punchy, the high frequency channels are loud and clear, and you can really hear everything that’s going on during a frantic battle with the…

By PC Mag
The Logitech G935 is an attractive, comfortable wireless gaming headset that doesn’t bring enough audio power or clarity to justify its…

By PC World
The G935 brings more bass presence and a more restrained design to Logitech’s flagship headset, but it’s not enough to dethrone our love for the PC-centric G533.

Detail Review:


Logitech G933

The Logitech G933 design is good and looks like a gaming headset and also the same as the G633 headset. The comfort is good and it’s a little bulky. The sound of the G933 is a bit quieter than the G935 comparatively. The mic also sounds good and almost as same as the G935 but with that same problem.

Logitech G935

The design and comfort of the headset are good and it’s the same as the G635 and we can also say that this one is like an upgraded version od G635. The sound of the headset and the mic is good enough but it’s a more pricey headset.

logitech G933 2 (1)


Logitech G933

The 933 do typically come in black but there’s also limited edition Artemis snow spectrum, basically in white. The looks are subjective but in my opinion, this thing looks like something out of the movie. These things look futuristic and with that boom mic hidden in the ear cup itself, once you pull it out it looks pretty slick.

Now overall construction despite being very much plastic here, it’s very tough and rugged for transport. Their cups do lay flat perfect for resting on your shoulders but sadly though there’s no carrying case.

Logitech G935

The design itself is also pretty understated apart from the lighting but obviously, you can turn that lighting off. There’s a mic mute button and the 3G keys on the rear as well as a volume wheel that’s quite tactile, it makes a nice feel as you roll it.

The design is also nice and understated as the G logo on top and the very comfortable padding on the ear cups and on the headband. The headset is also very flexible in terms of design and comfort. You can turn the ear cups to fit on your head nicely.


Logitech G933

Comfort-wise and this is clearly subjective as well but they do have some weight coming in a little above 370 grams or 13.9. Now overall, there’s a slight feeling of some weight hereafter Gaming for an hour or more but because of these big ear-cups that surround your entire ear. Overall, there wasn’t much in discomfort at the crown of the head yet over time you do feel somewhat of that weight pushing down on you.

Logitech G935

The highlights to this device include large ear cups with leatherette padding which basically is faux leather and they sit nicely on top of the head. You will find that you get quite warm ears after a while off playing but they do encompass a lot of the ears and they do block out a lot of external noise which I like.

The cups are nice and padded and so is the headband which makes it a comfortable headset to use both day and night and all day long.

Logitech-G935-2 (1)


Logitech G933

Getting the physical connections out of the way, there are tons of them here with a passive setup meaning your headset is off, you can still get audio through the physical three-and-a-half millimeter wire with inline volume controls and mute functions for PlayStation 4, Xbox, your smartphones, and PC. There are RCA cables for those connecting the more traditional way in addition, the included USB wireless adapter can connect to those RCA cables giving you wireless audio. It’s perfect for those intending on using these with their at-home audio/video receivers or simply using these headsets and one of your older systems. The chord here is a nice long micro-USB cable to charge your headset.

On the left ear cup hidden behind a magnetized cover holds that USB adapter and it’s perfect for traveling, everything’s just compact and stowed in there. It’s virtually plug-and-play connecting this into my PlayStation 4, the headset is immediately recognized here, you just have to switch it over to headphones and same with my PC, plug it in and the drivers download automatically. Now overall, my wireless connection was stable and periodically getting up to walk to the fridge in between breaks, the signal has never cut out on me.

There are full RGB color options, the site Logitech G logo can be customized in independent of their real lights. With various controls like ambient glow, fading in and out, to full RGB cycling of colors, to simply a fixed color profile. The only thing that I wish was more expensive in the lighting effects department and besides all three colors, it would have been sick if the lights would light up vertically or maybe light up like an audio level meter when audio is coming through that would be seriously cool.

For the buttons, it’s easy to reach but somewhat hard to identify but the buttons are very convenient, volume and mute works smoothly here and very tactile. The G programming buttons offer cycling through either the colors you have saved on your headset on the g1 button. The g2 button allows you to turn on or off the default surround sound, g3 cycles through your EQ settings and all the way at the very top a switch to turn wireless on or off.

On the right ear cup, there is removable backplate which exposes a replaceable battery. These batteries ever go dead, you can always swap them out. The battery life performed at about 7 hours for me here with the lights going on in about 80% in volume. Now while Logitech is claiming eight hours of use with those same settings. Now without the lights on, the headsets can go up to 12 hours if needed.

Logitech G935

It features RGB lighting on the rear and on the G logo on the sides as you can see that is 16.8 million colors of RGB with the light sync capability. So, if you have Logitech peripherals and mice and keyboards and speakers, you can sync the lighting up across those devices and enjoy that goodness. It also comes with DTS headphone X version 2 which means it offers virtual 7.1 surround sound and it does a surprisingly good job of that as well.

These ear cups also have 50 millimeter Pro G drivers that are capable of 20 to 20,000 Hertz response. In terms of frequency and that basically means, they deliver pretty spectacular audio across a range of different uses.

The G935 is wireless and they say it can support 12 hours of gaming before it needs recharging. The other feature I really like and it’s quite interesting is the G keys on the back.

The G buttons on the left ear cup which gives you access to a number of settings. It also comes with a 2 meter braided micro USB cable for charging purposes. So, when the headset gets low on the headset, you’ll hear an audible beep and you’ll get warnings within the software. It also comes with a 3.5-millimeter adapter, so that you can use it on a console or on your mobile phone if you so choose but there is no USB-C connection or Bluetooth. So, there will be no connections to your phone that way which is a disappointment and that is why the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is still my favorite because you can do that connection nice and easily.

There’s a power button, mute switch, and many more. There is functionality on that which has a sleep though into it, so they will turn itself off if you forget to do so.

Inside underneath one of the ear cups, you get the USB dongle that you can plug in and that’s how you get the wireless connection and happily, that is a plug-and-play affair. So, it’s really easy to set up on your PC and on any other machine that you might like to. It has a storage functionality there because that means you can take your headset with you, so it’s perfect for e-Sports game as well. The cable is long enough that there are no issues with it, tugging constantly which is always a benefit. It’s nice and comfortable and you can easily get into that wired mode without interruption.

Now, under the ear cup cover, you’ll also know the RGB lighting for the G logos there, you can see that when you take them off. This RGB lighting is customizable both on the rear and on those logos, you can customize them independently as well. So, you can set different colors there and you have a variety of different lighting modes available. There’s the removable battery, so you can put the replacement in the future if the battery in the headset no longer holds the charge.

Within the software, you have several equalizer settings that you can change between that includes various modes, flat, fps, bass, boost, mobile, cinematic, communications and you can create your own custom ones. You can also customize the G keys in a variety of different ways, there are so many possibilities there. For example, you can make these G keys change your status in discord so that you move between channels, you can use them to mute unmute and discord while keeping your mic in use for other things. You can also even set up things to start and stop OBS, recordings, and streams, save buffers, all sorts of things like that.

In this, they have opted micro-USB instead of USB. There’s no Bluetooth means you don’t have the flexibility to connect to your smartphone that’s a bit of a downer. It would be nice to be able to get to a laptop, so you didn’t have a dongle with you, it’s not a major problem though.

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Logitech G933

The 933 have some very good passive noise isolation blocking out unwanted noises around me. Though there is minor to moderate amounts of sound leaking, only someone sitting next to you in a quiet room will be able to hear what your person listening to.

I used this mic in-game and asked my team-mates about the voice, they said I’m voiced clear in very good. With minor background noise being picked up here specifically when I type on my mechanical keyboard, the other person can hear the sound in a very little amount. Nonetheless, it’s still faint in the background.

Logitech G935

The mic has a flip to mute functionality in it. So, you can mute in a variety of different ways which is interesting. So, the G keys are standard and work as multimedia keys with play-pause-forward and rewind when you listen to music but you can customize them within the software.

The microphone is an interesting point. It folds up and down and there’s also an audible beep when you fold it away so that you know that it’s been muted and a little light that comes on to show. You can also get side-tone on this microphone which you can get in the software, so you can adjust the levels which is pretty important because it blocks out so much noise. It’s a bendable and cool design of the mic.

The mic quality isn’t the worst but it’s not the best either. The mic quality is nowhere like a higher-end mic and it is actually one of the most disappointing features of this headset. The only downside is the microphone which sounds awful. The microphone itself doesn’t look very cool though in terms of the way extends because it’s like flexible but you can’t bend it nicely towards your mouth.


Logitech G933

The audio can be tweaked using the Logitech Gaming software. You can turn off all these simulated surround sound to get standard stereo performance which still sounds good but having Dolby Digital or DTS offers additional sound profiles and very good spatial awareness. If you want to fine-tune this thing, there’s an equalizer offered which too quite low.

In the game, the details are very clean and precise. The headset is someone bassy probably for music listeners but for movie watching, I thought it was perfect. Now, if you think it’s slightly muddy, you can always alleviate that with the equalizer in tune it to your liking.

In my personal opinion, it’s still a very well balanced sound signature for gaming specifically with such great detail. These headsets have the acuity of direction and emphasize and the details, specifically footsteps and movement of nearby enemies, a very much competitive advantage. No gunshots on headsets at times can be overemphasized and causing a very high-pitched tone, causing a lot of listening fatigue over time but here the Artemis has the authority and again clarity, fidelity, without that screech that’s what impressed me.

H1Z1 or battlefield 1 that I’ve been playing, the sound effects of hearing bullets whizzed by your head, the explosions are heard off in the distance. Overall, the entire experience was very immersive.

Logitech G935

Now for the price, it delivers a pretty spectacular sound experience, very good positional audio. This headset features a DTS headphone X version 2 which means you get 7.1 virtual surround sound. It also uses Logitech Santee assassin audio technology which is meant to give you the best positional surround sound experience as possible and it does a surprisingly good job. I have seen better but I’ve seen worse and I must say I did enjoy using this headset both for gaming and for watching videos and listening to music. It is capable of several different ways of delivering some pre brilliant audio.

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To compare Logitech G933 and the G935, I think the G935 is a way better choice unless you are on a tight budget and I would highly recommend G935 but it’s a little bit pricey than the G933. The reason behind it is the G935 sound is a bit louder and clearer than G933 both in the headset and the mic. So, if you are someone who doesn’t really care about how much you are spending and want the best quality as possible the G935 will be the better choice.

The price difference is also not that much high, The G933 comes around $110 and the G935 will come around $130. So, it’s up to you which one you want to buy but both are the good headset.