Razer Nari Ultimate Vs Corsair Virtuoso RGB: A Detailed Comparison

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This is the comparison review of the Razer Nari Ultimate and Corsair Virtuoso gaming headsets. There are some features which are almost similar in both the headsets. Also, there are some technological features which makes the both headsets something different and better.

Razer Nari Ultimate

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

Frequency response 20Hz to 20,000Hz 20Hz – 40,000Hz
Impedance 32Ω @ 1kHz 32 Ohms @ 2.5kHz
Audio Stereo 7.1 Surround
Driver 50 mm, neodymium 50 mm Neodymium, matched pair
Sensitivity 107 dB (± 3 dB) 109 dB (+/-3dB)
Connection 2.4 GHz over USB, 3.5mm Detachable, Mini USB
 Color gunmetal Gunmetal, Carbon, White
 Weight  431 grams 372 grams


Razer Nari Ultimate

There’s a lot of reviews floating around of the ultimate edition and that’s the one that has all that vibrating haptic feedback. This is just the standard Wireless Nari.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

This is about the Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless gaming headset. This has high resolution audio, premium build quality and low latency wireless transmission.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

It’s made with an aluminum and feels pretty sturdy and it’s very similar to the Kraken V2. You can you can twist them and kind of contort it and it’ll snap back into place.

This is a wireless headset but they also include a four-foot-long micro USB cable for charging and then they also give you a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so that you can use it wired and you can also use it with like your phone.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

There’s no denying these are solid. There’s aluminum everywhere making these feels sturdy in the hands and because of that metal it’s cold to the touch, it feels ultra premium for a headset and it looks really damn good too. The build quality also feels top-notch with metal ratcheting, adjusting arms and even down to the volume adjustment knob right on the back giving you a lot of feedback when you scroll through this thing. They provide the accessories are USB, the wireless adapter, microphone, and three-and-a-half millimeter chord.

If there’s any kind of creaks or cracks indicating or if there’s anything underneath that could be cheap. But, didn’t hear or feel anything that would indicate that these are poorly made. The headband and ear cups do use a synthetic leather up top. It would have paired well with all this aluminum but what is provided is really good for a gaming headset.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

The ear cups are able to be rotated. So, if you’re done with the game and you want to rest them around your neck, they’re not awkward and hitting you in the jaw or anything like that which is always nice. It’s little bit more comfortable. The headband is also adjustable on its own, so when you go to put it on, it will slide as far down as it needs to and then go snugly into place on your head.

One of the things I really like about this headset is that the cushions around the ear cups not only are made of a nice leatherette material that has sort of a soft suede feeling to where it actually contacts your head. But, it uses a cooling gel foam that does help keep your head a little bit cooler and helps kind of dissipate some of that heat off of your head. So combining the feeling of those ear cups with the adjustable headband does make for a pretty comfortable overall experience.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

These were almost the best of all of the gaming headset. The gaming headsets, not many have been comfortable to be honest. The Corsair isn’t perfect but it is one of the better ones out there but I still feel slight pinching at the crown of the head and a slight neck fatigue here after about an hour and a half to two hours of straight wearing. These do feel better than HyperX and Logitech G933.

The ear cups on these are also on the good to great side as well, they’re very comfortable with the memory foam padding and for the most part your ears are able to breathe preventing any ear sweat.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

This is a wireless headset but it’s not gonna have the inline controls that you normally would for your volume mixing and mute and all that. So, they’ve integrated it into the actual ear cups themselves. It’s included your charging port, your 3.5 millimeter jack, the on button and mute button.

They’ve also added a pretty cool real-time volume mixing feature into this headphone. The way it works is that when you pair this headset into your computer, it essentially recognizes it as two different devices, so you can set the game-sound which is gonna be basically what you would pair as your computer sound and then the chat. You can also pair the chat to Blizzard chat or discord and so when you’re in game what that means is you can turn the mixing knob and balance how loud your group members are with and how loud your game sound is and I found it to be really helpful.

This headset is wireless, the way it connects to the computer is via a 2.4 gigahertz connection and they actually built the dongle right into the right ear cup and it’s spring-loaded, so if you want to take this with you, just pop it in there and it’s ready to go. It’s also a nice small compact one that you can pop in the front of your computer or something and it’s not going to look obnoxious. The overall performance of the wireless is really good, I didn’t get any disconnecting or any Distortion and the sound itself. The wireless works up to 12 meters, so you can take it pretty far as well and not have to worry about losing connection.

The Razer logos on the sides of the ear cups will light up with the chroma lighting not only does the static and color cycling effect but really in my opinion having RGB on a headset is kind of silly because you can’t see it while you’re wearing it.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

The ear cups do have perforations micro sized holes that let the Corsair logo shine through when the lights are off it looks like a seamless aluminum Corsair logo on the ear cups and it’s pretty cool. The lighting can be controlled through IQ app with different patterns and colors for you to choose.


Microphone Performance

Razer Nari Ultimate

The mic sound is pretty good especially considering that it’s a wireless gaming headset. I think the mic does sound pretty good. There is something I really want to point out and that’s in synapse. There’s about three different settings you can change to enhance the way it sounds, isolate your voice from background noise and things like that. I found that if you turn the vocal clarity setting which essentially will isolate your voice from background noise as low as it will go, it’s going to give you a much better overall sound on the microphone at the cost of picking up a lot more background noise.

If you do have a ton of background noise or something and it’s making people on your team upset then you’ll turn that up but it does make the microphone sound a lot more sin and it does make it sound like you’re muffled a little bit. You can also use the volume normalizer which will help eliminate peaking and you can also adjust mic sensitivity as well.

It works very similar with Razer’s other headsets. It’s got the retractable mic that you just pull out and you can slide that back in and it pretty much disappears. It’s got a very nice easy to position mic and it’s very easy to move around.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

The mute button is located underneath the connection of the microphone which I thought would have been a kind of a ridiculous place to put this but in practice it works perfectly fine. The microphone itself is highly flexible and since someone on the side of your mouth instead of directly in front of it. When it’s indicated as green as being on which is pretty cool and influence, when it’s red it turns off. The microphone sounds really good. The sound coming out of the microphone is clear and it’s neither too loud nor too quiet.


Sound Performance

Razer Nari Ultimate

Now as we all know with Razer acquiring thx o, it expect to have some pretty good sounding audio out of these and they do sound pretty good. They have 50 millimeter drivers and they do use thx facial audio to give you really good surround sound.

Now, the actual audio mix of this headset is very basic and in synapse, you can change a couple of different EQ presets and the game preset which I found to be very bassy, the movie preset was the best out of the box for just overall audio mix and the music one was also a little bit bass heavy but you can also create custom EQ.

It is a very punchy sound and it does give you that sort of thx movie-theater sound that you would kind of expect and even though these aren’t the haptic version that does give you the vibration feedback. It does give you a good bit of boom that you almost do feel it in your head a little bit.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

If you use this via USB and hard line this to your computer, you’re getting 24-bit high resolution audio with Wireless you’re getting ultra-low latency and a wireless range of up to 60 feet and the signal stays intact.

The Corsair sounds a lot more balanced and the least artificial. The Corsair has the least artificial surround sound processing in general. The gunfire and explosion sounds much more direct and kind of like that in your face. If you can imagine the audio frequency band, it’s like a V pattern where a bass is strong and the highs as well while the mid-range is a bit more neutral or at least not as pushed forward.

The corsair can get loud and with most games provides very good vocal work with the addition of detail and clarity not to mention a modern about a bass to supplement the experience. Now, the high frequencies are near the upper end but for me, it was still within tolerance for some it might be a little too sharp but keep in mind you have the equalizer on your computer to play around.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

This is a wireless headset so having the lights enabled is gonna drain your battery faster. Now this battery does last 14 hours with chroma enabled and 20 hours with chroma not enabled. So, I would recommend just turning the lights off because I think you’re gonna get a lot more out of the headset if you leave those off.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

I wish the battery was easily accessible and definitely replaceable. In Corsair, at least on the back of their ear cup it appears to be sealed. The one feature that I particularly like on the Corsair headset is the auto off. When you remove the headset from your head, they will conserve battery and when you move your headset again there’s a accelerometer in there that can tell there’s movement and it will automatically power back on that’s super convenient. Corsair claims up to 20 hours worth of playtime.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

The overall construction does feel like it’s gonna hold up well and I really appreciated the feel of those cooling gel ear cups. It is a comfortable and lightweight headset and it’s something that I feel like you could forget that you’re wearing with it’s Wireless construction. The audio quality is good but it is a little bit bass heavy and unless you want to spend a lot of time messing with the EQ I would recommend it to those of you that do like a nice boomy bass headset.

It does have a pretty cool experience when you’re in the headset and just playing games are really punchy and so that does give you a pretty good sound but again if you’re gonna be listening to a lot of music or something like that and you really want crystal-clear sounding audio, you may want to mess with your EQ settings just a little bit.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB

The surround sound is pretty much good but in comparison with Steelseries and Logitech, it can’t beat those sound quality. In comfort, it will beat all the headphones. The microphone also works pretty good and the audio of microphone is clear.

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