Logitech Z333

Logitech Z623 vs Z333: Which to Buy?

The comparison here between the two speakers from the Z series of Logitech those are the Logitech Z623 and the Logitech Z333. They may be from the same series but their price ranges vary a lot. To know which is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Logitech Z623Logitech Z333
Logitech Z623Logitech Z333
Powerful deep bass.
Overall good sound quality.
Good design with bass control on the satellite.
Attractive design.
Works with multiple input devices. Affordable.
Good performance with games and movies.
Extremely powerful output.
THX certification.
These are budget-friendly headset.
They do sound really good for their price.
Mids and highs could have been crispier and sharper.
The subwoofer is hard to position thanks to its size.
Poor musical performance. Hardwired cables can complicate setup and repair.
No remote control.
When volume is increased by the dial there is some sort of muddiness and distortion too.


Speaker System TypePC multimedia speaker system
Speaker System Configuration2.1-channel2.1-channel
System Components2 speakers, subwoofer2 speakers, subwoofer
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Audio System Nominal Output Power (Total)200 Watt40 Watt
Frequency Response55 – 20000 Hz
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
THX certifiedYes
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Surround System Class2.1 channel2.1 channel
Designed forfor PCfor PC
Typespeaker systemspeaker system
Speaker TypeSpeakerPC
Speaker Qty1.21.2
Nominal (RMS) Output Power24 Watt, 8 Watt
Connectivity Technologywiredwired
Typeaudio line-in, headphonesaudio line-in, headphones
Connector TypeRCA x 2, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mmRCA x 2, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Typesatellite speaker, subwoofersatellite speaker, subwoofer
Width12 in, 4.6 in4.3 in, 9.1 in
Depth10.5 in, 5 in3.5 in, 6.2 in
Height11.2 in, 7.7 in7.6 in, 9.1 in
Weight15.4 lbs, 2.2 lbs, 33.5 oz21.2 oz, 5.5 lbs
These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification.* Learn how Logitech and THX bring the theater to your home. * THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registered in some jurisdictions.

400-watt peak power You’ll hear and feel immersive theater quality audio that brings music, movies, and games to life.* *200W RMS power

Multiple inputs
Z623 speakers have convenient RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for music, movie, and gaming devices.

Integrated controls Dial the volume and bass up or down to customize your listening experience.

Built-in headphone jack
When you want to listen privately, just plug in your headphones.

Powerful 2.1 system Easy, two-satellite setup and a powerful subwoofer give you big sound – even in large spaces.
80 WATTS OF BOLD SOUND -80 Watts Peak/40 Watts RMS power delivers maximum loudness via two satellite speakers and a large subwoofer. Enjoy rich, clear, bold sound. (Small driver (tweeter) on satellite speakers is decorative and non-operational)

STRONG BASS – The front-facing subwoofer produces rich bass, adding another dimension to your videos, games and music. Experience strong bass you can hear and feel.

VERSATILE SETUP – Connect up to two compatible devices via the 3.5 millimeter and RCA inputs. No need to disconnect when switching between audio sources.

SIMPLE CONTROLS – Easily access power, volume and the headphone jack using the wired control pod. Adjust the bass level with the dedicated control knob on the back of the subwoofer.

Detail Review:


Logitech Z623

The Logitech Z623 is a 2.1 speaker system which means it comes with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer with the THX certification. These sets of speakers are currently retailing for around a hundred and twenty dollars.

Logitech Z333

The Logitech Z333 is one of the budget-friendly speaker set from Logitech. These speakers come with a dial pad which is really helpful in controlling the volume and on or off the speakers. These speakers are currently retailing for around fifty dollars.

Logitech Z333


Logitech Z623

At the back of the box, it’s got the text certification, four watts at the peak and two hundred watts RMS, RCA 3.5 and so there’s easy controls. It was also marked there on the box when you open it about a few instructions, what contains in the box, adjustments, and controls.

The right speaker of the Logitech Z623 has got power on and off button, your volume knob, and then your control over the bass of the subwoofer that is a bass knob for the subwoofer. On its side right there you have your headphone jack input and auxiliary input. There is also THX branding on it on its top and there is nothing at the back. The left speaker looks the same as the right one but there are no controls and any inputs on it, it’s just simple.

The subwoofer is big in size and has all the connections at its back. There is the connection for your left channel, right channel audio at 3.5-millimeter jack which looks like a VGA cable port, and the audio jack for the companion speaker. All of these speakers look great with a black colored finish and the ergonomics used in these were also good.

Logitech Z333

The Logitech Z333 is a set of really good budget studio monitors with amazing sound. This set consists of two tweeters and a bass adjustable subwoofer for the lows. The bass on it can shake the floor if you wanted to, if you crank it up it will vibrate the ground. Because of the four drivers on the tweeters, the sound is much clearer, since they are dedicated drivers for each one of the ranges.

The tweeters each have two drivers one on the top for the highs and one on the bottom for the mids. The actual tweeters are angled at five degrees to improve acoustics which cuts the costs of having to buy another set of Stands. Being budget speakers, you’re actually getting extra stuff inside it so there’s more bang for your dollars here.

The interface that comes with the speakers has a volume dial and on/off switch and a pass-through headphone jack. The pass-through headphone jack allows you to keep your laptop or whatever you have connected to be connected always and whenever you want to plug in your headphones just plug into the pass-through.

The interface has a problem when you’re plugging your headphone into the pass-through, you change the volume with the dial it actually distorts the sound. It gives more volume to certain channels than others and it just sounds wrong. The dial also has an on/off switch with a little LED indicator which tells you if it’s on and off which is actually pretty good. The dial on the interface is actually pretty useful as you are able to adjust the volume with that and it works smoothly.

Logitech Z623


Logitech Z623

The sound quality right out of these speakers is really surprising because these have thunderous bass, crisp highs, and all that great sound. These speakers have the THX certification so it sounds really great especially for the movies and games. These speakers are also loud enough because of the THX certification.

Logitech Z333

The Z333 doesn’t only have to be used for monitoring audio, if you’re feeling like listening to some tunes you can always just jam out and adjust the bass in the back of the subwoofer, which gives the sound much more warmth which can actually be really useful. So if you want to listen to rap or any other bass-heavy music, or if you’re a bass head yourself, you can just crank it up and you’ll get all that bass and it will shake the ground. So overall the sound is very clear and very balanced, I don’t hear any distortion in any range, to be honest, and I don’t feel anything it’s being overpowered except when you crack the bass up to max. However, the highs get slightly muddy and have a bit of a nasal sound.

Logitech Z333


In my opinion, the Logitech Z623 speakers have a really nice clean balanced sound with the THX certification, looks really nice, and everything is actually really good with them for their price. Even though its price is more than Z333, they worth that price for their performance.

Logitech Z623

Expert Reviews of Logitech Z623:

By Tech Digest
They’re fairly pricey, but gamers and movie fans will get a lot out of the Logitech Z623 speakers. Superb bass response and an excellent stab at immersive THX audio make them easy to recommend, even if the satellites lack a little in detail.

By Tech Radar
They have to be heard to be believed though, and despite our reservations about the THX certification, it actually seems to mean something here. These come highly recommended.

By About.com
The Z623 is an option for gamers or movie buffs who want the power of a 5.1 system but not the price or added hardware. All other users need not apply. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our…

By PC Advisor
The Logitech Z623 offers powerful stereo sound at a price that can get as low as £110 in certain online outlets, which is attractive. The system sounds bold and offers powerful deep bass that makes it easily a good option for partying or waking up…

By Expert Reviews
Well-designed and incredibly loud, but the audio just doesn’t sound as good as we’d expect from an expensive 2.1 set…

Expert Reviews of Logitech Z333:

By Every Home Tech
In conclusion, the Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers are an exceptional value at around $60-80. If you can find them for under $80, then you’re at a great price point. The next step up is the Logitech Z537 speakers adding Bluetooth functionality and 120 watts of peak power. They are a great pair of speakers, but we’d still go with the Z333’s.

By the review index
The speakers work fine, but when playing audio through the 3.5mm jack it comes out crackling … Furthermore, if the jack is turned in a wrong way, the sound comes from only one of the speakers. … If you want to connect headphones to these you will have to crank the volume up to max to hear anything… If you want to connect headphones to these you will have to crank the volume up to max to hear anything. … “

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