Razer Basilisk Vs Basilisk V2: What is the Difference?

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The Razer Basilisk and Razer Basilisk V2 mouse is compared here. Both the mouse are from the same series means line up. So, there are some improvements and changes between them. The big question is, are the changes worth the new mouse? To get the answer and choose one better mouse between them, check the detailed review.

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Razer BasiliskRazer Basilisk V2
Comfortable design.
Innovative clutch.
Useful HyperShift feature.
Handy thumb rest.
Plenty of buttons.
Easy to customize with Razer Synapse.
Comfortable design.
Software still in beta.
Not as attractive as other Razer mice.
Separate Chroma Studio module for lighting.
Somewhat expensive.
Limited on-board memory.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Movement Detection Technologyopticaloptical
Movement Resolution16000 dpi20000 dpi
Performance450 inches per second, 50 G maximum acceleration50 G maximum acceleration
Buttons Qty811
OS RequiredApple MacOS, Microsoft WindowsApple MacOS, Microsoft Windows
Width3 in3 in
Depth4.9 in
Height1.7 in1.7 in
Weight3.91 oz3.3 oz
FeaturesThe Basilisk is designed with FPS gamers in mind with an ergonomic design, removable DPI clutch, and customizable scroll wheel.

The Razer Basilisk is equipped with a 16,000dpi optical sensor, It is capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 450 inches per second with 99.4% resolution accuracy.

Gaming-optimized Razer mechanical mouse switches – durable up to 50 million clicks. DPI buttons at your fingertips and Razer Chroma customizable lighting.

Whether you are playing at fast or low speeds, the Basilisk will always respond onscreen with exacting accuracy and the organic fluidity only possible with an optical sensor.

Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options Whether you’re in the mood for electric blue, pastel pink, or signature Razer green, you can now illuminate your Razer Basilisk’s scroll wheel and Razer logo just the way you want.
Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming.

3x Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches New Razer optical mouse switches uses light beam-based actuation registering button presses at the speed of light for complete immersion and absolute control.

Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles Supports 16 8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles.

11 Programmable Buttons Allows for reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3.

Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance Razer Speedflex cables eliminate the need for mouse bungees drastically reducing weight and drag for absolute control.

Detail Review:


Razer Basilisk

This is a wired and new series of mice. This mouse almost has the same features and functions as Logitech G502. The performance and ergonomics and everything are almost nice in this mouse. 

Razer Basilisk V2

This latest mouse is both wired and offers the 20,000 dpi focus plus sensor. The Razer has been putting into their most recently and at a price of $79.99, it isn’t cheap for a wide mouse but bear in mind that 20,000 DPI sensor might just be enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.

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Razer Basilisk

The Basilisk is a new design and it’s actually quite comfortable, combine that with the top optical sensor, solid build, and great performance and this is going to be a top recommendation but only for certain people. When it comes to competitive FPS plays, many go from mice that are under 100 grams, this weighs in at about 109 grams that’s with a bit of cable and you can get it down to 107 without the clutch piece. So, it might not be for them.

To understand the shape, you can look at the G502, this is like a more comfortable slightly bigger version of that. Looking at the right side, you can see the same sort of subtle curves and ledges to assist with grip, then the slope of the right button and groove in the left but no dpi buttons which is good because I always slipped and hit those. On the left side there’s a sniper button but it’s in the form of a clutch on the Basilisk, it can be removed or you can use a shorter button.

The rubberized grips feel good too, even with the extra grooves in them and those are on both sides. It’s smaller than the DeathAdder, much closer to the Lancehead and it’s much more comfortable than both.

The grip width is about 6 centimeters, the length is roughly 12.2 centimeters and the height is about 4.1. This could be used in palm grip up to 18.5 centimeters, claw grip 16 to 20 and fingertip 18 to 21, ideally though that says best suited to hands with a width of over ten centimeters. When tapping and shaking the mouse, there is some rattle from the wheel, in something around the lens area too, that’s almost mice, shouldn’t be an issue at all. The quality of materials is good though and this plastic should be really durable.

Razer Basilisk V2

In terms of design and build, the Basilisk feature is mainly made of this sturdy-feeling plastic that most other Razer mice are made out of. It’s complementing nicely by these comfortable rubber side grips present on the left and right-hand side of this mouse which does help to exude this large amount of comfort associated with it and helps to make the most of each premium feel although that’s perhaps to be expected at a price of $79.99.

Now, one thing that I would like to say about the Basilisk V2 is that I wish it were a little wider for those with larger hands, and with no additional weights or side pods is a perhaps a rather than limiting factor. However, if 92 grams do make this a rather nicely weighted mouse perhaps negating the need for those additional weights that Logitech offer in some of their mice.

razer basilisk v2 1 (1)


Razer Basilisk

This has probably the best sniper button implementation I’ve tried so far. Just to feel when pressing it in, the fact that it’s out of the way and it can be customized to some degree, I actually really like this feature. It has a thumb ledge that feels comfortable but I prefer mice without them.

Now looking at the base, there are three large mouse feet and one around the sensor. They glide smoothly all good, more importantly, you can really see how similar the shapes are but the major difference other than their profile switch on the Basilisk is that it also has a resistance dial that alters server assistance on the wheel. That means you can change it to be smooth or if you really need the steps to be noticeable, you can change to that too. The problem with the tension is that it has a bit of truffle before the click and that’s what you will hear, otherwise it has no tension it would be silent.

The left button feeling a little hollow at times, while the right is a bit sharp. So, they’re not perfect but I didn’t have any accidental clicks and it’s great that they’re separate from the shell. As usual, it is a fair bit harder to press it and of course, it’s slightly loose on this one. The side buttons feel great, they’re smooth with a nice click, good quality. They do have a bit of trouble but it’s still good and the DPI buttons don’t have any protection around them but they seem well-positioned to avoid accidental hits. Although you do have to move your finger fairly far back to press them in.

In latency testing, they compete well with the G703, neither test is accurate but I haven’t felt any problem using them in-game either. From the side, you can see the buttons are fairly high and the hump is long and centralized. They should make it easier to hold for a lot of people but it still depends on hand size. The cable is very smooth, flexible, braid just like the one on the Lancehead. This is going to be one of the best cables around at the moment, barely know it’s there when I’m playing and it’s just over 2 meters long.

Razer Basilisk V2

The most selling point is 11 programmable buttons, a customizable scroll wheel resistance and raises optical mouse switches. Also, this one has the focus plus 20,000 DPI optical sensor Razer’s optical mouse which is five onboard memory profiles that can be switched using the button on the bottom of the mouse. In the box, there’s Basilisk V2 itself as seen on the left-hand side complete with an instruction manual, Razer stickers, and smooth paddle to put on the left-hand side of the mouse.

There are 11 programmable buttons here as the box states. We’ve got the typical preset of left and right click and the adjustable DPI as well as the side-scrolling ratchet scroll wheel but there’s also some other buttons and the adjustable paddle that you can find in the box. On the bottom, there’s a button right next to the 20,000 DPI sensor that allows you to switch on the fly between adjustable profiles that are configurable in Razer’s Synapse 3 software. This adjustable scroll wheel resistant, so you can decide how kind of hard or easy you want it to be to scroll when using the Basilisk V2.

Also, worth noting is the 1.8 meters wired braided USB a cable that comes with it as well. So, overall the Basilisk V2 is a rather nice mouse by way of first impressions but the rather narrow kind of hand fitting does limit it somewhat for some users.

It also uses Razer’s optical switches which work via light beams as opposed to traditional mechanical mechanisms and these are tactile and firm to the touch but I suppose that’s expected when you learn that their industry-standard Omron’s. I suppose, there’s really nothing to Omron about but with the name as big as Omron featured in this Razer mouse subliminally, it’s really something to take note of.

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Razer Basilisk

It’s a top optical sensor and testing it in-game, I felt comfortable and I couldn’t make it spin out moving it as fast as I could and even in the till slime test, it didn’t lose track. Zoomy in for the sniper tests, attract pixel by pixel, and does it smoothly. I can’t find any acceleration or deceleration, looks good and I can’t feel any delay either. The lift-off distance appears to be under one DVD on cloth and hard pads. In all my tests, I couldn’t see any problems. As usual, this sensor performs extremely well.

In terms of gameplay, I felt more comfortable aiming left and right then up and down. So, I wouldn’t recommend this style of the mouse for Quake, that’s not to say can’t be used, it definitely can but I think it suits games that are more about left and right aiming, maybe like cs: go. I really can’t falter in terms of build materials and performance, other than the loose wheel. So, it just depends on personal preference and if you like this kind of shape and weight, I would much rather recommend this and the G502 for first-person shooters. The Basilisk is better for competitive gaming, it has nice and materials and buttons too.

Razer Basilisk V2

When it comes to performance, the Basilisk V2 really does offer an unparalleled gaming experience with that focus plus 20,000 DPI sensor and that performance doesn’t just relate to gaming but also day-to-day usage. The Basilisk feature as well as being an absolutely brilliant mouse for gaming in those high-intensity situations in first-person shooters or third-person stealth games. It’s also a brilliant office mouse and the adjustable DPI switch present on the top of the mouse with those two buttons there is particularly useful in these instances.


Razer Basilisk

The software eases Razer synapse 3, you can alter the buttons. So, you can have different sensitivity options. There’s also a keyboard, mouse, and macro. Then, there is a Razer hyper sheet which means you can use a clutch with all the other buttons, essentially doubling the number of commands on the mouse, good for memos and desktop work. You can also set multiple profiles to the onboard memory that means you can install Synapse once, set it up the way you like and then uninstall it. You can set up to 5 DPI stages for each from 100 to 16000 and it’s actually in steps of 50, it will round up or down depending where you dragged it.

It’s an RGB mouse with two lighting zones and it would take some time getting used to but it seems fairly easy to customize the effects and then there’s surface calibration at the highest lift-off distance, it’s just over one DVD on a cloth pad.

Razer Basilisk V2

In terms of software, the Basilisk V2 utilizes Razer’s brand new Synapse 3 software and even without that software, the Basilisk V2 excels with its backlighting as always despite only using two lighting zones, the scroll wheel, and the Razer logo. Razer’s Chroma lighting engine ensures that it’s crisp and sharp. Now, Synapse 3 offers unlimited possibilities for customization and the Basilisk V2 is eleven programmable buttons that can be configured until your content. So, take the left mouse button on the left-hand side of the mouse, you can change keyboard functions, mouse functions, adjustable sensitivity, from sensitivity clutch to stage up and down on the fly changes, and cycling through them as well.

Macro programming is easier than ever, thanks to Synapse 3, there’s inter-device functionality if you’ve got two or more Razer synapse enabled devices. So, this Basilisk V2 arrays a mechanical keyboard to go with it. You can also switch between onboard memory profiles, so make that a little bit more accessible than turning the mouse over and switching between them from the button on the bottom. You can switch between different lighting thanks to Chrome Studio and Chroma effects as well.

The hyper shift option that practically doubles the button tally of the Basilisk V2 to 22, also offers simple programming, so you can have a button on the mouse as a modifier. As the ability to launch programs and websites and multimedia controls from volume down to muting the microphone to muting the audio, and playing and pausing videos and music. There’s also windows shortcuts, so you can launch calculators and notepads, show the desktop cycle between apps and open the user directory and all sorts of things like that, text functions, and disabling the button completely as well.

In the performance section, you find the adjustable DPI option. So, there’s the ability to change the number of stages from 2 to 5, all the individual DPI levels on each of the stages. You can also change the polling rate from anything between 125 and 1000 and also open the windows mouse properties.

Now, the lighting engine in this section is obviously Razer’s chrome and the brightness is adjustable for anything from 0 through 100 and there’s also the option to switch off the lighting and idle settings. So, when you work in PCs idle for anything from 1 to 15 minutes or when the display is turned off which can happen all-time at in that can be adjusted through Windows system settings as always.

There are also lighting effects that can be changed here, so you’ve got your typical presets of an audiometer, breathing, reactive, spectrum, silent, cycling, or static. The advanced effects also work thanks to chroma studio and are applied across multiple Razer chroma enabled devices. There’s also the option to change the mouse mat surface calibration if you really want to do that, so the Basilisk V2 offers as the kind of little vignette immensely accurate tracking straight out of the box and you can add a pre-configured Razer’s service profile. So, if you got by one of their mouse maps, this can work immediately with that or calibrate your own to make this more precise than ever before.

Synapse also comes with its own series of add-ons such as the chroma visualizer that connects the primer backlighting engine up to your own audio sounds or that beat from a video or music which is particularly useful if you’re listening to something with a heavy bassline, awesome thumping drums that really brings out the best in the visualizer. But, you can also hook up your chroma enabled devices to the Philips Hue lighting system for instance which allows you to take your RGB beyond the office or your bedroom and around the house.

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Both the mouse is from the same series of Razer mice. The price difference is also just $10. So, I think the advanced version will be great to buy because there will be improvements from the older version since both mice are from the same series. So, I think Basilisk V2 will be better than the Basilisk mouse. 

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