Nikon D5600 Vs Canon EOS 800D: Which is Better Option?

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This is the comparison review of the Nikon D5600 and the Canon EOS 800D DSLR cameras. Both are in the strong competition in the market. Both the cameras has some positive and negative features and also some upgraded features form their predecessor.


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[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-plus-thick” cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thick” show_title=”true” title=”Nikon D5600 ” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Excellent image quality
Comfy handgrip
Decent AF system
Touchscreen interface[/i2pros][i2cons]SnapBridge needs work
Only 1080p video
Pricey compared to rivals[/i2cons][/i2pc]

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-plus-thick” cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thick” show_title=”true” title=”Canon EOS 800D” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]User-friendly interface
Excellent touchscreen control
Live View AF performance
Impressive overall image quality[/i2pros][i2cons]No 4K video
Plastic finish
Dynamic range could be better
Only 95% viewfinder coverage

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Detail Review:


Nikon D5600

This is a really interesting camera because it sits right between beginner and camera and a prosumer camera and because of that, it shares a lot of features from the prosumer line but comes in at an entry-level price point.

Canon EOS 800D

As you all know, Canon is one of the best camera for video. This one also pretty good for video and also photos for this type of entry level DSLR and for this price range. It also has some upgraded features from their predecessor.

Nikon D5600 1

Design & Handling:

Nikon D5600

One of the things that I like about this camera is actually the design. Now, this camera feels a little bit heavier than the D5300 but I actually like having that robust feel in my hands and just like the rubber grip.

It has a slightly more elongated grip where I can get my fingers in there that feels better. On top of that it has the articulating screen which just makes it that much easier to frame shots. It’s really easy to actually put my hand underneath this and stabilize the camera if I’m gonna do handheld shots or it’s just easier to get it like weird angles and also if you’re a vlogger, you can point the screen at yourself.

The touch screen on the back of this camera is a very accurate touch screen. I generally find that I’m not hitting the wrong thing or it’s not accidentally doing something else that I don’t want it. However, despite being a very good touch screen, it is not a very good menu layout. With the Nikon cameras, I find myself struggling. For the most part, I don’t find these menus to be as efficient and as intuitive and I would probably use the buttons on this camera more. These are very good, very clicky and responsive. They have a very tactile feel and one thing that I do like about Nikon cameras is the fact that like all the buttons are very intuitively laid out.

Canon EOS 800D

This camera offers a fully articulating touchscreen which works really well. I find it to be responsive and it’s nice. It’s especially handy if you want to do any type of self composition which if you want to do vlogging, this comes in really handy.

Design wise, it’s little bit different from the design of its predecessor. The design and the grip of this camera is pretty decent. The weight is also the average weight neither too light nor heavy.



Nikon D5600

Now, the specs in this camera are pretty standard and if you wanted these exact same specs, you can actually get the Nikon D5300. You’ll get the exact same specs and it’s cheaper. However, the special thing in D5600 is the articulating flip screen, the screen on the back is actually a touch screen. It has a whole mess of buttons and ergonomic functions. Around the camera, there just make it a better more efficient and more pro friendly camera.

Now there’s a whole ergonomic features on this camera that just make it more efficient when you’re shooting. For example, there’s a button down which is your drive mode. So, when you hit it, it gives you the option of switching from single shot to like speed shot, sports mode, or if you want to do a delay thing where it waits 10 seconds before taking the shot. But, basically instead of having to like open up your camera go into the menu and change all that, it’s right there if you just hit it, the menu pops up. That’s just like more efficient and it’s these little things that really add up and make it a more pleasant experience.

For another example, some people like to set this camera up with an external monitor. so that when you’re shooting on it, they have like a big monitor at the top, so they can really see what their video is. Now, most cameras have a little HDMI port that’s pretty standard but most of them have this janky like piece of rubber that usually falls off. I personally just rip that thing right off but that’s kind of bad because dust and water can get in but instead this camera has like robust or plastic / metal flap that just clicks in and out and that just like gives you a better camera and makes your camera last longer and it adds to like a better weather sealed camera. These little things that just like add up and make it a much better camera.

Another thing that I like is that on the down side, the SD card goes in a side flap. On D 5300, it actually goes down where the battery placed and now that’s annoying like every time I have to switch up my SD card. But this one made those things in little easy way and it will be useful to those people who are shooting all day. It’s those little things that just making this camera more efficient.

I absolutely love is there’s actually a zoom-in and zoom-out button, so when I’m like shooting video or taking a photo, I can zoom right in and just really get that focus especially in a tricky studio environment. I feel like if you really want a Nikon camera because Nikon has amazing imagery which you could make do with these menus. These menus do have an eye button, if you hit that all your settings will come up. So, you can kind of make it work with that menu.

Canon EOS 800D

This camera replaces the T6i, so I feel it’s noteworthy to touch on it. The maximum ISO in this is 25600 and in the T6i it’s 12,800, so that’s a nice improvement. The number of focal points again this is 45 the T6i has 19. This will shoot at 6 frames of seconds and the T6i is at 5, so you have a slight improvement. The battery life is rated at 600 shots whereas T6i was 440. This has built-in time-lapse which is nice.

nikon_d5600_ 3

Image Quality:

Nikon D5600

As for the sensor, this is pretty standard for Nikon cameras. It has a twenty 24.2 megapixel aps-c size sensor and an ISO all the way from 100 to 25600. It was very impressed to see that this camera is actually clean all the way up to twenty thousand ISO. It’s very impressive for a camera of this price point and for photos, it does 5 frames per second. Now, that’s not the greatest, you won’t really be able to do sports or like really fast moving objects but it’s a decent.

In the color-science of the camera, Canon cameras are known for having that classic Canon look. Their colors are deeply saturated, the blue, orange and Red color with a warm, gentle glow to them. Everybody’s skin looks good, that’s a camera that everybody looks attractive. Nikon cameras don’t have that internally, Nikon cameras are the type of camera where you really have to tweak the image afterwards. Nikon got into great lens to appeal to professional photographers who want to tweak post process and color their images afterwards.

Something to note is that the Nikon cameras actually do 14 bit raw. Now, generally you have to buy a 25 or $3,000 Sony camera to get 14 bit raw and the Canon cameras as gorgeous as they are only do 10 bit raw internally. So, to get 14 bit raw, it’s very impressive.

This camera does ISO performance really well but only for photos. It does have a little bit of internal noise reduction but that’s to be expected on a camera like this but generally I’m getting clean but it kind of looks filmic, it doesn’t look artificial and it’s definitely not fixed pattern noise. For photos, the noise performance is fantastic and it has a ceiling of 25600 but for video 3200 will be the max. In video, if you push it to 20,000, you just experience all the chromatic noise. This camera is not looking to give you low light performance like a sony camera for video.

Canon EOS 800D

This is also an aps-c sensor with a 24 megapixel resolution. Essentially, this is referred to as a crop sensor camera and 24 megapixels seems to be the sweet spot that a lot of manufacturers are going. I see that in a lot of cameras and it seems to work really well.

Now, this camera also offers an ISO range of 100 up to 25600. The 25600 is a maximum native ISO, now the higher the ISO means the more sensitive the sensor can be to low-light and that means, if you’re in a low light situation, this camera has a good opportunity of capturing that image. Something else to keep in mind though is that the higher the ISO, the more noise or grain you get in the image. There’s a lot of post-processing software out there can help reduce some of that noise but it’s just nice to know this goes all the way up to twenty five thousand and six hundred.

The shutter speed on this camera ranges from 30 seconds all the way up to one four thousandths of a second. It can also go into Ball mode, ball mode allows the photographer to open and close the shutter that means you can leave it open as long You might be asking yourself well is 1/4000 a second fast enough. I’ve taken a lot of photos and it’s rare that I need to go anywhere close to one four thousandth of a second or even faster. You typically get up around that range, if you’re doing sport shots and you need a lot of light.

I feel that the color quality is good but I felt that some of the images were relatively soft. Now, this is to be expected to some extent because this camera has an AAA filter in it. It’s anti-aliasing filter and it tends to make images relatively soft. It’s that anti-aliasing filter that Nikon had removed from their upper end cameras and they also started to remove it from their entry-level cameras like the D 3300, 3400, 3500. Canon also had removed it from their higher end cameras but they have yet to remove it from some of their entry-level cameras and their prosumer cameras. It’s not noticeable but it’s just worth noting.

The other thing that I picked up on deals with the ISO, I like to manually adjust my ISO and I may use the auto. One thing I’ve noticed with some other manufacturers that they have the ability to select an ISO between stops. In this case, if I use a stop 6400 on the ISO and it’s still a little dark, I may need to increase that to 12800 that’s a pretty good. Some of the other camera manufacturers have the ability to select an ISO that falls between the stops if you’re using auto but I noticed with this camera that if you’re using auto, it is not able to select between stops.

I feel that the high ISO capabilities of this camera are really good. I feel that the high ISO capabilities of this camera aren’t that good that it makes it usable. In this, you have to do some post-processing and leverage the noise reduction feature. If you’re shooting 25600 and you can still use an image with a little noise reduction that’s great and that’s definitely worthy of noting.


Video Quality:

Nikon D5600

For a video, it does 24 all the way up to 60 frames per second in Full HD that’s pretty damn good for this price point. But in negative point, there’s no 120 frames per second for super slow-mode but that’s not really the standard for this price point and be really shocked if you get super slow-mode at this price point.

One of the things that I really appreciate about this camera, despite it coming in at a very affordable price point, it does have an external mic check. Now that external mic check is really helpful, it’s a big deal for someone that if you’re shooting interviews. If you’re doing things where your subjects far away and they can’t pick up on the internal audio, having an external mic jack makes a big different because you can a get better audio for interviews, get wireless audio.

If you’re a vlogger and you’re gonna be shooting in very loud environments, this internal audio is really good. Having an external mic, make sure you don’t get pick up all that external noise around for your vlog is very important. So, this external mic is a very very important thing and that completes the package in my opinion.

The internal audio is like amplifiers or the processors internally are pretty good and I think they’re as good as like an external audio, you won’t really notice a difference unless you’re like really listening carefully.

As for the internal audio in this camera, this camera is really spectacular internal audio because that it has both a left and a right mic for internal audio. Most cameras just have one audio jack that it duplicates over the left hand and the right hand and generally you can only really hear what’s right in front of the camera. But, this camera having a left and right mic, you will actually be able to hear what’s cut it to the left and what’s cut it to the right. You will get more of a surround sound experience with the internal audio in this camera. Now, it’s probably not as good as like a professional surround mic but this is pretty good.

This internal audio is fantastic for indoor, quiet places but for loud and busy places, do not use this audio, especially because it’s a stereo mic, you will pick up a bunch of ancillary sound which is like the side sounds that you’re not trying to get it.

Canon EOS 800D

In video capabilities, this can shoot in 1080p and it will shoot at 60 frames a second 30 frames and 24. Now, it does not shoot 4k but in short I don’t really think you need 4k. If you want to shoot 4k, this does not offer that capability.

nikon d5600 4

Auto Focus:

Nikon D5600

The one thing that I do love having a touchscreen is the touch auto-focus. Now, this camera actually has a feature where if you touch the back, it’ll automatically go to focus and it will take the photo. It takes that little bit of wiggle and shake out of your camera when you push down on that shutter button but if you want, you can take that shutter off. So, you can just tap and it’ll go to focus. It makes you more efficient as a shooter.

Canon EOS 800D

This camera also offers 45 focal points. These focal points are cross type, now cross type points means in short that this is gonna be a really good auto-focus system.

The other nice feature to this camera is the 45 point auto-focus system. Canon is notorious for having a great auto focusing system and I don’t think it’s any different with this particular camera.

canon-eos-800d 3


Nikon D5600

One thing I love about this camera is the fact that has snap bridge. This allows you to transfer your photos to the phone or any other devices from the camera. Snap bridge is doing it well, I was kind of surprised and a little bit shocked that I hadn’t found this yet but snap bridge on this Nikon camera is great.

Considering the fact that this camera gives you such good photos, if you have a phone that’s powerful enough to edit raw photos on your phone because this is a photo first camera, you can legitimately take these photos and put them on your iPad or iphone or Android device. You can actually edit photos remotely without a laptop which is a big advantage. Otherwise, you would have to deal with the Bluetooth setup that doesn’t really work or it’s some phones, you can take the SD card out and get a little dongle and plug it right into your phone that’s doable but it’s not the best.

I really appreciate this Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it super easy because especially if you use those dongles where you put the SD card in, it’s just kind of a janky setup. Snap bridge is super useful.

Canon EOS 800D

Another nice feature in this this camera is the Wi-Fi capabilities. So, this offers Wi-Fi Bluetooth and NFC which is the near-field communication. In short, you can connect to this in a variety of ways and it makes it nice.

nikon d5600 5


Nikon D5600

This camera really for this camera is really a photo first camera not for video. If you’re someone that wants to be a future studio photographer or future commercial photographer and really like create beautiful images and do a lot of heavy post work on them, this is fantastic. 14 bit raw at this price point is insane. But, if there’s someone that’s a video first-person, I really do not recommend this camera because it doesn’t have a particularly special look to the video. If you’re someone that wants to do like high-end photos but maybe you want to do a little bit of video because video interests you or maybe you want to do a little vlogging, this camera works.

Canon EOS 800D

Overall, I really like this flip-out screen and I think that touch capabilities are great. I think that this camera is really good to do a lot of video work. If you’re into doing a lot of photography and you don’t plan on doing much video, you may want to look at the Nikon. If you have a slight edge to give it might be to the video for Canon cameras like this one. It does that mean that Canon doesn’t shoot pictures, but I think the image quality is decent as well. This is a great camera if you plan to shoot some photos and you definitely plan to do some videos.

canon_800d_ 4

Buy Nikon D5600

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