Skullcandy Crusher Wireless vs Beats Solo 3: Which is Good at Bass?


This is the comparison between the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless and the Beats Solo 3 heaphones. Both are bass heavy headphones and which one is good at bass and overall features for their in in the detail review. Check out which one is good at bass and which one you have to buy.

skullcandy crusher wireless (1)skullcandy venue (1)
Skullcandy Crusher WirelessBeats Solo 3
Solid “basic” sound.
Great battery life.
Good wireless reliability.
Excellent wireless stability.
Good Bluetooth-phone interaction.
Energetic, punchy sound.
Haptic bass feature is rubbish.
Sound a little unrefined.
Firm headband pressure.
Lack of fidelity for the price.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeOn-ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz–20KHz
Impedance33 Ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, volumeanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume
ControlsVolume, answer/end, next/previous trackVolume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track
Weight9.7 oz7.58 oz
Battery Life40 hour(s)40 hour(s)
FeaturesBass without boundries.

Your favorite bass experience now with Bluetooth functionality.

Delivers our notorious and celebrated bass Immersion Tech with an upgrade in aesthetics, audio quality, and wireless functionality for a one-of-a-kind media experience that goes wherever you do.
Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless listening.

The award-winning sound and design you’ve come to love from Beats.

Up to 40 hours of battery life for multi-day use.

With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when battery is low.

Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use.

Sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere you do.

Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls.

On-Board Call and Music Controls, On-Board Volume Control, Beam-Forming Mic for Optimal Call Clarity.

Noise Isolation, Stereo Bluetooth, Passive Playback via RemoteTalk cable, RemoteTalk Cable with inline Controls, LED Fuel Gauge, Charge via Micro-USB cable.

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Detail Review:


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The design and comfort is good and the design is also simple and looks stylish and it’s lightweight which will be good to use in travel also. This headphone sound is very bass-heavy like other high-end models.

Beats Solo 3

These headphones are the successor to the Beats Solo2 and these are the model below the beats solo studios. So, these are the more affordable headphones that beats makes for average everyday people. The design and comfort of the headphone are very nice and it’s very lightweight than the other headphones. The sound is bass-heavy and who are like this type of sound will definitely like this headphone.

Skullcandy-crusher-wireless 8 (1)


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The headset folds up into a neat and compact form factor which fits in the carrying case very nicely and doesn’t mean they’re a little bit easier to travel with. The top is a sort of silicon plastic feel.

It doesn’t feel the most premium of headsets. The soft-touch plastic basically everywhere is quite a nice feel but again it’s not the most premium aesthetic you’ll ever feel but at the same time, they’re certainly not in any way cheap feeling.

Beats Solo 3

This is basically made entirely of plastic but it is a super cool soft-touch plastic. So, it’s not the super glossy plastic as before on other beats headphones and that is really nice because these are definitely more durable in terms of scratches and dings compared to a glossy plastic. Also, it just feels a little bit better in the hand and on your head as well.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

There’s a little bit of cushion to it which is quite nice when resting on your head and these are full leather ear cups, I do feel quite nice as well relatively soft and plush. Overall comfort-wise on the head, they’re certainly quite tight on the clamping force but you find a nice comfortable position for them to rest. I mean, the majority of people would find these pretty comfortable for at least a couple of hours anyway.

You can’t extend the headphones if you have a larger head, it does seem to rely on basically just friction inside the top of the ear cup itself. So just put that one in mind if you want to keep your position very specific with it but otherwise, the overall build quality is good.

Beats Solo 3

Now, these are over the ear headphones and they do not hurt my head at all. They definitely fit my head really well which is a surprise for me because most headphones actually end up hurting my head after one of them for a long time but these don’t hurt my head after a few hours of use which is super amazing as well. The ear cups are super soft which allows them to really multiply ear and get a really good seal. Now with that good seal, you do not get noise-canceling with these headphones but you can upgrade to the beats solo studios and they have noise-canceling.

In addition to the nice and fake leather ear cups on the top of the headphone, you have the nice cushion on the top and it’s not quite leather, it’s almost like a rubber material and at first, I didn’t think this would necessarily work but it actually very comfortable surprisingly considering it’s just a nice rubber pad which is very interesting but it works well. These headphones in addition to that, they can fold up into a nice little portable package and they come with a carrying case which is nice as well. It’s super inconvenient if you’re traveling putting in your bag anything, so this is a super nice touch.

beats_solo_3_wirless_ 1 (1)


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

In the box, you get the headset itself, ace of a foam-padded carrying case, a micro USB cable to charge the headset, and a sort of double-ended audio cable if you want to connect these to your phone or another device wired. This is also a 4-pole connection, so it has a microphone built-in. Although, I would mention the headset actually has its own microphone built-in anyway, so if you’re using this in Wireless mode, you still do have a microphone built into that if you do want to take calls or anything with it.

On the bottom of the last ear cup, you’ll find the three and a half mm audio jack as well as the micro USB port placed very closely together. On the back of that ear cup, there is the effectively bass boost slider, the headline for this says on the box is based that you can feel.

On the right of your cup, you have the volume up and down, the sort of power, a function button. The really impressing thing about with the headset is a lot of Bluetooth headsets are generally designed around Apple specifications, so the central button that normally does all the power and stopping and playing your music and normally works for any extra functions like activating Siri if you’re on iPhone, generally doesn’t work with Android phones. With this one, I double tap over the sort of center action button allows you to open up Google assistants and obviously with a built-in microphone that you can do that too.

Beats Solo 3

These are wireless and they are designed more for other newer iPhones and newer Apple products. So, if you take away is that these headphones are indeed wireless and they have the new Apple w1 chip to allow for streamline pairing to your iPhone, iPad, computer and you can easily change between devices super easily with these new headphones.

These headphones are kind of designed to be the future of Beats headphones and they’re supposed to really take advantage of new technology, that’s why they’re wireless and they have Bluetooth. These actually use a micro-USB connector to charge which is just so weird, for me, it doesn’t matter because I have plenty of micro USB cables but if you’re somebody who has an iPhone and is totally in the Apple ecosystem like this is just a pain to charge. It’s just not gonna be as efficient to charge and you have to carry on another cable to charge your headphones.

Another really cool feature is on the left side of the headphones the beats logo is actually a big giant button and this allows you to skip songs. So that is a super nice feature, you don’t have to pull your phone out constantly and change the songs. You cannot change the volume from the headphones but that’s kind of the main feature I would have liked to have.

Another nice feature that they have added is that there is a headphone jack on these headphones, so you can go wired if you wanted to. For example, since I have a headphone jack in my phone, I wouldn’t use it that often but if I’m on a plane and I really see a movie that’s on the plane C TV, I can just plug these straight into the plane seat and I can use them that way or if I’m a really long trip, I could plug them into my phone and not use the wireless feature.

Skullcandy crusher wireless 7 (1)


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

In terms of functionality with the headset, Skullcandy claimed that this has a 40-hour battery life and from my experience so far, it seems to be relatively true. You’re probably looking at a little bit less than that but certainly, if you’re willing to charge it, maybe once a week, I think they were gonna be pretty useful if you’re our regularly commuting especially like public transports where listening to music.

Beats Solo 3

The charger that uses a micro USB but another feature that’s absolutely amazing, I’ve never really experienced before is that these headphones get 40 hours of playback time wirelessly from these headphones. So, you get to listen to for these have a 40-hour battery life which is absolutely mind-boggling to me that is super long battery life.

These have absolutely insane battery life and it is absolutely crazy and that’s almost my favorite part of these headphones is that feature. 


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The original quality of sound is pretty good. It’s a little bit flat in the bass ironically isn’t there too much, it’s not something you really notice or stand out and actually feels a little bit missing at times but overall the clarity of the audio that you get from these is pretty impressive. I think you did pick them up and especially if you’re not something new necessarily. These are pretty decent for you.

If however, you decide to turn up the bass later, it gets a little bit crazy. I would personally have it a little bit probably a third of the way up as it gives a nice feel a bit more sort of tone to the music and a little bit more of an atmosphere around you which is a nice thing to have but when you turn it all the way up this just gets insane, it physically vibrates your head. You really don’t want to have this up at the top setting if you’re on public transport or something like that. This just feels like a subwoofer which is fitted in the car, If that’s something you’re into then fair play but it severely distorts the actual audio quality, the overall audio experience personally and I can’t necessarily recommend at least leaving on as high setting for any more than a few seconds.

The overall your quality, it is very nice for the headphones especially on a slate of one-third setting, it does give a nice feel and a nice kind of more richness to the bass than you get with it on its lowest setting, almost feels like its lowest setting is an equalizer with minus the bass frequencies with putting it on a third is what it probably should be and then anywhere above is really kind of turning the dial up to 11.

Beats Solo 3

If you’ve ever had a pair of Beats before, they sound pretty much identical in terms of what beats sound like, super bassy. They’re more on the bass side. So, if you like bass, these are great for you but something that I kind of doesn’t like is that you can’t change the sound profile. These are kind of stuck to the more bass to your side of music and they have a little bit lower mids and lower highs. So, if you’re really into bass, these are your headphones but if not maybe you should go to a different pair of headphones.

beats-solo-3-wireless- 2 (1)


By considering the sound, features, price of these headphones, I think the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless will be a good buy. The reason for this is the Crusher had more features than the Beats Solo 3, even the normal feature like volume up and down, and the price is also less than the Solo 3. I think the bass sound is louder and better than the Solo 3 but if you want to buy the Crusher Wireless check them once that you like this type of sound or not.