Logitech Z623 vs G560: Which One is Worth Buying?

Logitech G560

This is the review of the comparison between two speakers from Logitech those are the Logitech Z623 and G560. One of these speakers is from the Z series and the other one is from the G series. Not only their prices and series differ from each other but also their features differ. To know which one is worth buying than the other, go to the detailed review.

Logitech Z623Logitech G560
Logitech Z623Logitech G560
Powerful deep bass.
Overall good sound quality.
Good design with bass control on the satellite.
Attractive design.
Works with multiple input devices. Affordable.
Good performance with games and movies.
Extremely powerful output.
THX certification.
Powerful sound.
Beautiful RGB lighting.
Robust software.
Generous cable lengths.
Good connectivity options.
DTS: X virtual surround sound. Flashy and luxury light display.
Mids and highs could have been crispier and sharper.
The subwoofer is hard to position thanks to its size.
Poor musical performance. Hardwired cables can complicate setup and repair.
No remote control.
Shortlist of supported light-sync titles currently.
Only works with games in a borderless window.
Screen sampling can be overly aggressive.
No AUX cable included.


Speaker System TypePC multimedia speaker system
Speaker System Configuration2.1-channel2.1-channel
System Components2 speakers, subwoofer2 speakers, subwoofer
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Audio System Nominal Output Power (Total)200 Watt120 Watt
Frequency Response40 – 18000 Hz
Nominal Impedance
Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Output Level (SPL)97 dB
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
THX certifiedYes
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired, Wireless
Built-in Decoders
Built-in Decoders
Surround System Class2.1 channel2.1 channel
Designed forfor PCfor PC
Typespeaker systemspeaker system
Speaker TypeSpeakerSpeaker
Speaker Qty1.21.2
Nominal (RMS) Output Power
Recommended Placing
Connectivity Technologywiredwired
Remote Control Technology
Typeaudio line-in, headphonesUSB, audio line-in, headphones
Connector TypeRCA x 2, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mmmini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Typesatellite speaker, subwoofersatellite speaker, subwoofer
Width12 in, 4.6 in10 in, 6.5 in
Depth10.5 in, 5 in4.6 in, 8.1 in
Height11.2 in, 7.7 in15.9 in, 5.8 in
Weight15.4 lbs, 2.2 lbs, 33.5 oz12.1 lbs
These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification.* Learn how Logitech and THX bring the theater to your home. * THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registered in some jurisdictions.

400-watt peak power You’ll hear and feel immersive theater quality audio that brings music, movies, and games to life.* *200W RMS power

Multiple inputs
Z623 speakers have convenient RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for music, movie, and gaming devices.

Integrated controls Dial the volume and bass up or down to customize your listening experience.

Built-in headphone jack
When you want to listen privately, just plug in your headphones.

Powerful 2.1 system Easy, two-satellite setup and a powerful subwoofer give you big sound – even in large spaces.
Lightsync – RGB Lighting That Reacts to Games.

Bring Games to Light – Custom RGB Experience for Popular Titles.

Game Beyond the Monitor – Customizable Screen Sampler Extends Color.

Audio Visualizer – Full spectrum lighting driven by music.

240 Watts Powerful Sound – All-consuming sound from every angle.

DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound – Next-gen Positional Audio.

One Speaker for All Your Audio – USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth compatible.

Logitech Gaming Software – Game Integration and Custom Lighting Effects.

Designed to Break Boundaries – The First RGB Speaker of Its Kind.

Detail Review:


Logitech Z623

The Logitech G623 is a 2.1 speaker system which means two satellite speakers and one might be the subwoofer. They’re retailing on Amazon for $119, analog version $149 analog / optical which means you can have an optical input on it as well, and $141 for having the Bluetooth adapter with it so you can connect your phone via Bluetooth that sort of thing.

Logitech G560

The Logitech G560 fits under the monitor and wouldn’t require any sort of preamp just a plug-and-play type job and it does have Bluetooth. Logitech has been in the speaker biz for ages covering high-end speaker systems way out of the price range with the speakers that make you wonder how they even turn a profit. These speakers are actually retailing for around two hundred dollars currently.

logitech z623


Logitech Z623

On the right satellite speaker, we have our volume control knob, power button, and our bass control knob which adjusts the volume of the subwoofer. You can turn it all the way to the left and that will turn it off. We have our 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and there is actually an auxiliary input next to the headphone jack. Another satellite speaker has the same shape but no notable controls on this one.

All your other connections are on your subwoofer right on the back. We have our auxiliary input red is for right and white is for left RCA inputs and you have a 3.5-millimeter input and then you have the connection for the right speaker which has thicker cable because as all the controls for the system and then down there we have our left speaker connection which is kind of like an RCA but not. This subwoofer is also the amplifier for the system.

Logitech G560

The Logitech G560 is a 2.1 system with two and a half inch drivers for the satellite speakers and at six and a half-inch downward-facing subwoofer. Both satellite speakers connect independently to the sub and from the sub, you have the option to connect via USB or auxiliary. The right channel speaker has some buttons hidden around the back with the power button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a headphones port that unfortunately doesn’t support microphones on things like gaming headsets and RGB lighting because that’s kind of the main feature on these speakers.

The volume buttons are on the top since it doesn’t come with a remote but it’s actually not too bad since the speakers aren’t much of a reach for me. The volume up button with the plus icon is raised a bit so it’s a bit easier to figure out. There’s also a G button which by default controls the light brightness but you can actually map it to damn near anything with the Logitech Gaming software.

The speaker design is a nice change from the typical rectangular shape and with the hole and additional RGB lighting on the inside. It looks pretty modern, I just wish it also came in a white version too like maybe an all white with a black front. I also wish the cables weren’t so thick and rigid if they were a little thinner they’d be a lot more malleable and not stick out on the desk.

Logitech G560


Logitech Z623

You have three simultaneous analog inputs into the subwoofer. So you can plug in three sources into the system and there’s no switching so they will all play at once. For example, you can plug a computer, then a scarlet, and the other 3.5-millimeter connection will plugin on the right satellite something like an iPod or phone. We need to push the power button on the speakers.

These things are amazing means for the money and the fact that these are actually computer speakers they’re actually really nice sounding like I like them a lot actually. Then the volume and bass knob are both quite smooth, a lot of people will say it crackles but that’s never happened for me. It’s a good speaker system the highs, the lows, and the mids are all there. I like how these satellites and the subwoofers they actually blend in.

The subwoofer actually kicks pretty hard even though it’s six and a half-inch, it actually has a lot of headroom, and it gets pretty loud. I was pretty impressed by these but the satellites don’t actually have an actual real dedicated tweeter. It’s a phase driver those are good drivers but still, it’s not gonna be as good as if it was an actual woofer, and then it had a tweeter with it. This is for computer gamers but for the size of them they do sound really good. You are getting a 2.1 amplifier and actually just satellite speakers and then just getting an actual subwoofer that is not connected to the satellites at all it’s just own powered subwoofer.

Logitech G560

You can pair these up to four devices with Bluetooth and with Logitech’s easy switch tech, it’s all seamless. So I can be listening to music or watching a video on my computer and then just start playing music from my phone and it’ll instantly come out of the speakers. No input selection or waiting for the device to connect.

The RGB aspect is pretty sweet and everything is controlled through the Logitech Gaming app that you’ll download for either Windows or Mac. You can control the lighting through the aux port or with Bluetooth but just use the damn software. Because the Logitech gaming software is like a launch tech hardware unifier, if you have other Logitech peripherals they’ll be here too which is pretty good. But what’s even better is that you can link those other peripherals. So if they have RGB too, everything will be in sync which I think is pretty nifty.

For lighting effects in Windows, there are actually five lighting effects whereas on Mac iOS we’re limited to four the missing effect is the Audio visualizer effect because Mac iOS doesn’t support DTS. Anyways the light reacts to sound nothing new here and also there’s the standard color cycling, breathing effects, and also screen sampler. When it comes to the RGB lighting, this is what makes the G560 interesting. So you select screen sampler and then jump into advanced settings and from there you’ve set up zones. Each speaker has a backlight and a front light which is located in that hole so you set up your zones and whatever the dominant color is in those zones is a color that’ll be replicated through the speakers. There’s another level of immersion well gaming but unfortunately, it’s pretty limited at the moment and it’s called light sync.

Basically, when you’re playing one of the lights and supported games the lighting will react based on things like the environment, specific effects of the game developer may have wanted to bring more attention to, or like in battlefield one when you get killed the lights quell red or when you’re on fire everything goes all orange like that. It’s a really cool idea but the list of lights in supported games is super duper short. Even if your favorite game isn’t on the list it’s fine because you can still create specific gaming profiles and save the screen sampling effect to those profiles, which in my opinion is a much more immersive experience in the light sync anyways.

logitech z623


Logitech Z623

The frequency range of these speakers is 35 Hertz to 2 kilohertz so that’s a pretty good range for 1-inch speakers and then a 5-inch subwoofer. They do have a fairly decent high frequency, it’s a tiny bit hyped but considering that these are plastic they have a good sound to them. They are slightly angled up so that it sounds up towards your face or into the rest of the room. These are THX certified which means these are very good as movie soundtracks or whatever music.

Logitech G560

The G560 is a solidly upper-middle of road type system at only 200 dollars. If super high volume levels are one of your kinks and this will get your rocks off for sure because it gets ridiculously loud. So with a total of 240 watts peak, those two and a half inch drivers really provide a rich and clear sound in the mids, with some nice and crispy sounding highs which I really noticed when listening to EDM type music.

The sub really sounds out with solid deep punchy bass. Everyone has their own audio preferences and thankfully the Logitech gaming software lets you make changes in the sound quality as you want and it does have its own presets even a flat preset. But you can take it a step further with specific ranges and create your own custom audio profiles if you wanted to. You also have the option of turning on virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Logitech G560


In my opinion, Logitech G560 is worth buying than the Logitech Z623 because for the price tag of two hundred dollars these have the RGB lighting, sounds loud enough, and really good even if you don’t like the sound quality on these then you can also adjust the sound quality using the Logitech software.

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