Marshall Monitor ll ANC vs Marshall Monitor: Which One is Better?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Marshall Monitor II ANC and Marshall Monitor. These headphones are of the same brand but their prices and features differ. To know one has a better feature than the other, go to the detailed review.

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Marshall Monitor II ANCMarshall Monitor
Unsurprisingly rich sound.
Highly effective and adjustable noise cancellation.
Powerful, clean audio performance with deep bass response. Removable audio filters for personal audio preference.
Detachable cable has inline remote. Microphone can be attached to either ear cup.
Very comfortable design.
Setup requires mobile app.Expand color/finish options, MSRP: $200.
Inline remote has only single button, can’t adjust volume.
Occasional frequency balance issues, Treble might have too much bite for some.


ModelMonitor II ANCMonitor
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Sound Output ModeStereo
Frequency Response20 Hz-20 KHz10 Hz-20 KHz
Sensitivity96 db SPL
Impedance32 ohm42 ohm
Diaphragm40 mm40 mm
Width5.7 in7.40 in
Depth2.9 in3.15 in
Height8.1 in6.30 in
Weight11.29 oz9.56 oz
Battery30 Hour(s)
FeaturesUses advanced active noise cancelling technology

Delivers iconic sound with the 40 mm drivers

Provides 30 hours of playtime with the ANC and Bluetooth on

Has ergonomic construction and iconic design

Solid Marshall design

All-encompassing sound

F.T.F system for customized sound

Microphone and remote included

Economic over-ear design

Detail Review:


Marshall Monitor II ANC

The Marshal Monitor II ANC headphones are a pair of premium active noise cancellation headphones. Unfortunately, the Marshall is also just as premium-priced as the Sony and the Bose at 320 dollars. The design of the Marshall Monitor II is more attractive than those other headsets in the market. These are really a very good pair of headphones decent for self-isolated and also very strong sound production as well.

Marshall Monitor

The Marshall Monitor headphones were introduced in 2013 and carry a price tag of roughly two hundred US dollars. These are some of the best-made headphones that I’ve ever used at the $200 price point.

0.2 Marshall Monitor 3


Marshall Monitor II ANC

I do absolutely love the design of the Marshall Monitors II ANC. They definitely stand out from the rest of the noise cancellation headphones. Instead of the simple design on Sony WH-1000XM3 which do look rather plastic, the Marshalls just have a lot more going on from those embossed cups to the funky rotating metal hinges and also that lovely headband. Actually, this is a very distinctive Marshall product and I love how compact the Marshall Monitor II feels when you actually wear them onto your head as well. They’re a lot snugger and a lot more tightly fitted. These’re definitely made from premium materials.

When you’re completely done performing, you can just fold up the Marshall Monitor 2 as well as a nice snug little ball and you can just keep them in your backpack or whatever you want. They seem to be pretty Hardy so far, so don’t worry about keeping them inside a carry pouch or anything like that. In this way, these headsets are really convenient to carry and they are very durable too. 

Marshall Monitor

There’s a solidarity to them that just really makes it feel as though these things will last for years and years without breaking down on you and I think that’s pretty good. I also love the way these headphones look. They just have a classy aesthetic to them from the faux leather to the metal plates that indicate the left and right channels. Everything about them just executes class.

The Marshall logo is like embossed on the ear cups very nicely. The ear cups look like plastic material but it’s really strong. It feels really good and the extendable band is aluminum and that also feels really strong. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. Inside the extendable band, you can see it has numbers to adjust it as you want. Also, there has a nice small metal plate that indicates the right and the left.


Marshall Monitor II ANC

These headphones are really very comfortable to wear even for long periods. If they do kind of feel like they’re very tight and snug, there’s plenty of padding around the ear cups and also up around the headband as well which is great to use. They’re all quite comfortable to wear around your neck as well when they’re not actually in use as these are 180-degree rotating cups. These actually do have the extendable band along with the notches so that you can get a perfect size equally on both sides.

Marshall Monitor

The leather material doesn’t feel cheap at all to the touch. It feels really good and it does have memory foam inside the headband and the ear cups. You can feel it by touching and it’s really good when you put it on your head. They’re very comfortable and very nice also. The ear cups also have enough memory foam which increases the comfort level. These headphones are also stretchable enough so that it fits any size head easily. The ear cups are very good and I’ve used these for about three hours straight, I didn’t get any fatigue and they didn’t clamp my head.

0.2 Marshall Monitor II ANC 6


Marshall Monitor II ANC

Pairing up the Marshall Monitor 2 with your smartphone is actually very easy. There’s the usual Bluetooth pairing otherwise, they’re fully NFC as well, so you can just basically hover them around your smartphone that will pair up. As far as Bluetooth 5.0 absolutely no problems with the connection in terms of the stability or anything I like no buffering so as you’ve got the phone in your general vicinity.

As far as the actual headphone controls are concerned most of them are relying on the gold knob there on the right cup. When you want to power up the marshall Monitor II, who need to press in and hold that little gold knob. The gold knob can also be used to pause and play your music and it can also be used to boost up the volume up and back down. Also, it can be used to the Skip track forward and backward. It was a little bit dubious expecting to boost up the volume and accidentally skip the track instead. But to be honest, it seems to work perfectly and I’ve had no issues whatsoever with it.

In addition, you’ve also got two other separate buttons, which are on the ear cup. One of them is an active noise cancellation button and the other one is a Marshall branded button. That ANC button is fairly self-explanatory. You’ve got a long press in order to either turn ANC on or off depending on its current state. It definitely makes an impact, it helps to just muffle out some black ambient sounds from the irritations such as trains, traffic noises, things like that. It can actually configure the strength of that ANC via the Marshall app as well which is free to download via Google Play and also the Apple App Store. I don’t think the ANC in this is quite as strong as Sony effort on the WH-1000XM3 but it’s definitely up there.

One feature that I really love on the Marshall Monitor II as well as the awareness mode. Just press that ANC button a quick tap and what it will do is will instantly pause your music, it’ll stop the ANC and it’ll actually amplify everything it’s going on around you. If somebody wants to get your attention to have a conversation or an announcement comes out over the tunnel or whatever, just give that quick tap a second later you’ll be able to hear everything crisp and clear and then once it’s done, to go back to music another quick tap and everything’s back to normal. As far as the Marshall button, this can actually be configured within a Marshall Bluetooth app, so you can have it either set to give you a native voice assistant on your smartphone or you can use it to toggle between three different equalizer settings that you’ve set yourself.

The battery life as well is where the Marshall monitor II is once again excellent. Marshall claims at 30 hours with the active noise cancellation turned on and 45 hours with the active noise cancellation turned off. This will definitely do the job for long time flights and things like that. You do also get the quick charge feature that is 15 minutes of charging will give you around 2 hours of playtime and it will take around 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent. Also, you get the headphone jack in case, if you do lose the battery life, you can also use them as wired.

The only issues as far as the specs and features scores are it doesn’t seem to have any AptX support on the Marshall Monitor II but I tested out with a whole bunch of video content on the Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, stuff like that and to be fair, the lip-syncing and the voice is pretty much imperfect to an arrangement. But I certainly didn’t notice any kind of irritating lag or anything all like that.

Marshall Monitor

There are a few features that the Marshalls have that most of the headphones don’t. One of those features is an extra 1/8 jack that’ll basically allow you to run a headphone cable to another set of Marshall headphones. The whole idea is to share with your listening experience with your friends but the truth is I don’t really know how many people actually use this feature.

The other feature that people do use is a felt filter. The whole idea behind this filter is to get a sound that’s laidback and warm and to turn down the treble. So, to install it all you got to do is pull away from the ear pad from the headphone, put the filter onto the little clip right there, and then the way you go. If you tend to prefer a soft presentation then this is an easy way to enjoy that kind of sound. The headphones also come with your typical accessories you get manual, you get a cable with 1/8 jacks on either end as well as an inline microphone and you also get a little carrying bag.

0.2 feature image


Marshall Monitor II ANC

This headset has a very good audio quality indeed. It’s really fantastic to listen to a bit of rock music, a bit of metal stuff like that. You’ve got a nice bit of a bass kick but it certainly does not drown out the rest of the range. Some of the highs did sound a little bit weaker in comparison to the bass but if you want to you can just dive into that Marshall app and play around with the equalizer settings. Admittedly, this does seem to have quite a subtle effect on the overall range. It doesn’t seem to massively tweak the bass or the treble anything like that but it’s there a little bit.

Marshall Monitor

I feel like the Marshall Monitors have a very warm laid-back and dark sounding presentation, which means if you’re in the market for a pair of neutral-sounding headphones these things definitely are for you. If you are looking to step into something that has a more warm and weighty presentation, there’s a good chance that you end up like these headphones. The treble without the filter has a very gritty character to it and that allows it to do a good job of capturing a ton of certain instruments like a guitar but with the filter in place, I got to say this sound softens up quite a bit. The mid-range takes on a very warm weighty and sultry character and the bass pretty much takes that character and adds to it a sense of power that honestly teeters on the edge of being overdone.

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In my opinion, the Marshall Monitor II ANC is better than the Marshall Monitor because the Marshall monitor II looks better, sounds better, has better ANC and it also comes with the app.

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