Sony WH-XB900N vs Sony WH-H900N H.ear On 2: Which One is Worth Buying?

5.2 Sony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 Wireless 5

The comparison here is between the Sony WH-XB900N and the Sony WH-H900N H.ear on 2. As both the headsets are of the same brand it becomes difficult to come to the conclusion about which one is worth buying. To know the one which has better features for their price, go to the detailed.

5.3 Sony WH-XB900N 35.2 Sony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 Wireless 1
Sony WH-XB900NSony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 Wireless
Great sound quality for the price.
Option for dedicated Google Assistant/Alexa button.
USB-C charging.
Good battery life.
More affordable than the 1000XM3.
Clean, simple looks.
Excellent sound quality, thanks to DSEE HX and LDAC.
Touch sensor intuitive controls.
Sleek design, beautiful color choices.
Good battery life.
More durable than the original.
Comfortable, except for long periods of time.
Touch controls are still frustrating.
Noise cancellation isn’t as powerful as the 1000XM3.
Too much bass for some people.
Unimpressive ANC mode.
Moderate Stability, not suitable for high intensity activities.
Long 6 hours reacharge time.


Headphones Form FactorFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Frequency Response20Hz5 HZ
Sensitivity103 dB/mW
Impedance50 ohm32 ohm
Microphone Technologyelectret condenserelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth50Hz50Hz
Weight8.96 oz10.23 oz
Battery30 Hour(s)28 Hour(s)
FeaturesSONY AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee

BUNDLE INCLUDES: Sony WH-XB900N EXTRA BASS Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones with the 5000mAh Battery Pack and Headphone Case

DIGITAL NOISE CANCELLATION: Sony’s noise cancellation technology means you hear every word, note, and tune with incredible clarity, no matter your environment. Additional microphones also assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone, resulting in improved phone call quality

High-Resolution Audio compatible

DSEE HX™ upscales compressed music to near high-resolution sound quality

Digital noise cancelation and Ambient Sound Mode let you control what you hear

Touch sensor control panel for easy operation

Fine-tune your sound using the Sony | Headphones Connect app

Detail Review:


Sony WH-XB900N

This is one of the good headphones from sony. I really love the way they are build up. These are retailing for under $180. They sound good and also they look pretty good.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

This is also one of the versions of the Sonys’ headphones. This one really looks stylish and these are available in different colors too. These come under the price range of  $170 currently which is a kind of under budget.

5.2 Sony WH-XB900N 2


Sony WH-XB900N

You are going to get your 3.5 input on the ear cups, there’s a USB type-c charging slot, you get your power button, there’s your noise cancellation button, there’s your NFC location and on the other side you get a bunch of mics, you can also see the Sony left and right Brandon there.

For button controls, on the right side, you have touch-sensitive, Double-Tap for play-pause also to answer phone calls, if you want to skip to the next song swipe forward, if you want to reverse it’s right back if you want to increase the volume swipe up if you want to lower the volume swipe down.

On another side, if you want to check your battery press the power button once, and the button next right there will activate your noise cancellation or ambient sound mode and if you long-press it, it’ll activate Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa whichever one you set up from the app. You also have one more feature on the ear cup that is if you place your hand over the right ear cup, it activates the ambient sound mode, once you remove your hand turns it back off which is good.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

You are getting different sorts of color options in these, gold, light orange, a gray pair, a slight sort of blueish-grey pair, and a black pair. So, they sell lots of different colors to suit your style. These really look very stylish when we wore it on. These headphones are made up of some type of Hard plastic which looks like a metal. So, it adds more stylish looks to the headphone. I really love the way they actually look.

These headphones also have the L and R are color-coded Brandon inside, so you can quickly see which way around, you should be putting them on your head. You also have your control buttons on the side of your ear cups there. There are only two buttons and actually, once you kind of learned the features, you can easily go through them. On the bottom there, we have an input that is actually for your 3.5-millimeter cable. If you want to use these as wired headphones, then you can use them like that with the help of this cable.

There’s also a USB charging port there they give on the ear cups that you can use with the USB charging cable but they don’t actually give you the USB adapter. We also get the power button there on the ear cup. If we hold that button, it tells you the instruction about whether your headphone is on or off. It also tells you the level of the battery. There’s also another sort of function button up on the top there for your abient sound mode and the noise cancellation. There is also a little microphone on these headphones which is useful for the ambient sound mode.


Sony WH-XB900N

These almost look the same as the XM3. Both are basically about the same size, they feel exactly the same lightweight, they have that plastic feel to it. I did the stretch test too, these are strong enough. These will definitely adjust to your head however big your head will be. You also get your swivel cups and they do fold up. I have super soft leather on the earcups. One of the things I love about these Sony headphones is this super comfortable. I used this for about 5 hours during my travel but I never get any head fatigue.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

These headphones have a sort of spongy top there and also spongy cups as well so they are comfortable to wear. They don’t dig into your head. They’re also articulated in several ways to suit different head shapes and head sizes. The stand-in these headphones are extendable so that they fit any size of the head perfectly and it can be adjusted. The cups can also turn a bit both sides and up-down as well.

These headphones do actually folded and keep in the carrying case that comes with these which is really comfortable to carry along with. Obviously one of the most space inconvenient things about headphones is that they usually have a great big space in the middle there so this gets around that, which is quite a superficial thing.

5.2 Sony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 Wireless 2


Sony WH-XB900N

Inside the box you get your headphones, then you get a little soft pouch, your USB type-c charging cable, your usual books, and your 3.5 headphone jack with gold tips.

These also feature quick attention mode, basically what that means is when you’re playing your music covering up one ear cup with your hands will turn on ambient sound mode and you can hear your surroundings without taking off the headphones.

These also have touch sensor controls, so you can play-pause, skip, increase the load of volume, and activate your Google, Siri, or your Amazon Alexa. You can also customize your sound settings with the Sony Connect app. You got a microphone for hands-free calling and high-quality wireless audio. These feature Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LDAC support, and USB type-c charging.

The first thing you need to do is download the Sony connect headphones app. Once you open that up and pair it up to your headphones, you’ll have full access to all of the features. In the app, you get your headphones that’s your model number and battery percentage. You have the adaptive sound control you can turn that on and off if you want. You can turn it on from the headphones or from the app and you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the ambient sound. You get the sound position control which is pretty weird that once you turn this on you could focus where you want to noise cancellation, whether it be in the front, the sides, or the back.

Also, you get your different sound stages, arena, club outdoor stage, and concert hall. After that you get an EQ which comes with a bunch of presets, bright, excited, mellow, relaxed, vocal, treble boost, bass boost, speech, also manual and you get customs. Next to it, you get your music controls, it shows you the song that’s playing, you can pause, skip or reverse tracks and increase or lower the volume. Then the sound quality mode, so you could prioritize the strong quality or stable connection.

You can also upscale your music, depending on your source you can change it if you want. You can change the function of your buttons, you have your Google Assistant and your Amazon Alexa you can change that up if you want. You get your automatic power, you get your notification and your voice card in your English language and that’s pretty much in the app. One thing I want to mention is a lot of every time you change that sound stage it’s gonna give you a different sound quality which I love the most and the EQ works exactly the same as it.

I also checked out the lag latency in these that whether is there any delay from the person’s lips to what you hear. Basically there was no lag and perfect while watching videos. I tested out how does the noise cancellation sound and how does the ambient sound mode sound. I went outside to test this out during peak hours. If I compare between the 900N and the XM3 and the XM3 are still the best noise cancellation headphones on the market. As far as the 900N, these are pretty good. These do cancel out noise but the XM3 was a lot better. But you can wear these on the flight, you can wear these on the train, you can wear these on your commute, they’re gonna cancel out a lot of noise. This has good noise cancellation.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

Inside the box, you gonna get your headphones, the carrying bag then some instructions manuals, the charging cable, and also a 3.5-millimeter jack cable as well. 

When your ambient sound mode is on and somebody’s talking to you, then you can actually hear them through the earpieces. Usually, when you’ve got headphones on, it blocks out sound. When it is off, they’re working as normal headphones. If your noise-canceling and if you’re actually listening to music, it really does block out a lot of the ambient sound. The noise cancellation in these really does work well. So, you could probably use these on an airplane.

Actually earcups also have the feature of the touchscreen on it. If you slide up can you hear it’s beeping, that’s actually you can swipe up to increase volume, swipe down to decrease, swipe forward to go to the next track, swipe back to the previous track, and tap to play and pause? You can also change its functions from the Sony app. You can also get the voice assistant. If you’ve got this paired with a mobile phone, then you can actually answer or reject a call using these controls.

In terms of the Bluetooth functionality, pairing is really straightforward. You just hold this button there on the ear cup for around three seconds or something and then it says Bluetooth pairing and then you use your Bluetooth device and pair as you usually would. There is apparently a Near Field Communication, that is the NFC logo there on the ear cup too. If you want to work that, then pairing should be as straightforward as tapping this against your phone will let it get connected.

There is actually an app for these headphones for your Android or iPhones that allow you to change some of the settings on these headphones. You can choose lots of different sorts of bass responses, there’s even an equalizer, and you can also customize your button functionalities in there. But you can’t use these on your Mac. There isn’t an app for the Mac and when you change the settings using the app. Those settings are only active while you’ve got the app active on your smart device. So, it’s kind of a bit pointless.

5.2 Sony WH-XB900N 3


Sony WH-XB900N

The battery life is thirty hours, and these feature quick charging too. So, ten minutes of charge will give you one hour’s worth of music. The battery life here is pretty good.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

In these headphones, you do get apparently about 28 hours of battery life. By using these headphones I can confirm that they do take a while to charge around four hours or something. Still, you do get a huge amount of battery life.


Sony WH-XB900N

I tested out the sound quality in these with the maximum volume along with the EQ settings with a bunch of songs. The Sony XB900N is a major go. These sound great, as far as the extra bass it does have a little bit more bass, but it’s not a cleaner and richer bass. It’s just more bass, it’s not muddy, it’s just a little bit more bass with these. These sound really great at this price range.

As far as the sound quality with the music, it’s pretty good. They are called as extra bass but they’re not that much extra bass compared to the XM3, it’s not overwhelming, it’s not gonna knock you out of your chair. It’s a little bit more bass and But the sound quality is pretty good at this price. Nice highs, nice mids, if you play with the EQ settings for yourself.

I checked out the call quality in these. The call quality on these is really good. You can actually hear yourself talking a little bit. The microphone gives a kind of robot to feel to it. The person on the other side said they heard me perfectly and I heard them perfectly.

As far as ambient sound mode, these works really good. When you put your hand over the side, it’s almost like if you pull the headphones off from your ear. If you want a high-quality mic on each side this one is perfect. Then if you have activated the ambient sound mode, you can still hear your music and you can hear your surroundings.

Sony WH-H900N h.ear on 2

I feel that the sound from these headphones is absolutely spectacular. I always judge it by the kind of listening to tracks that I’ve had in my music collection for a long time those well-produced tracks, it doesn’t sound very good.

If you’ve got the sound particularly high and there some more people in the same room, they are gonna be able to hear what you’re listening to because they don’t shield the sound that well. I don’t know how it escapes because they fit quite snugly around your ears.

I always used to check the range of frequency responses on the headphones, whether or not they could play very deep songs or very high pitched sounds because the frequency response between the maximum and minimum frequencies is quite important. These headphones do have a very good frequency response.

I’m extremely happy with the sound quality. I used these for listening to music, I used them for listening to YouTube and I didn’t think I would actually.

5.2 Sony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 Wireless 4


There is not any difference in their sound Quality among these both and they do have almost the same features, and I feel the only difference is their price. So, in my opinion, Sony Wh-H900N H.ear on 2 is worth buying than the Sony WH-XB900N.

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