Razer Kraken Ultimate vs Razer Nari Ultimate: Which to Buy?

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This is the review of the comparison between the headsets of the same brand, those are the Razer Kraken Ultimate and the Razer Nari Ultimate. Even though they both are of the same brands, they are priced differently and they do have different features. To know which one has better features and to know which one is good to buy for you, go to the detailed review.

6.1 Razer Kraken Ultimate 1razer nari ultimate (1)
Razer Kraken UltimateRazer Nari Ultimate
Good sound quality.
Robust software. “Underglow” lighting looks pretty neat.
THX Spatial Audio is a decent software-driven surround.
Haptic feedback when gaming.
Customization through Razer Synapse 3 software.
THX Spatial Audio.
Strong wireless connection.
Somewhat expensive. Ridiculously large.Sound quality.
Heavy build.


BrandRazer Razer
ModelKraken Ultimate Nari Ultimate
Headphones Form Factor
Headphone Technology
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20 Hz12 Hz
Sensitivity112 dB105 dB
Impedance32 Ohm32 Ohm
Microphone Operation Modeuni-directional
Response Bandwidth100 Hz
Sensitivity-38 dB
Audio Controlsmicrophone on/mute, volume controlmute, volume
ControlsVolume control, microphone on/mute, THX Spatial Audio on/offmute, volume
Width6.90 in8.6 in
Depth7.68 in3.9 in
Height3.94 in7.3 in
Weight13.76 oz15.2 oz
FeaturesSurpassing traditional 7.1 surround sound, this gaming headset produces positionally-accurate audio in a 360-degree sphere for more realistic audio depth. This heightens your awareness of your surroundings and allows you to locate opponents with greater precision, even before they’re within sight—ideal for avoiding flanks and setting up your own ambushes.

Built to produce a more natural sound curve, these expertly tuned drivers deliver super-clear sound and punchy bass that make for a more immersive and life-like soundscape, perfectly capturing every auditory detail to enhance this surround sound headset’s effectiveness.

To ensure absolute clarity when relaying information to your squad, the headset’s retractable microphone is powered by active noise-canceling technology that detects and nullifies noise as you speak. Using this process, it’s able to effectively cancel out sounds such as the hum of your PC rig or cheering tournament crowds—making your voice even clearer.
Feel every impact in your game. The Razer Nari Ultimate features HyperSense technology that picks up on audio cues and uses vibrations to add tactile feedback, allowing you to truly feel the action. Whether it’s a plane flying overhead or blasts from an explosion, your gaming experience now comes with a whole new layer of immersion.

Go beyond traditional virtual surround sound. THX Spatial Audio breaks the boundaries of defined 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround to deliver seamless 360 degree positional audio for a more natural and lifelike experience. It also adds depth to the experience by simulating sound both above and below you for incredible gaming immersion.

Unlike conventional headsets, cooling gel-infused ear cushions reduce heat build-up, while high-density foam with plush leatherette on the rims of the earpads provide the perfect combination of comfort and sound isolation. Hidden indented channels eliminate pressure from glasses for eyewear relief.

The auto-adjusting headband with swiveling ear cups is engineered for maximum adjustability to fit your head to perfection for fuss-free comfort. The unibody aluminum frame ensures that it is lightweight with long-lasting durability.

Get lag-free, high-fidelity gaming audio with 2.4 GHz wireless technology. A plug-and-play wireless USB transceiver lets you enjoy a wireless range of up to 12 meters smoothly without disconnection. With audio controls directly on the headset, you can do everything from adjusting volume to muting your mic on the fly.

Game audio will never overpower your team communication again. With the Game/Chat Balance option available in wireless mode, fine-tune what you hear or simply leave it in the middle for a standard mix.

Detail review:


Razer Kraken Ultimate

These are the headsets from Razer. These are retailing for around 120 dollars. Razer introduces many gaming mice and keyboards as well. As like them, these do have pretty good looks, these do perform pretty well at their price range. These do have active noise cancellation and audio mode.

Razer Nari Ultimate

This is a massive gaming headset from Razer. Honestly, this one is pretty big and it’s exactly like the Nari Wireless. These do retail for $200 so these are fifty dollars more than the Nari Wireless but you are getting the haptic feedback here in these.

6.1 Razer Kraken Ultimate 2


Razer Kraken Ultimate

The quality of the materials is actually pretty decent. They used aluminum and some hard plastic. The cable is nice and braided but I wish the length of the cable was a little bit longer. The microphone is retractable and it sounds decent. The biggest thing that this headset lacks in terms of build quality is just the adjustability because it’s just not comfortable enough. Otherwise, the design is pretty good, it looks nice, and you got RGB on the ear cups. I think that’s probably the biggest selling point of this headset because outside of that, there isn’t anything really too much good.

Razer Nari Ultimate

This headset is pretty massive but it is extremely well built. It has the aluminum frame that they used up there, it has the suspension system so that when it’s on your head the headband just kind of expands depending on how large your head is and how you need it. The headband part itself is a pleather type material. I do like the headband suspension design, Razor has been using this quite frequently on a lot of their newer headsets. The design itself actually has a titanium look which is different than the Nari Wireless and it gives it more of a premium kind of looks like a stainless steel type look. I really like the look of these. They do have the RGB lighting so that you can have it match up with other Razor accessories that you might have.

The one thing I have to point out I hate that companies do is the wire inside the headband. I got it why it’s there because it’s wireless so you’re having to run all your wiring and stuff within the headphone itself. But, the exposed cable means it can get pinched, it can get cut, it can get caught, and if anything breaks they’re just not gonna work again. Razor uses the mesh grill design around the logo, it kind of gives the appearance of these being open back, which obviously they’re not. As far as swiveling, they will swivel to lay flat but they will not fold inward. Everything about these feels premium as far as build quality goes, I honestly just see no reason to worry at all. The extra fifty dollars worth it. 

The wireless dongle to use these Wireless is actually hidden into the headset itself and it’s actually really small. So, it’s not one of those huge obnoxious looking dongles that are gonna stick out from your PC or your console. That’s hidden on your right ear cup on the bottom and also on your right is the volume control, which is on the back end of the ear cup. Everything else is on the left, that is you do have your headphone jack, you do have your micro USB input, again micro USB which companies just would all go USB-C and then you also have your power button, you have your game and chat volume control how much of it you want, and then above that, you have your mic mute button and on the front part of the left side is your retractable microphone. Razors mics usually find to be pretty decent and this is bendable, so you can get it positioned exactly where you want to your mouth. If you do have the mic muted the tip of the mic will be lit red.


Razer Kraken Ultimate

This headset is not very adjustable enough, you can adjust the height of the headband and that’s about it, it doesn’t swivel. The headset just kind of sits on your head and it doesn’t really fit perfectly to the side of your head which is kind of annoying. After about 15-20 minutes of a game, you will start to notice that, it is not the most comfortable gaming headset or headphones that you’ve probably used in a while. So, it does really lack the adjustability Department.

Another thing that the Razor lacks is the cooling pad technology that they were supposed to put in the ear cups and I’m sure they did put it there, but just while gaming I really did not notice it. After about 30-45 minutes of gaming, I noticed that it would be really hot and I would have to pull the headset off and take a break for a second. I don’t get all-day comfort that I can wear for hours on end as I do get from some other headsets. That is pretty disappointing, unfortunately.

Razer Nari Ultimate

These have the cooling ear pads, so when you put them on, you can feel that cool sensation that they have put on there. The ear cups on here are huge. When they’re on your head they actually kind of go a little bit on your face. What’s good about that to me is the haptic feedback, that’s doing the bass sensation. You actually can feel it in your face because of where the ear cups go towards your face.

With the fact that these have cool technology, you’re able to wear them longer without getting hot. Although, over time they still do trap in heat and you can expect them to get hot if you’re gonna have them on for a long period of time. I do need to point out if you move your head a lot because of the big size of the ear pads, and it doesn’t have a whole lot of clamp force here, it doesn’t feel tight on my head and it tends to kind of wiggle around and it’ll move a little bit. So, if you move your head a lot, you have the possibility of these falling off your head.

6.1 Razer Nari Ultimate 3


Razer Kraken Ultimate

For the long connection in this headphone, it has USB. I have confirmed that it does work with Playstation 4 and it does not work with Xbox one at all. But the headset has pretty much the full functionality while using it on ps4. You can turn the mic on and off by just tapping it and it’ll either glow red when it is on or not at all glowing red when your mic is not on. The mic is also retractable so that’s pretty nice because you can hide it when you’re not using it.

You have pretty short braided cable, I wish it was like maybe another foot longer. That way you would be able to route the USB cable behind your PC more comfortable and not feel like you’re constrained to being really close to your setup. While using this to play on PS4, you’re probably going to be so far away from your system. 

The button there on the earcup is to turn off the THX audio mode. Honestly, while using it I really could not find the difference whether it’s on or when it’s off. It just doesn’t really sound that great and that is the most disappointing thing about this headset. It just feels like these doesn’t great and it’s definitely not worth the price range. At the 130 Dollar price point, there are better sounding and more comfortable headsets available on the market like we’ve got HyperX headphones, other Razer headphones like Nari Ultimate, Astro headphones, Audio Technica’s, Sennheiser’s, etc. Literally a ton of other headsets is there that will sound better and has better comfort than this for either the same price or less than this.

Razer Nari Ultimate

Inside the box, you get your headset itself there which looks really big like the Nari Wireless. You do get a micro USB cable for charging as these are wireless. So, you do have to make sure that they are charged but they can also be charged by using the haptic feedback as well and Razer is calling it hyper sense technology that’s made by the company Lofelt. It is something slightly different than the Crusher but it’s still kind of the same sensation.

You’re able to use this wirelessly and you can also use it wired. At the same time, you still have to make sure that your headset is charged, when you use these as wireless. On a full charge, you’ll get roughly about eight hours of battery life but that kind of depends on, how much of the haptic feedback you’re using. Also, you do get a braided cable, the same one that Razer usually gives you with the other headphones. If you want to use it with mobile devices that have the headphone jack, or if you want to use it with the switch in the mobile mode, you can use this headphone cable. Other than that you’re able to use this on your PC, your ps4, your Xbox One, and the Switch using this dongle.

You have haptic feedback here in these, which means explosions and gunshots that’s with movies and games, and then with the music, you can feel it. As far as when base hits or drums hit, you can feel it. You can feel it in your face, you can feel it in your neck, you can start to feel it a little bit in your spine, I mean it’s to me. I think that the haptic sensation here is actually stronger than it is in Crusher 360.

6.1 Razer Kraken Ultimate 3


Razer Kraken Ultimate

While gaming with the mic here, you can turn off the active noise-canceling because it doesn’t really help the microphone quality that much. It sounds much better with the regular without cancel out the noise. If you use the microphone while playing games and talking to friends these headsets gonna help you well.

Razer Nari Ultimate

The Razer Nari Ultimate has a digital microphone and with it being Wireless you can always kind of hear that digital compression and it’s always gonna be there because it’s not plugged straight into a device. The beauty of this is if I wanted to, I could just walk around the room and talk on the microphone and I don’t really have to do anything else. I mean there’s no cords in the way and I can just talk. It probably wouldn’t do the trick as far as streaming goes, but as far as just jumping online and playing with friends this will be more than do the trick.


Razer Kraken Ultimate

The active noise cancellation does a good job at like canceling out a lot of noise but you really have to speak a lot louder into the headset to get a good sound. It just doesn’t sound as good as without it being on. I wished the audio quality on this headset was really good but unfortunately, it’s not. The low end is there, you can feel the bass when you’re playing games but the rest of the range of the sound is not there, no matter how much you tune the equalizer and change the modes, you cannot get this thing to sound great.

It sounds decent at best but not great, and especially not worth the price. It just feels like razor didn’t really try that hard when it comes to the actual audio quality of this headset. It’s not comparable to what I’ve heard, similarly in the price range. The Astro does sound pretty good at this price range which these do not. Another headset like the Audio Technica is really good as well and they’re not even gaming headphones. Using these to listen to music not worth it, it really does not even sound good. You can get the bass to sound but that’s not everything when it comes to listening to music. I just don’t think that these do that great of a job in terms of the sound quality.

Razer Nari Ultimate

If you’re not using the bass sensation that’s with the Nari Wireless, these sound very similar which I felt that the mids and the treble were really strong and bass has its impact. Razor is always known for bass, so it has a slightly warm sound signature but the treble in these are actually pretty bright. If you want, you can go and raise our software and EQ it and they have different presets built-in but right out of the box I think it sounded great. I did play with the EQ, that little bit raises the bass and that definitely raises the trebles where it’s just a typical U shaped sound signature that’s what I like.

We are able to change the EQ within the software and it saves it there, so if you do it on your PC, then you can go and plug it in your ps4. Those settings are saved within the headsets, so you don’t have to change it every time you go from one device to the other. The soundstage in these is amazing. This has the THX spatial surround sound. Surround sound to me is gimmicky and you can’t get the sensation to feel like things are spread out further around you and then you can kind of pinpoint where things are coming from. The THX that they use in here is just like the Nari Wireless, it’s very impressive. As these give you that overall surround sound feels, you are able to use this with movies because movies with THX, sound amazing.

The other thing that’s nice to point out is the fact that it picks up starting at lower frequencies, where the original Crusher Wireless didn’t pick up a lot of lower frequencies, so it kind of was hard to get it to sound like it was more natural. With these picking up at lower frequencies, you start to feel it. It’s impressive to me and I think when you can feel sound. On top of being able to hear clearly, it just gives you a really nice feeling of atmosphere. The space that the THX is giving you is just really impressive.

6.1 Razer Nari Ultimate 2


In my opinion, you should buy the Razer Nari Ultimate because it’s much better than the Razer Kraken Ultimate. The Nari Ultimate has been priced more than the Kraken Ultimate, but the price doesn’t matter in front of the quality and features we get from. The Nari Ultimate does have better features, it sounds better and it does have better comfort than the Kraken Ultimate. 

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