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Logitech M510 vs M310 Mouse: Which One is Better?

This is the comparison of Logitech M510 and Logitech M310 Mouse. There are some similar features and some different one. To decide which one is better, check out our detailed review.

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Logitech M510Logitech M310
Ergonomic, contoured design.
Five customizable buttons.
Uses Logitech Unifying USB technology.
Side-scrolling possible.
Good battery life
Good budget price for a wireless mouse.
The wireless connectivity is pretty good.
Jumpy and erratic.
Elusive tracking and sensitivity settings.
It has normal three buttons only.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Interface2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Movement Detection TechnologyLaserLaser
Movement Resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi
Buttons Qty73
OS RequiredApple MacOS X 10.4 or laterApple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Run Up Time24 months18 months
Width2.6 in2.4 in
Depth4.7 in4.4 in
Height1.6 in1.5 in
Weight4.55 oz4.8 oz
FeaturesComfortable shape and materials.

Extra controls right under your fingers.

Up to 2-year battery life Unifying technology – Plug it / Forget it / Add to it.

Side-to-side scrolling plus zoom.

Programmable controls.

Advanced precision.
Hand-friendly design.

Plug-and-forget nano-receiver.

Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

Smooth, responsive tracking.

Logitech reliability.

Detail Review


Logitech M510

There are better mice available but when you’re on a tight budget and need those extra functionalities, you have to choose wisely from a few reliable options. Logitech M510 offers many of those functions.

Logitech M310

This is a very nice compact mouse from Logitech offering excellent performance at a low cost. It’s a pretty basic mouse. If you’re just a regular computer user, this is probably the mouse for you and if you really care at all it just has a few features.

logitech m510 (1)


Logitech M510

Though the mouse is ambidextrous which is somewhat made for right-handed users just cause of the button placements on the sides. I’m sure those keys are very uncomfortable to use if you are left-handed. Nevertheless, it is large enough where you can rest your palm and with the rubber grips on the side, it can be easily used for longer periods.

It is a full-sized Mouse as you will know, a lot of notebook Mouse’s these days are always small, they are either small or they’re really flat. So, for even bigger hands, this will fit perfectly. It’s a nice full-sized Mouse and it’s portable and it’s wireless, all in all, good deal.

Logitech M310

It has a nice textured rubberized surface running along the side of it which provides a good grip on the mouse. The M310 will also work well with both right-handed and left-handed users because of its symmetry. The top part of the mouse is a smooth plastic with a bold color and two dimples where your fingers rest on the mouse.

There is nothing fancy on the mouse, it’s got some nice texture on the side. When you turn on the mouse, there will be green light up top.

logitech-m310 (1)


Logitech M510

There are a total of five clicks that can be configured in this mouse which can be done via Logitech options software. There are three clicks constructed inside the scrolling wheel and two buttons on the sides, all have tons of customizable options which makes this mouse unique at this price point. All the buttons are clicky and tactile and it works on both Mac and Windows.

You also have two buttons on the side other than the regular buttons. They are preset so that these will act as your forward and back buttons when you are in Google Chrome or any other web browser. These are also programmable, you can actually program keystrokes that way if you’re in an editing program or you’re in a game of some kind. You can definitely program these to do what you want to do. In the scroll wheel, you have the side to side rocking motion, scrolling up and down as well as a third clickable button.

It has an auto-off mode. It connects using a unifying adapter might take a USB port but easy to switch without pairing it with an on-device and you can store this adapter near the battery compartment in the back. It’s a non-gaming mouse, so don’t expect any preciseness but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it that hinders your workflow. It probably works on pretty much every surface I have used except a clear glass.

It is a laser mouse, so it gives you a lot more precision in terms of your movements. It also comes with a little receiver. This is not a Bluetooth mouse, it requires a unifying receiver to allow movement into the computer. Now, the cool thing about this little receiver is it used to be that one receiver one device but that is not the case anymore. Logitech has to figure out a way to put this little thing to unify all your devices. So, if you have a wireless keyboard, you only need one of these now. If you are the traveling kind of person if you simply pop this open, you will notice that there is a little spot on the bottom and that’s exactly where you put the little receiver in.

Aside from this being a really good Mouse from the get-go, there is one little flaw to it. The laser unfortunately does not work very well on lighter surfaces. There’s definitely a lag from when I move the mouse to when it finally starts moving. So, lighter surfaces don’t do well so much for the laser. You can use a mousepad which maybe a great solution to this problem. Other than that, it is a really nice good Mouse, especially if you have slightly bigger hands and you require something a little bit more comfortable to hold and if you need something portable.

Logitech M310

Basically, this is a very simple Mouse, it’s probably for the everyday user. On the back, it’s got an on-off. It uses a very mini wireless USB receiver to work with virtually any computer. All you have to do to setup the mouse is plug in the receiver, put a AA battery, turn the mouse on and you’re good to go. This mouse works beautifully with both Windows and Mac and it is easily portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The mouse even features a small compartment to hold its Nano USB receiver. Along with its ease of use and portability, the Logitech M310 wireless mouse also offers great functionality.

The M310 features a total of three buttons: a left-click, a right-click, and a scroll wheel click. The scroll wheel also has a nice smooth rubber feel to it and it provides these sorts of notches for more precise scrolling. While the M310 may be lacking in buttons compared with more premium mice, it can still be used for gaming because of its precise scroll wheel and ergonomic design.

The excellent range of its wireless receiver also allows you to use the mouse from anywhere to some extent of space. It’s got invisible optic technology and you slide shell down to get the USB. Performance is really great. The mouse feels very soft in the hand and the clicks registered very well.

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Logitech M510

The mouse works on two AA batteries which also come with the mouse. This mouse has a good battery life and in this, you don’t need to recharge the mouse consistently but you just have to change the battery after using it completely. The battery life of this mouse extends around 24 months and it really depends on how many hours you use it daily. 

Logitech M310

The mouse runs on one AA battery which Logitech claims will give you 12 months of battery life and you can even extend it around 18 months if you use it for low hours and turn it off when the mouse is not in use. You don’t have to change the battery for a long time because the battery life is actually pretty well.

logitech- m310 (1)


Overall, the M310 is an excellent wireless solution for either your computer tasks, office works, or gaming PC. It offers great functionality in a compact design at a very affordable cost. Also, the M510 has some great features which come at a reasonable cost. In my opinion, the M510 is the better one to buy because even though it retails at less cost comparatively, it also has more buttons and features than the M310. 

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